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Rafelbunyol will be the first municipality to have a residential retirement home with spa facilities. The thermal spa centre will be equipped with the last technology and will be shared with the municipal residential home,  ‘Verge del Miracle’ and day centre. The building will have various water pools, a jacuzzi, sauna, and different water therapies and massage to treat various ailments. The centre will also have the services of several physiotherapists who will study the affects of old age on both the residential patients as well as those who visit the day centre. Patients will also be able to partake in active and passive gymnastics and the facilities will be open to residents of Rafelbunyol who require treatment. It is hoped that the centre will be open to the public by the end of 2006. The Rafelbunyol Town Hall have contributed 600,000€ toward the project along with Valencian Government financing.
The festeros of Villena are being taught technical weapon security to increase safety amongst the comoparsa’s of the Moors and Christians Fiesta. It is an initiative promoted by the Civil Protection and Junta Central de Fiestas and hopes to reduce the chances of accidents which can occur when using the ‘arcabuz’, a firearm used in the festivities. Festeros are learning the proper use of extinguishers, how to administer first aid, the correct use of weapons and the legal use of gunpowder. The theory lessons are followed up with a course of practical sessions where students are shown how they can put themselves and others at risk.
Alcoy Town Hall has fined a local business 300€ for leaving rubbish in the street. This is the third fine imposed by the local administration since it introduced new rubbish regulations. In almost one year they have fined three businesses and have issued official warnings to another 50 businesses. The new regulations have seen an increase in the rubbish collected by 67% in twelve months. Cardboard recycling has increased by 46% and recyclable plastics by 307%. Glass collections have remained the same.
Crevillent is to open an international dog breeding centre which will be trained to assist in the elimination of  anti-personnel mines (AP). The centre will set over 33.672 square meters of land near the sewage plant and the Town Hall have produced guidelines for breeding activity, care, training, sales and the possible selection of suitable breeds used in the detection of AP mines but the Valencian Government still need to authorize the location of the centre in the municipality. The Mayor of Crevillent, Caesar Augusto Asencio has stated that the Town hall will assist in any process to allow the centre to be located within the area. It has highlighted that it is a very important activity which is in constant demand from humanitarian organizations, ONG’s, civil organizations, armed forces and the UN. The European Competente Centre for MDD SL will relocate from its Norwegian base to the Crevillent area. The company has a great relationship with the Humanitarian International Centre of Geneva through which they assist the UN with mine detection. Crevillent has been chosen for the relocation by the company as the area has perfect weather conditions and the Town Hall is willing to back the move. In the project outline for the breeding centre presented to the Town Hall, the company explained that the centre will have 3 areas, one dedicated to the kennelling, veterinary care and administrative offices. Another will be for the residential lodgings of the proprietors, caretakers and employees of the centre. The third area will be used as a transition area, where dogs will transfer from the breeding area through to the training areas. Municipal documents indicated, in the first instance, that the centre will be operational for around 30 years and will receive a one off payment of 94.281,60€

School registrations for the next year will be open from the 16th  May to families with children between the ages of three and six, and for physically disabled students. Ontinyent Town Hall will accept applications from students applying for entrance into schools for either Infantile or Primary classes and from those who wish to change schools. Applications will be accepted in the Department of Education at the Town Hall from Monday to Friday, 9am till 2pm. Applications will also be accepted at the Office Prop, Mestre Ferrero Park from Monday to Friday, 9 till 2pm and from Monday to Thursday, 5pm till 7pm. Secondary students will be able to register from June 2nd to 13th. For more information visit the Ontinyent Town Hall website at:
San Miguel school in Lliria is to be enlarged creating a new education centre. The Town Hall have purchased urban floor space in Calle Benissano, in what will be a very important economic investment, as all land will have to be bought at the market price. To acquire this space the Government's team has approved the sale of municipal patrimony. Mayor, Manuel Izquierdo, has confirmed: "It is a pity that in the general urban plan this land has not been attributed to any allotment area. If it had the Town hall would have been able to freely obtain the land". Lliria is currently developing other projects to improve the educational infrastructures in the town. The Mayor has also announced the imminent surrender of land for the new IES Camp of Turia, the extension of the IES Laurona and the construction of the new conservatory which is to be inaugurated this year.
An accident on the A31 Alicante to Madrid motorway caused four kilometers of tailbacks. The accident took place on stretch of road between Sax and Petrer known locally as “curva de la muerte”, “curve of the death”. The driver of a van lost control of the vehicle whilst travelling towards Alicante and ended up in the middle of the two carriageways. Eyewitnesses said that the driver may have been distracted by another accident which had occurred earlier on the opposite carriageway. Eight firemen from Vinalopó attended the scene to clear three vehicle from the road and cut a 55 year old man from his van. The man was later transferred to hospital in Elche suffering from minor injuries. Fireman worked quickly to remove the van and get traffic moving freely again.
The Mayor of Moxient, Vicent Dubal, has reported to the President of the Delegation, Fernando Giner, the need for a Sports centre in the town. He stated that residents will be see the construction of a new centre including a football ground, a multipurpose track, tennis court, several swimming pools a restaurant and a covered pavilion. The polideportivo will be located close the town and hopes to attract more local people practice sport. Dubal said, "Most of the subventions asked the Delegation of Valencia in 2006 for sports infrastructures. The Government of Moixent must offer residents sports facilities as a matter of urgency and this will be soon". The Mayor has requested monetary aid of 325,000 euros for the construction of the pavilion, football pitch and tennis courts.
One hundred towns and cities in the Valencian municipality have reported a lack of Civil Guard officers. Some towns do not have their officers and some rely on officers from other towns. Eight municipalities rely on the Civil Guard officer in Càrcer. The continuous losses in Civil Guard numbers have municipalities with insufficient personnel to cope with citizen security. Many vacancies cannot be filled by new officers and the feeling of lack of security has forced many to consider the hiring of private security forces or o create their own patrols. Alcàntera, Beneixida, Gavarda, Antella, Sumacárcer, Sellent and Cotes all depend on Càrcer for civil security. In June the area will be allocated three new agents but until this time there is a serious problem with civil security. In the La Safor region, Civil Guards officers have decreased from 60 to 27, but the Delegation of the Government has no plans to fill the vacancies. Officers in Oliva currently monitor 18 towns in the region and can guarantee their attendance at 100% of incidences. The lack of officers is a problem throughout the Province affecting towns such as Calpe, Benitatxell, Benissa, Teulada, Dénia and Navarrés, where residents have decided to create local patrols. Many municipalities in the Castellón provinces also are experiencing a lack of officers.
Ontinyent City Council is to hold a meeting regarding local security. The meeting will be presided over by Mayor, Manuel Reguart, and the assistant representative of the Government of the Valencian Comunitat, Luis Felipe Martinez. The objective of the meeting is to look for the most viable way of increasing the security of the residents of Ontinyent. This is not the first meeting of this type in the area, three months ago, Martinez attended a similar meeting with the same aims in Canals.

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