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 INLAND TRADER 23rd June - 6th July 06


Two people were intoxicated in a fire caused by the explosion of a television.Firemen, local police and national police attended the fire at a property in Calle Escultor Julio Capuz in Ontinyent. Thebuilding had to be evacuated because of dense toxic smoke. A police officer suffered smoke inhalation, whilst checking that the property was empty. At around 5pm earlier that evening a televisionexploded and set fire to the house. Its five occupants managed to escape with only one needing treatment for smoke.inhalation.


Summer School, Primaria, held at Bonavista School in Ontinyent is now offering English lessons to students. Students who request extra English tuition will spend the week playing games and learning in English. The summer school is an idea adopted by the council of Education to enable working parents tocontinue working in July after normal schools have broken up for the summer holidays. Children are divided into groups according to age, `Estiu Aktiu' is for children between 3 and 11 years and`Adrenalina Aktua' is for 12 to 15 year olds.


Lliria Town hall has extended the council bus service covering more areas of the town. The public transport service now includes two evening routes servicing the town and will run until 8pm. In addition, a further service will run every week day from the new school in Calle Trencall, with the hope of encouraging more students to use public transport. There are currently further plans awaiting approval to increase the service, cut down on delays, to create a service from Lliria to Marines and a special Friday service to the council cemetery.


The Hospital Verge dels Lliris in Alcoy has an online diagnostic service and is one of the first cities in Spain to use the computer to help patients’ diagnose and treat their own illnesses. Councillor of Health, Rafael Blasco explained that online communication with every department within the hospital allows patients to
access information 24 hours a day for symptoms via their home computer. The project is managed by Digital City in conjunction with the Valencian Office for the Society of Information and is part of the programme of Digital Cities of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and justice and the Avantic Strategy of the Generalitat Valenciana.


The fiestas of Sant Bernat de Alzira will this year incorporate a new element to the celebrations. On Saturday 15th July a giant paella, for around 1,500 people will  be prepared at the Deportes Venecia. The freepaella will mark the beginning of celebrations which will include concerts and performances by various Spanish artists.Ana Torroja will perform on Thursday 20th of July at 23.30 followed by group Estopa who will sing on Friday 21st at 23.30. On Monday 17th at 20.00 in La Plaza Mayor, childrens and adults races will take place. The celebrations will also include discos and activities and a fireworks display will mark
the end of the celebrations.


Seventeen members of a group thought to be responsible for recent burglaries and assaults have been arrested by Guardia Civil officers. The group, mainly of South American origin have been operating in the Province of Valencia, were arrested after a recent Guardia Civil investigation. Nine of those arrested are believed to have been involved in a burglary at the home of the daughter of the founder of Ferry’s in Canals.One of the arrested, a lawyer, provided the group with vital information concerning security at the house has been sentenced to prison. Military experts from the institution of Organized Crime accompanied Guardia Civil agents in the arrests. The burglary at the Ferry family villa took place in January and ended in the death of two of the burglars.The incident led to the recent arrest of the remainder of the group.


From the 1st of July parking disc tariffs in Alzira will be cut in line with a contract between Alzira Town Hall and a new parking management company. Prices will be reduced by between 9 and 25%, the minimum tariff (30 minutes) will be reduced from 20 to 15 centimos and parking for 2 hours will only cost 35 centimos instead of the current charge of 40. Incorporated in the new contract is a programme to extend to theparking zones within the town. In recent weeks, areas have been assigned as ORA parking zones including: an extension in Avenida Luis Súñer, Calle Perez Galdós, Francesc Arbona, and the addition of newparking zones in Calles Riola, Pere Morell, Hort dels Frares, Reis Catòlics and Colmenar. It is hoped that the creation of these new zones will offer the maximum parking spaces and assist with the continual rotation of vehicles in the area which has always had a lack of parking spaces.


A group of vandals have set fire to one hundred trees at the Kings Católicos School. The school manager confirmed that the cypress trees in a recreational area for 6 year old students were set alight by intruders. Cleaners at the school called Local Police after seeing the group of ntruders setting light to the trees and officers called the Fire Brigade. Firemen from Petrer tackled the blaze which reached an area 20 metres high and 10 metres wide. School manager, Joaquin Sanchez, estimated that nearly 100 trees had been burned and stressed that this could have ended in tragedy if the younger students had been playing in the area at the time. The school is separated from a neighbouring education institution by a wall which has a small space through which lit newspaper was pushed. Sanchez explained that meetings had been held with the Director of the Canal Institute and councillors because of“the older students from the institute gather in the narrow alley way and had recently had set fire to scrub land in the area”. He continued that it was very sad that the area which had been burned was one of the "greenest" in the school and requested that responsible authorities sanction the closure of the alleyway.


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