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An eight year old boy was victim of a hit and run in Elda last week.  The Romanian boy was hit by the car whilst walking with his father. Although the car did not stop several eye witnesses managed to remember part of the licence plate number, the colour and make of the car, which they reported  to Police officers at the scene. The boy was transferred to the General Hospital of Elda - and was treated for minor injuries. Police on the scene set up an immediate search for the vehicle which was found in the town later that evening. Following further investigation Police discovered that the vehicle was being used without a valid I.T.V or insurance and this is possibly why the driver failed to stop at the scene.  Local Police have sent relevant denunciations to the Provincial Headquarters of Traffic regarding the vehicle and its owner.
Elda Hospital
Work has begun on the demolition of the heliport and a waste area at the hospital in Elda. The hospital is undergoing an extension programme to create a new wing. Machines on site have already demolished parts of the hospital as well as removing certain areas of the car park to make space for the extension.
Police have arrested thieves following a burglary from clothes store `Tonny Sango', in  C/ La Alameda de Alcoi. 
The store has suffered  several break-ins over recent weeks. Police reported that the store was entered through a broken window. Two computers were destroyed and a strongbox was forced open which contained 500 euros and clothes worth around 1,800 euros were stolen. The thieves escaped in a car which had been stolen from Cocentaina. Officers chased the car until it crashed into a wall and the occupants were arrested following a short chase on foot.
Xativa - Alcoy
The residents associations `Salvem el tren' has achieved one of its primary targets. The association has presented to the Conselleria de Infraestructuras and Transportes a petition from nearly 7,000 people supporting the improvements for the Xàtiva-Alcoi train service. It has taken several months of work including meetings with local companies and interviews with the media renewing the call for improvements to the rail service. They have demanded an improvement in routes including eliminating the need to transfer at Xativa. In the Vall d' Albaida `Salvem the train' has the total support of all political parties and 55 various associations have lent there support to the cause.
A representative from `Salvem the train' explained: “Like users of a forgotten and third-world railroad in the 21st Century we have united to demand the government exert the competition and responsibility they hold”. The association now begin the next phase of the  process which includes interviews with members of politicians in charge of the provinces infrastructure.
The Civil Guard have confiscated 800 Chinese katanas (knives) and five machetes from a warehouse in Crevillent run by Chinese citizens. Local Police and Civil Guard officers took part in the operation at the unit on the Boch industrial estate in Crevillent. Officers seized 816 Chinese katanas of three different sizes and five machetes. Police stated that the weapons were not being sold from the unit. Officers also confiscated several DVD films whose origin was not known. In addition, Police have in recent weeks also stopped a suspected drug dealer whilst carrying out undercover observations at the industrial estate. Eleven packets of cocaine, ready for sale, and a cannabis plant were confiscated from the foreign man. The man was arrested and later questioned. 
The City Council of Llíria has increased the number of rubbish bins in its urbanizations. The Environment Council has installed 30 new containers for the disposal of organic material on local housing urbanisations. The Consistorio has invested a total of 7,550 euros for the replacement of old and for the purchase of new bins. The majority will be placed in urbanisations surrounding Sant Vicent which are in a very poor condition. The City Council has also announced a new campaign aimed at showing students the importance of recycling in our society. The Consistorio will distribute to every school, containers for recycling paper, packaging and organic waste.
Alzira City council has instructed the construction of a new outdoors sports centre. The council has requested the construction of a retaining wall around the Tulell  industrial zone to create the centre which will include three football pitches, an athletics track, a squash court and a multipurpose centre with a weights room, aerobics and spinning facilities. There will also be changing rooms and a restaurant with a bar and parking for 200 cars.
Jewellery worth around 30,000 euros was stolen from a store in the Canals municipal pavilion. Four people entered the establishment and threatened the owner with a sharp object. The jeweller told police that everything happened so quickly. Three men and a women entered the store. The woman threatened the store owner whilst her accomplices took  jewellery from the display cabinets and strong boxes. The owner did not put up a struggle.
Elche Police have arrested three women believed to be involved in house burglaries. They are part of an organised group who have targeted homes throughout the Province. Police operating a roadside check point stopped the women travelling in a car and discovered there was a warrant for their arrest in connection with the burglary of two houses. All three women were residing in Spain without official documentation.
There was a second fire within the space of a week at a chemical factory in Cheste. Firemen attended the fire at the factory during the evening on 18th May, which was thought to have originated from a waste deposit of chlorine that had ignited. Sources from the Provincial Partnership of Firemen, explained that “chlorinated salts”, used for cleaning swimming pools, have a “spontaneous combustive nature” and heat emitted from the salts caused the fire. The fire began at around 20.13 and had started in the 500 litre deposit tank which had been taken outside the factory ready for disposal. Twelve fire-fighters and five vehicles attended the blaze but it wasn’t necessary to evacuate residents as the fire was contained and did not pose a further threat. It did, however, destroy 1,000m² of factory floor and the toxic smoke emitted meant that approximately 20,000 residents were ordered to remain in their houses with windows and doors closed. Scientific police are  to carry further investigations to confirm the exact cause
The new bullring in Xativa will be open in time for the Fira d’Agost. The ring will have capacity for 7,900 spectators plus a VIP theatre box. The Mayor of Xativa has recently announced that this year bullfighting will take place during The Fira d' Agost Fiesta 2006. Alfonso Rus and the company responsible for the remodeling of the bullring, Engineer CMD, have guaranteed that work will be completed in time. The new ring will have a removable roof installed to allow the building to be used in all weathers (the only one in Valencia). The Mayor hopes that the roofing project will be completed by January 2006 “to be able hold concerts and exhibitions”
enabling  Xativa to welcome “the best bands on their European tours”. A total budget of 6 million euros has been granted for the remodelling works, part of which has been subsidised by Conselleria de Cultura and Educación. The council’s intention is that the new ring can be used for many alternatives from music concerts to motorcycle displays.
Two hundred and fifty students from Ramon and Cajal de Anna Schools participated in a road traffic accident simulation. The roads of Anna were the scene of an automobile accident which closed local roads. The event was supported by officers of the Local Police and was in collaboration with AMPA. The re-enactment created much interest from students and neighbours who gathered to watch the events unfold along with Leader of the Provincial Headquarters of Traffic, Maria Dolores Perez and Mayor, Fernando Sarrión.
The simulated accident involved the Civil Guard, two UVI ambulances, Rescue helicopter, two jeeps, three fire trucks from Xativa and motorists from the main directorate of Traffic and members of the local police. The mock accident involved a motorcycle, with rider and passenger, colliding with a car. The firemen had to cut  the driver of the car. Head of Local Police, Manuel Pla, explained that the simulation “tried to reflect different situations and the consequences that breaking road traffic laws carry”. Pla continued, “The importance of these initiatives is to make children aware of road Safety  from an early age”. He went on to congratulate the success of the event and thanked all those involved for their dedication to the cause.
Sax City Council have started a new local initiative for residents. The plan is that residents will now  be able to put forward ideas and concerns about local services, projects and problems.

