Inland News Trader 53 May 12th

 Rafelbunyol will be the first municipality to have a residential retirement home with spa facilities. The thermal spa centre will be equipped with the last technology and will be shared with the municipal residential home,  ‘Verge del Miracle’ and day centre. The building will have various water pools, a jacuzzi, sauna, and different water therapies and massage to treat various ailments. The centre will also have the services of several physiotherapists who will study the affects of old age on both the residential patients as well as those who visit the day centre. Patients will also be able to partake in active and passive gymnastics and the facilities will be open to residents of Rafelbunyol who require treatment. It is hoped that the centre will be open to the public by the end of 2006. The Rafelbunyol Town Hall have contributed 600,000€ toward the project along with Valencian Government financing.
 The festeros of Villena are being taught technical weapon security to increase safety amongst the comoparsa’s of the Moors and Christians Fiesta. It is an initiative promoted by the Civil Protection and Junta Central de Fiestas and hopes to reduce the chances of accidents which can occur when using the ‘arcabuz’, a firearm used in the festivities. Festeros are learning the proper use of extinguishers, how to administer first aid, the correct use of weapons and the legal use of gunpowder. The theory lessons are followed up with a course of practical sessions where students are shown how they can put themselves and others at risk.
 Alcoy Town Hall has fined a local business 300€ for leaving rubbish in the street. This is the third fine imposed by the local administration since it introduced new rubbish regulations. In almost one year they have fined three businesses and have issued official warnings to another 50 businesses. The new regulations have seen an increase in the rubbish collected by 67% in twelve months. Cardboard recycling has increased by 46% and recyclable plastics by 307%. Glass collections have remained the same.
 Crevillent is to open an international dog breeding centre which will be trained to assist in the elimination of  anti-personnel mines (AP). The centre will set over 33.672 square meters of land near the sewage plant and the Town Hall have produced guidelines for breeding activity, care, training, sales and the possible selection of suitable breeds used in the detection of AP mines but the Valencian Government still need to authorize the location of the centre in the municipality. The Mayor of Crevillent, Caesar Augusto Asencio has stated that the Town hall will assist in any process to allow the centre to be located within the area. It has highlighted that it is a very important activity which is in constant demand from humanitarian organizations, ONG’s, civil organizations, armed forces and the UN. The European Competente Centre for MDD SL will relocate from its Norwegian base to the Crevillent area. The company has a great relationship with the Humanitarian International Centre of Geneva through which they assist the UN with mine detection. Crevillent has been chosen for the relocation by the company as the area has perfect weather conditions and the Town Hall is willing to back the move. In the project outline for the breeding centre presented to the Town Hall, the company explained that the centre will have 3 areas, one dedicated to the kennelling, veterinary care and administrative offices. Another will be for the residential lodgings of the proprietors, caretakers and employees of the centre. The third area will be used as a transition area, where dogs will transfer from the breeding area through to the training areas. Municipal documents indicated, in the first instance, that the centre will be operational for around 30 years and will receive a one off payment of 94.281,60€

