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Since 1968 Ontinyent has had an association for those fond of the cinema, Utiye Cinema Club. In 38 years the association has promoted the showing of films in their original format, but with subtitles. Therefore, if they are showing a film which is originally in English then it will be shown in the original language with Spanish subtitles.

The cinema club currently shows 2 films a week at the Echegaray theatre, in the Plaza Santa Domingo in Ontinyent. On Thursday’s at 10.30pm and Sunday’s at 8pm for a small charge of 4€ or you can become a member for €20, ( available only at the beginning of each year) and receive 50% discounts for the entire year. For more information you can visit the cinema before each showing. The cinema club is funded by municipal grants and private investment.


Besides information about worldwide films, Utiye Cinema Club has an extensive programme of film promotion.
Els Premis Tirant de l'Audiovisual Valencià.
This Valencian film competition is organised by Club Diario Levante which has its headquarters in Ontinyent for a second year. The Utiye Cinema Club will be the inland headquarters for this competition with film selection taking place  on February 23rd and 26th.
La Mostra de Cinema d'Ontinyent.
This year see’s the eighth edition of the Mostra in October. La Mostra celebrates a character or topic related to the cinema world. During the celebration short films by local film makers are shown and homage is paid to either an actor or film director. In the last Mostra, José Luis Borau was honoured.
Collaboration with associations and social entities. 

Throughout the year the Club aim to show films from diverse cultures. Educational centres in the town also show informative films and at Christmas there is a timetable of films for children.


The Cinema Club always intends to show movies in their original format. However, The final decision, unfortunately does not fall to the cinema club, but depends on availability from the distributors and if the is tranlstion to Spanish is clear and concise. 
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