The town hall have requested that residents give suggestions as to the type of town they would like to live in. A private company is carrying out a plan to improve the town. Residents who would like to participate in the project are invited to join one of 6 groups which have been set up, `Urbanism and infrastructures', `Industry and Commerce', `Services for the Well-being', `Youth and Use', `the City that We want' and `Woman and City'.
Residents can also contribute ideas either in writing, by telephone or by email. Letters can be presented Monday to Friday, 9 to14 and 17 to 20 at Courteous Medical street, 11. Or telephone 965 47 48 79 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Construction of a new industrial estate in Alzira is to start soon according to an announcement by Rafael Blasco, Conseller of Territory and House. The industrial estate will be constructed close to the CV-50 between Alzira and Guadassuar, and will cover an area of 1.060.000m² . More than 250 companies will be able to acquire space within the estate. The president of the local association of industralists, Jose Villalba, took the opportunity to impress upon Blasco the importance that the proposed road network, linking Lliria with Sueca, should travel between Alzira and Algemesí to ensure it is close to the new development.  Villalba explained that it is making presentations to the Consell and the Delegation of Government to lift the toll charges on the AP-7 that runs between Alzira and Favara. He emphasized that it was of the utmost importance that local commerce and industry could count on the coastal towns with easy access to Alzira. “Today it is a problem to access Alzira from the coast”, added Jose Villalba.


Alcoy will have the first Museum dedicated to Valencian Community Firemen

To be built on an old textile factory site donated by the City council. The project, financed by the Provincial Partnership of Firemen is estimated to cost around four million euros and plans have already been passed. The project will restore the building and construct complementary facilities such as a kiosk-bar and cinema room. The three storey museum will display artefacts related to fire fighting and the fire brigade over the years. Vehicles, cranes, uniforms, extinguishers and other items of interest will be on display. The construction will take around eight months and will be the first museum of this type in the Valencian Community and only the third in the whole of Spain, only Madrid and Zaragoza have similar museums.


