The Spanish Galgos are tired....

I’ve struggled to write this Galgos update. Call it "writers block," or the pain and despair I feel at seeing case after case about the Galgos and where to turn next?" I don't know which, but I’ll write from my heart and see what pours out!

I can't write about any particular case as there are just thousands; too many to tell you about, sadly. However I may struggle, my story is always the same - it’s always about the Galgos and their sorrow, their pain and my will to see them live as pets as they once did.  My despair is at not knowing who to turn to next, who will listen so I can really tell their story? I want to tell the world -

The Spanish Galgo is tired, it’s tired of the mass abuse they deal with.  At the moment, hunters are busy abandoning the mother Galgos who have given birth and produced "new blood" for the coming season. Those puppies deemed no good for hunting at just 2 or 3 months of age, are abandoned, or thrown in the bins. Many a hunter, hunts illegally, if the Galgo gets a hare or rabbit they claim to have "just been walking the dog, it was accidental" – The horrendous abuse at which I feel the associations put up with is appalling. The ignorance of what they deal with, totally ignored.

It’s a national problem, but one ignored. As in Ciudad Real the police contacted a friend of mine after finding the rotting bodies of 2 Galgos hung in a derelict building.

One was microchipped, but the police dropped the case when the owner wasn’t found at the address!!!! It’s a dark world if you are

born a Galgo in Spain, only ever known as a Hunting dog! Whose fate is written on a tree somewhere, left with a wire noose round its neck, "playing the piano" as it is called for the way in which they are hung, until death takes them and they are free at last. Hangings can take hours and hours, those who shamed their owner, left to SUFFER a longer death. Those classed as good hunters receive a quicker death. Thousands are thrown into wells, left abandoned, hit by cars, nobody stops as the

Galgo wanders with broken bones, blooded paws, starved, dehydrated in 40 º heat, or shivering during the cold winter nights, some left tied to a wall where their hunter left them - forgotten as they starve die and rot.  Who’s going to hear me? Who can help?

Thousands and thousands of Galgos out there still waiting for the hand of courage, to come and rescue them. One day maybe, just maybe, we can get to them all! And there will be a national law against this disgusting treatment. But this can only happen when we ALL come together and stand up and be heard.

If you can help in any way or would like further information regarding the Galgos in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a look at my site and I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have about their plight. There are many ways to help the galgos, please don't turn away!


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