Weekly Craft Fair in La Nucía starts again From Ocotber 13th

 La Nucia will once again set up a small but attractive craft market every Sunday morning.  This time, because more stalls want to participate, the market will be set up in the Plaza de los Músicos.  Every Sunday, from 10 pm to 2 am, about 15 stalls will set up to sell their work - made by hand by the people on the stalls.  That's what Artesanía de Autor means - real craftwork made by dedicated people.
Even a good map of La Nucia doesn't show where the Plaza de los Musicos actually is.  In fact, it's just a large square in the middle of the village, on your right if you're driving from Benidorm to Polop, easily seen from the car as you drive past.  Parking is a little more difficult - you might try parking on the street where the Sunday market used to be held, and then walk through the attractive old town centre.
Walk by the stalls, look at the work and talk to the people who spend their week working at their craft.  Leather, silk, bone, wood, clay, paper all form the materials used to make handbags, hair pins, jewelry, toys, lamps and many other delightful and original items.  Think of this craft market as an art gallery in the street, with each artist at his stall.  This is where you can buy items which you will never see in a shop, items made with the love and attention to detail which is so often missing from mass-produced goods.
Every week the group will be a little different.  Some of the people will travel to other parts of Spain for a weekend fair elsewhere, while other people cannot make enough goods in one week to replace what they sell.  A list of people at any given weekend will be posted on www.amata.es (in English and Spanish), where you can also take a look at the type and quality of goods to be found.  Perhaps a revelation if you have visited other so-called medieval or craft markets this year.
More information (also in English) on 639 979 678.

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