The official opening of Calle Nueva in Villena town took place last week.     Local town hall officials and attended the ceremony of the recently refomed street. Calle Nueva  has been restored to an exceptionally high standard. New paths, trees, street lighting and statues have been installed as well as a new modern drinking, sewage and rain water system. The Valencian Generalitat  granted 250,000 euros to the project which is in an important commercial area.

The Mayoress of Villena, Ana Ballenilla, said that the improvement project is positive for the overall look of the town and the 230 shops also it will be better for this years Moors and Christians fiesta.  The works director has thanked residents for their patience and help whilst the street has been under renovation.

Cleaners on Strike

Hospital cleaners are to go on strike in June. Around 30% of Clece employees who provide cleaning services for the sanitary centres in the province will go on an indefinite strike from the 4th of June. Workers are striking over claims that their employer has not paid wage increases dating back to 2005.

Police have stopped two Romanians purchasing goods valued up to 30.000 euros using false credit cards and documentation. National Police continued investigations throughout the Community after stopping two people in Elche using false cards and identification. According to Police sources, the total number of people involved in the scam is not known but they are sure it is not just the two stopped in Elche. The two arrested, when searched were found to be carrying five false cards, documentation, jewels and electronic items to the value of 6,000 euros. The jewels and electrical items had been purchased using false cards just moments before their arrest. The police investigation began in April following
reports from several establishments.

Around 120 people protested at a military base in Bétera requesting NATO to close the depot and to make protest about war. Protestors stated that the demonstration “tried to encourage the end of wars, the dismantling of armies and the framework of organizations, institutions and companies and banks who promote warlike conflicts”.  They also indicated that they promote the closure of the military base because it is “an offensive installation” and requested “its total return to the town of Bétera and to the Sierra Calderona Park”. The City council, according to sources is, “at the moment is involved in litigation with the ministry of Defense demanding a return of a small part of the total surface area”. They also explained that during the demonstration, despite the presence of 40 security officers, 10 people managed to gain entry to the enclosure to plant 20 trees as a symbolic gesture of returning the military base to natural space. 


The Pla industrial estate in Ontinyent suffered a major fire last week which devastated the premises of the Hilaturas Bonfil Company. The fire which took place on Friday 18th May caused a thick cloud of smoke which was visible from as far away as Benigànim and Fontanars. The alarm was raised at 5pm and local firemen promptly tackled the fire. Workers were evacuated from the building unhurt, as 22 firemen using eight vehicles fought the flames. Firemen believe that the fire was started by a short circuit from one of the machines in the factory. Although it sustained damage the neighbouring building of Gramage Textil was largely unaffected sustaining only superficial damage to its walls. Ambulance services were present to provide medical assistance to factory workers. The fire was brought under control by 8pm that evening.

Nurses threatened

Nurses reported 22 incidences of attack or aggression during 2005. An operating room supervisor at the Clinical hospital in Valencia has stated, “We are becoming more at risk especially in A&E where we have most confrontations with patients.” Figures released by the Council of Infirmary of the Comunitat suggest that, “every day at least one nurse is insulted or attacked”. Satse, the nursing union, reveals that eight out of every ten nurses has been attacked by a patient or relative and 74% feel at risk and unprotected. Nurse M.J.F said: “People demand more, are more egoistical and protest more. I will remember your face - they say to us. We have a security guard on the door and we can raise the alarm as soon as we see a dangerous situation arising”. In eight hospitals across the Province there are now Labour Risk Units which hope to make nurses feel more protected and discourage patients and visitors to the hospital from aggressive behaviour.

The Centre of Coordination of Emergencies of the Generalitat has announced that they have elevated the risk level of forest fires to 3, indicating extreme risk. Sources at the Conselleria de Justicia, stated that the National Institute of Meteorology had detected a “moderate increase in temperatures, local to the Gulf of Valencia” and winds to the west of the interior, the Gulf of Valencia, and along the south coast of Alicante. Level 3 - extreme forest fire risk - prohibits any type of fire within the community, even in authorised recreational zones. All authorizations have been suspended, as well as residential fire permissions.

The Centre of Coordination of Emergencies of the Generalitat has informed all the city councils and organisations involved in the prevention and detection of forest fires of the increase of risk levels. Residents are warned to check the current risk level with their local town hall before lighting fires. 

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