 School registrations for the next year will be open from the 16th  May to families with children between the ages of three and six, and for physically disabled students. Ontinyent Town Hall will accept applications from students applying for entrance into schools for either Infantile or Primary classes and from those who wish to change schools. Applications will be accepted in the Department of Education at the Town Hall from Monday to Friday, 9am till 2pm. Applications will also be accepted at the Office Prop, Mestre Ferrero Park from Monday to Friday, 9 till 2pm and from Monday to Thursday, 5pm till 7pm. Secondary students will be able to register from June 2nd to 13th. For more information visit the Ontinyent Town Hall website at:
 San Miguel school in Lliria is to be enlarged creating a new education centre. The Town Hall have purchased urban floor space in Calle Benissano, in what will be a very important economic investment, as all land will have to be bought at the market price. To acquire this space the Government's team has approved the sale of municipal patrimony. Mayor, Manuel Izquierdo, has confirmed: "It is a pity that in the general urban plan this land has not been attributed to any allotment area. If it had the Town hall would have been able to freely obtain the land". Lliria is currently developing other projects to improve the educational infrastructures in the town. The Mayor has also announced the imminent surrender of land for the new IES Camp of Turia, the extension of the IES Laurona and the construction of the new conservatory which is to be inaugurated this year.
 An accident on the A31 Alicante to Madrid motorway caused four kilometers of tailbacks. The accident took place on stretch of road between Sax and Petrer known locally as “curva de la muerte”, “curve of the death”. The driver of a van lost control of the vehicle whilst travelling towards Alicante and ended up in the middle of the two carriageways. Eyewitnesses said that the driver may have been distracted by another accident which had occurred earlier on the opposite carriageway. Eight firemen from Vinalopó attended the scene to clear three vehicle from the road and cut a 55 year old man from his van. The man was later transferred to hospital in Elche suffering from minor injuries. Fireman worked quickly to remove the van and get traffic moving freely again.
 The Mayor of Moxient, Vicent Dubal, has reported to the President of the Delegation, Fernando Giner, the need for a Sports centre in the town. He stated that residents will be see the construction of a new centre including a football ground, a multipurpose track, tennis court, several swimming pools a restaurant and a covered pavilion. The polideportivo will be located close the town and hopes to attract more local people practice sport. Dubal said, "Most of the subventions asked the Delegation of Valencia in 2006 for sports infrastructures. The Government of Moixent must offer residents sports facilities as a matter of urgency and this will be soon". The Mayor has requested monetary aid of 325,000 euros for the construction of the pavilion, football pitch and tennis courts.
 One hundred towns and cities in the Valencian municipality have reported a lack of Civil Guard officers. Some towns do not have their officers and some rely on officers from other towns. Eight municipalities rely on the Civil Guard officer in Càrcer. The continuous losses in Civil Guard numbers have municipalities with insufficient personnel to cope with citizen security. Many vacancies cannot be filled by new officers and the feeling of lack of security has forced many to consider the hiring of private security forces or o create their own patrols. Alcàntera, Beneixida, Gavarda, Antella, Sumacárcer, Sellent and Cotes all depend on Càrcer for civil security. In June the area will be allocated three new agents but until this time there is a serious problem with civil security. In the La Safor region, Civil Guards officers have decreased from 60 to 27, but the Delegation of the Government has no plans to fill the vacancies. Officers in Oliva currently monitor 18 towns in the region and can guarantee their attendance at 100% of incidences. The lack of officers is a problem throughout the Province affecting towns such as Calpe, Benitatxell, Benissa, Teulada, Dénia and Navarrés, where residents have decided to create local patrols. Many municipalities in the Castellón provinces also are experiencing a lack of officers.
 Ontinyent City Council is to hold a meeting regarding local security. The meeting will be presided over by Mayor, Manuel Reguart, and the assistant representative of the Government of the Valencian Comunitat, Luis Felipe Martinez. The objective of the meeting is to look for the most viable way of increasing the security of the residents of Ontinyent. This is not the first meeting of this type in the area, three months ago, Martinez attended a similar meeting with the same aims in Canals.
  Val De Galinara
Eighty percent  of the cherries grown in the Vall de Gallinera will be exported to markets in Italy, France and Germany. Producers hope to gather 1,500 tons this season, 500 kilos more than last year, to export to foreign markets all over Europe. Growers know that the Spanish market is saturated and prices in the rest of Europe will be much more competitive. Harvesting in the area has already begun and exportation of the crop will take place in the next two months. According to Javier Savall, manager of the Cooperative Cireres Muntanya d'Alacant the weather during the winter and spring has been perfect for growing cherries and has resulted in a 20% increase in crop this year. Tere Alemany, a farmer in the area said "we still hope that the weather conditions will not ruin this year’s crop". According to farmers, rain affects the form of the cherry, especially, now at harvest time because the skin of the fruit is particularly soft. With a thickness of less than a millimetre, humidity caused by fog or rainwater can cause the fruit to crack. Fruit with any type of mark is immediately rejected and separated from the rest of the crop. According to Savall, "days of rain at the moment would cause a catastrophe for the whole valley and the cooperatives". The Vall de Gallinera has always cultivated cherries but until the 1980s it was only in a marginal way and with no prospect of considerable growth. Nowadays the competitive market for cherries has seen the reintroduction of old varieties of the fruit, forms of Burlat, Stark Hardy Geand and Picota have now become predominant the Vall de Gallinera.

Albacete and Valencia
Two people were killed in separate accidents over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of May. A 29 year old motorcyclist was killed after hitting the crash barrier on the N332 near Albacete. He had been travelling with his father and a group of friends when he lost control of his bike. “The railings are a death trap. Many motorcyclists are killed when they hit them. Someday, somebody will listen to us”, stated an eyewitness. A 34 year old was killed in a tunnel on Avenida Hermanos Machado in Valencia when a car hit a motorcyclist.

