Hunting season and the Galgos plight

Typical of Galgo cases heading into a new hunting season
Sometimes I wonder what else can I say about the plight of the Galgos in Spain? The answer always presents itself, case after case. Sometimes with so many its even hard to know if they were rescued or not. Rescues don't come easy, some can take months. Our rescuers are not only out there pounding the mountains and the roads rescuing Galgos from hanging, drowning in wells or starving to death tied up but searching the pounds for these unfortunate creatures. They put themselves in danger as they are often confronted by gypsies or hunters who don’t want rescuers sniffing around. In a recent incident a female rescuer was grabbed round the throat and warned to stay away. But they are never put off and continue the battle. 
As another sad hunting season starts the remains of the Galgos from previous years are still being found and in the case you are about to read, it proves, that even dogs rescued by the pound can be destined for misery. They are Galgos - who would want to adopt them anyway? They are hunting dogs? Skinny and dirty?


I’d like to introduce a tiny Galga called Golondrina, just 16 kilograms. She was found in Sevilla in a terrible state, frightened of her own shadow and petrified of those trying to help her. Her bones were visible through her skin and her tiny body was covered in wounds. She went into residency due to the lack of foster homes but she struggled. She was sad, and wouldn’t eat and she grew thinner and thinner by the day. Eventually she was ‘rescued’ again by Loli, who dispite being full to the brim took in this sad little dog. Now Golodrina is sartn to improve, she is just begun to eat which is a good sign and all her health checks came back clear. Only one thing is this tough little dog des not like cats but she is ready to be loved in a new home. If you would like more information on Golondrina please check out or email "Aurora" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text51246+'<\/a>'; //--> >; or of course myself.

The next case is the typical galga who was found wandering aimlessly through olive groves in Sevilla, taken to the police she was "removed" as a pest and was on her way to the pound to be destroyed. Thankfully she never made it there and is now looking for a new home with loving owners. For more information on this 3 year old Galga contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text97289+'<\/a>'; //--> or call 655885098.


I am desperate to find help, a name to back the plight of the galgos, to let everyone know this is going on, its real. One day this will STOP. Spain is the only country which allows this to continue. Maybe, just maybe someone with televison contacts will read my letters, and offer the galgos a true interview and help me show the world, just what good pets they truly are, maybe. .. just maybe!
I always have faith and as I say goodnight to my Galgo Ambo, I spare a thought for all those out there suffering, wishing we could get to them all.

Perhaps - One day, all of us together!

"May you the Galgo rise back up in society and become the household pet you so deserve to be!"
A galgos friend
Carlota & Ambo Ambasadog. 
If you would like further information on the plight of the galgos please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text6025+'<\/a>'; //-->

There are MANY ways in which the galgos and their assoc. can be helped. Any help offered is always apprecieted, a signiture on a peticion, is always a help. By far, an adoption is the best gift for a galgo, to find out more, please visit my sight below, or email me. I would also like to thank all the supporters and help already offere to the galgos. Of course to Inland Trader for their continued support in publishing my letters.  
Charlotte & Ambo Ambasadog!
Ambo is kindly sponsored by `The natural dog food specialists'
Ambo esta patrocinado por  `Los especialistas de comida natural para perros.'

"Que todos los galgos tengan un rayo de esperanza!"
"May every galgo have a ray of hope!" Carlota.
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing!" A.Einstein.
"El mundo es un lugar peligroso, no por esos que hacen maldades, si no por esos que miran y no hacen nada!" A.Einstein. 


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