Paul Swinoga Robertson trying his luck in the Valencia Region

In a perfect world there would be nobody out to make a fast buck at the expense of others, but sadly this isn’t always the case . Rogues and tricksters are part of life and unfortunately for every 100 reputable tradesmen out there, there is likely to be one or two who are unprofessional, unreliable and would not think twice about deciving you for their own financial ends. Mr. Robertson certainly fits perfectly in to this category.

As was the case when Mr. Paul Swinoga Robertson walked in to the offices of Xativa Trading Post S.L and presented himself as a helpful man who said he had all the technical credentials and local area knowledge to assist this busy Company launch of a new telecommunications product. However, Mr. Robertson did not expect his declared professional or personal history to be checked, but to be simply believed. This of course would never happen within any truly professional organization, within a very short period of time it became obvious that he indeed was a person who had practiced their trade of deceit for many years and had become so adept at it, he even believed that he was offering you a good service and should be trusted, but never able to produce a single shred of proof of that. The facts are that Mr. Robertson has left a trail of theft of innocent peoples money extending from the Canaries Islands through Barcelona , Malaga , Alicante Province and now he is in this area trying his luck.

Mr. Rick Mentessi from South Alicante told us "I invested in the telecommunications business, it interested me and with written agreements and receipts for a 30% percentage of Paul Robertson´s company I invested in it . Paul has left owing me thousands of Euros and in excess of 20,000€ worth of calling cards that do not work. I was taken in by him , I felt sorry for his hard luck stories there is no doubt about that , but all I want to know is where he is so I can serve legal papers on him and attempt to recover my money. I am not a thug as Paul suggests, I am a business and family man and during the 19 years I have lived here I have stood for local council elections,¨

Julie Buck from Alicante was Mr.Robertson´s secretary she said "Paul left me without wages , I trusted him and tried to help him with his new venture, but with hindsight I now know I witnessed innocent peoples money being stolen as he never provided the service which they had paid for, he was always robbing Peter to Paul and looking to find new investors to finance his debts"

Mike Kirtly, Director of Alarms in Spain covering the entire Costa Blanca says "I took Paul on his word that he would pay for his alarm installation within 10 days, I am a reasonable man, but he has promised me endless times that it will be paid, but does nothing, I have today served a collection order in the hope of recovering my money"

Mr. David Richardson in Cabo Roig stated he is owed in excess of 15,000€ but considers himself lucky not to have lost more as Paul wanted 40,000 € originally. He took me to his house, his offices and I met his wife and he seemed a genuine guy with a good product. I have had enough of his lies and promises to pay my money back, I got conned and landed with the problems and the bills whilst he just walked away and keeps moving from place to place doing the same thing"

Mr. Robertson continues to attempt to associate himself with the telecommunications product launched by The Inland Trader and Xativa Trading Post, but has no legal right or authorization to do so and people should be aware of this. Sue O´Brien Director of Xativa Trading Post Imports S.L says "I want people to be aware of Mr. Robertson ´s deception and previous history of misconduct and put an end to it now. Mr. Robertson has no control or access to any telephone system or call card product branded with our name and with the access numbers – Direct dial system– 961196073 – Call Cards 917713469 or 900804674 and our customers can be fully satisfied that our products are 100% safe, secure , legal and guaranteed.

Mr Robertson declined to comment when contacted by the Inland Trader regarding the allegation of Fraud and theft reported by 10 individuals from all over Spain and the Canary Islands.

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