Tell the doctor in Spain

“Tell the Doctor” was originally compiled to help doctors in Southern Spain communicate with their non-Spanish speaking patients but it is now used all over Spain. It contains information to help you use the various medical services that are available here in Spain for those who live here or those just on holiday for a short while.


Whether your Spanish is good or not  when you are in pain or under stress it is not always easy to talk to a doctor, his receptionist or nurse to explain the problem.


The book is divided up into sections that tell the doctor something about you and your condition, and other sections that the doctor can use to tell you about his diagnosis and treatment. If you cannot speak Spanish well, or maybe not at all, you can just point to an appropriate phrase. Or the doctor can point to a phrase and then you indicate if it is true or false (nod or shake your head). If there are alternatives (printed in italics), point to the word or phrase that applies to you. You can also copy out phrases onto a piece of paper before you go to the doctor, so that you have everything you want to ask him in one place. Use the vocabularies to change them as necessary.


The book contains sections for use in the Doctor’s Surgery, at the Dentist, going into or in the Hospital as well as dealing with Social Services and even with what to do when someone dies.

The book can be purchased over the Internet at Versions are also available in Dutch, French and German.


Ken Anderson. Ken, a retired professional engineer, has been living on the Costa Azahar for nearly 10 years and spends much of his time now writing technical books as well as publishing books for other writers around the world. He has a particular interest in tracking and monitoring the movements of ships and aircraft around the Balearic Sea.  Another interest is monitoring the weather and all of these are shown on his Peñíscol website at

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