What is the America's cup?

americas_cup.gif  What is the America's Cup?
The America's Cup differs from other international races for being more than a mere sports   competition. It has the spirit of a duel: the response to a challenge. 'There will be no second’; phrase said by Queen Victoria during the celebration of the first race in 1851, symbolizes the spirit of the competition. Nowadays, the race has become a technological competition, a symbol of excellence.
The competition is divided in two parts: the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the America's Cup Match. In the Louis Vuitton Cup, sailing teams (challengers) challenge the winner of the previous edition - the current holder of the Cup (defender) - to face them. The winner of these series of races will face the defender in the final competition, in order to win the Cup.

  There are two types of races during the competition, the 'match race’ where a boat faces another boat and the ‘fleet racing‘ where all participants race. The process of the America's Cup starts with the challenge of a club of yachts or nautical club - as every team must take part through a nautical club - against  winning club of the previous edition.  Races don’t only  run  during the year of the competition, 2007, there are a series of preparatory races until the Final Act in 2007. Acts 4 and 5 are held in June -  Act 4: Valencia Louis Vuitton, from 16th to 22nd of June 2005 and  Act 5: Valencia Louis Vuitton, from 24th to 26th of June 2005
During Acts 4 &5 there will be a number of activities taking place at the America’s Cup Park (‘Village’) in Valencia . The park will be the meeting point for both visitors and competitors, giving the public an opportunity to make the most of the fantastic event. The public will be able to get close to the areas where the teams are based and watch the magnificent boats as they are launched into the water and taken out by cranes after the races.
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