 A section of the Vila de Xàtiva will become part of the greatest garden in the city which will cover about 20,000 square meters. The Mediterranean garden will be three times bigger than the Murta park and will include an orchard. Construction will begin in July and it is anticipated that it will be completed by the end of September. Palms, carob trees, olive trees, cypresses, acacias and jacarandas will be planted in the garden along with rosemary, mint, thyme, and lavender to create a colourful and aromatic environment. “The park will simulate colourful spots similar to those which can be viewed across the landscape of Xàtiva from the castle or from the top of mountains”, remarked Parra. The park will also include a 150 square meter pond and a children's play area. The garden has been designed by Francisco Peiró, who was responsible for transforming the Bellveret and mountain side surrounding the castle


Driest April for 14 years
 This April has been the driest in Valencia since 1992 registering just 6.3 litres, the usual rainfall for this time of year is around 34.2 litres. The Territorial Weather Station have warned that the low rainfall levels have not alleviated the threat of serious drought in Comunitat. The rain gauges have only measured 6.3 litres in Valencia, 22.2 in Alicante and 7.9 in Castellón. The recent rain storms over the Easter break allowed the dams to collect 22 cubical hectometres of water and bring the dam levels up to 59.5% of total capacity. Despite this, the river basins in the Valencian Comunitat continue to be the lowest in Spain. Sources from the Department of Climatology reveal, "Registered rainfall has been 82% below the considered normal amount". Change in wind direction has been blamed for the recent lack of rain. Unexpected wind changes recently took two storms out over the sea which meteorologists had predicted would drop a total of 100 litres per square meter on the Province.

 A bus crashed into a bank when it swerved to avoid a car which had jumped a red light in Elche. The driver of the car and two passengers were wounded and later transferred to Elche hospital. The accident occurred in Calle Jorge Juan and Jose Maria Buck de Elche on Sunday morning. The bus crashed into the entrance of the bank but no-one on board was injured. The occupants of the car were later questioned by Police.

 Ontinyent Town Hall is carrying out plans to create an area of environmental activity (ZAM) in the l'Altet industrial area. The pioneer initiative will cover 27.000 m² and it will be divided in two areas. The first area, of 10.000 m² will include the installation of a new Eco Park and domestic use waste disposal area and will increase the waste disposal service already offered in Ontinyent next to the Fire Station. The plant will also be used as a transfer station for industrial waste, waste being sorted and then sent on to other locations for the appropriate treatment. The remaining 17.000 m² of land may possibly be used for the installation of a photovoltaic solar power station. Plans as yet have not received permission and the Town Hall will confirm the use of the land at a later date.

Albaida and Manises 
an accident on the N340 near Albaida when his vehicle left the road. The emergency helicopter was sent to the scene but the man died of his injuries before he could be transferred to hospital. Another motorist was killed in Manises when a car collided with a motorcycle. The victim, a 76 year old man was treated at the scene on the CV-370. Civil Guard Traffic officers are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

 Algemesí and Turís 
Two Valencian towns have closed their respective fairs on a very positive note. Local businesses from Algemesí and representatives from the world of agriculture in Turís attracted thousands of visitors during the weekend. It was the 10th anniversary for Expo Algemesí and 3rd for Turís Land. Expo Algemesí described the weekend as a complete success.  Councillor of Commerce and Economic Promotion, Palma Agulló assured “We can confirm that the number of visitors this year is very much higher than previous years, “Our fair demonstrates the strong presence of companies representing all industries within the city ”. A prize for the best stand was awarded to Servijard, a gardening and environmental company, who transformed a local park into a display of floriculture.
A group of residents in the rural area l'Estació of Ontinyent have decided to hire private security for their properties following a recent spate of burglaries. In recent weeks, three houses have been broken into whilst owners were asleep. Residents from around 100 houses feel the only way to prevent more burglaries is to hire private security services. People living in the area explained that more than 40% of properties have suffered some type of assault and residents are becoming increasingly uneasy with the situation. Some houses have experienced repeated burglaries within a short space of time. Residents are demanding a meeting with Town Hall officials to answer their questions as to why this area is being targeted and what the town hall intends to do to stop the burglaries in the future

Mayor of Llíria, Manuel Izquierdo, has denied reports which appeared in ‘El Mundo’ and ‘Las Provincias’ newspapers that he wasted 2.000 euros on champagne. The Mayor wants to clarify that this information “is not true and it damages my reputation and that of the Town hall I preside over". To clarify the misunderstanding, the Mayor explained: "Of all the Town Hall expenses which related to institutional gifts for Christmas 2005, only 128 euros was spent on champagne, the invoices presented clearly demonstrate this". Manuel Izquierdo has also taken this opportunity to deny that the Town Hall requested a loan of 900,000€ to pay 2005 expenses. "All invoices for expenses for the previous year have been processed and paid ", the Mayor of Llíria added

Breast Cancer
Only 35% breast cancer cases in the Comunitat are detected in first stages. The advances in genetic therapies have made it possible to use surgery in a preventative form. Prevention is still the most basic element in the treatment of cancer. Despite advances in the breast cancer field doctors are still unable to identify the causes of mammary tumours.
Between 40 and 60 new cases are detected for every 100,000 residents every year in the Valencian Comunitat. This indicates the diagnosis of 1,500 new patients each year, of which 1% are men.  Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo, head of the Service of Surgery of the IVO and new president of the Spanish Society of Senología and Mammary Patologia explained, “a tumour located in time, during the initial stages can be cured in 95% of cases and 35% of cancers are diagnosed in prevention campaigns”.
Every year millions of women in the Valencian Comunitat between 45 and 70 are tested.

