Britbuys karaoke

This quarter final heat for the Britbuy’s Karaoke competition took place at El Romeral Restaurant at la Drova last Sunday. Usually landlord Pat closes Sunday evenings for a well-deserved rest after a day serving traditional paella to his Spanish clientele, but this week relented to allow a load of Karaoke crazy Brits to unleash their vocals. There were supposed to be 10 quarter finalists in the competition, but only seven could make it but no matter as there was no shortage of singers. From nine o’clock onwards the would-be contestants and others who fancied a warble treated us all to renditions of their favourite songs until about 11o’clock when the competition commenced. The overall standard was very high. By the time the competition began the audience was well and truly warmed up and were all rooting for their favourites.

The quarter finalists were Andrew who sang “Achey, Breaky Heart” which compelled couples to take to the floor to do some serious line dancing. Next was Alex who sang an impressive “My Way” and then it was Ian Blunt with a heartfelt “Please, Release Me. Another Ian, (Jenkins) then sang “Its Only Words” followed by Marie with “You’re Still the One I want.” Then it was Rosie who did justice to “I’m Still Waiting” (not an easy song to sing), and last but certainly not least was Lolly with “Sweet Child of Mine” (or should that be Sweet Cider of Mine, eh Lol?)

There could only be three winners and the judges including myself and Simon Early and John Scullion from “the Inland Trader” marked the three finalists as Alex from Calpe, Rosie from Ricardo’s Bar, Lloc Nou d’Enfollet, and Ian Blunt from El Romeral. They will all be competing in the next round of the Britbuy’s Karaoke. Well done to all the vocalists who took part and who kept us so entertained. Also a mention should be given to Pat and Elizabeth who worked hard serving food and drink throughout the evening and who had made everyone welcome. Also to Phil and Chris who were the evenings karaoke hosts for organizing the evening.


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