Ontinyent is preparing for the III Spanish Mountain Athletics Championship, organized by the Real Spanish Federation of Athletics. On the 18th June athletes will compete in a spectacular and demanding test that will take them to the summit of the Torreter, an important natural area of the city. Last year the competition was held on the Teide in Tenerife. Athletes will race from the Sports centre in Ontinyent to the peak of the Torreter, a distance of 14 kilometres for the men and 9 kilometres for the women. Spectators will not only see a showy and spectacular race with runners battling against the mountain face and constant climbs, but also the chance to see some beautiful countryside not usually seen from the town. Organisers, Club Athletics Vall d'Albaida and Terra Natura are expecting twice as many competitors than in Tenerife last year and have already had interest from athletes in Zaragoza and Madrid. The women’s race will begin at 10am from the Sports centre with men starting 15 minutes later.
Any runner may take part in the race, whether they belong to a club or not but must apply through the correct channels in advance. Any Inland Trader readers wishing to participate must apply for a licence and then make an application for the race. 
 If you require assistance in any matter please contact Vicente Revert on 962914147. 
Any runner may take part in the race, whether they belong to a club or not but must apply through the correct channels in advance. Any Inland Trader readers wishing to participate must apply for a licence and then make an application for the race.  If you require assistance in any matter please contact Vicente Revert on 962914147.  
Celebrating Spain Art Show
 Two female residents of Sax will be hosting an art show of oils and water colours in early June.  Barbara Arnold and Cindy Gibbons-Pert have joined forces to put on their first Expocision which will be held at the Comparsa de Cristianos hall, opposite the Correos post office in Sax from Friday 2nd June – Sunday  4th June 2006. Both are accomplished artists, and enjoy interpreting aspects of Spanish nature in their paintings. Topics will include flora, local scenes and a tribute to Goya, the famous 18th Century Spanish artist. Barbara utilises large canvasses, while Cindy specialises in smaller paintings.
“We love the culture of Spain and feel this show will help demonstrate our impressions.  This could be the first of future shows which can include other artists.” said Cindy.
Entry is free and the sale of work will help support Cruz Roja, Sax, where Cindy also works as a volunteer.
All are welcome during the weekend - specific hours are as follows:
Friday 2nd June
19.30pm – 22.30 (Launch reception
includes Bubbly and snacks)
Saturday 3rd June
10.00 – 14.00
and   1930 – 22.30
Sunday 4th June
11.30 – 13.30
Comparsa de Cristianos hall, opposite the Correos in Sax

Spain accepts Bolivia gas plans
A Spanish delegation says it has reached a "good understanding" with Bolivian President Evo Morales over his energy nationalisation programme. Much of Bolivia’s gas reserves are controlled by Spanish firm Repsol, but Morales took control of Bolivia's natural gas industry and told foreign firms to leave if they were not willing to comply with the new conditions. The Bolivian government has said it will start renegotiating energy contracts with all foreign companies from next week, giving those 180 days reach agreement, or face eviction.  Spain's Deputy Foreign Minister, Bernardino Leon, said he respected Bolivia's decision to nationalise. Prior to nationalisation, Repsol controlled about a quarter of Bolivia's gas reserves, after investing $1.2bn in the country. 
Spanish arrest Real IRA suspects
Two suspected members of the illegal Real IRA dissident paramilitary group have been arrested by Spanish police in Malaga. The men are being held on suspicion of attempting to smuggle about £500,000 worth of cigarettes from Spain to Britain. A major shipment of cigarettes had just arrived at a nearby port and the men were arrested at a warehouse at an industrial estate, where a large quantity of documents was also found. The men had been arrested following a lengthy investigation by the authorities, said the Interior Ministry. The Real IRA is an outlawed dissident republican organisation which was behind the 1998 Omagh bombing in which 29 people died. 
 Spanish town has big blind date
 A small town in northern Spain has held a huge blind date party to try and help its many single men find love and boost falling population levels. The mayor of Villafrechos invited women from elsewhere to take part, and about 90 women turned up and were taken out to lunch by 50 of the towns bachelors aged from 24 to 68. After lunch, the women were invited to see the town's highlights, including a cheese-making facility. The ladies were also treated to a football game and a dance festival in their honour. For visitor Irene Velasco it was "a lovely and exciting experience". "I haven't come here to look for a mate, rather to meet new people and have a good time," the 45-year-old Madrid hotel worker said. Tomas Infestas said” The women were gorgeous. The 57-year-old retired carpenter added. "I want to find a partner, I'm lonely."  The mayor said the registry office would be kept open over the weekend, in case any couples wanted to marry.

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