The body of an Englishwoman has been found on the outskirts of the town. According to Police source the body of the woman was discovered by a mountain biker four days after being reported as missing from home by her husband. Guardia Police and judicial police have opened an investigation into the death of the as yet unnamed woman but believe at this time she died from natural causes as the body did not appear to show any signs of violence. The body was found on scrub land by the Grau depot nearly 2 kilometres from the family home. 
Tragic Loss
Sue Cleft, an English dog breeder, and foster carer for the pet rescue charity PEPA, was found dead in L’Olleria under tragic circumstances last week. Sue is survived by he husband, Graham, and six children. Due to the nature of her death, Graham Cleft has made the difficult decision to return to the UK with their two youngest sons as soon as possible. Sue was not only a well known dog breeder, but also fostered dogs for PEPA the animal charity.  Sue became involved with the charity in January this year when ‘Buscalo’ approached PEPA with a tragic tale. A lady, known to the magazine, had suddenly died leaving behind her German Shepherd who had just given birth to a litter of seven puppies. PEPA agreed to re-home the animals and were presented with what seemed like an overwhelming task. As ever, there was an extreme shortage of foster carers, but then, Sue Cleft, met a PEPA volunteer and offered to foster the whole family. There was a happy ending to the tale as all the dogs were successfully re-homed and Sue went on to become a regular and much-appreciated foster carer for PEPA dogs. As well as being a foster carer, Sue bred pedigree chocolate Labradors and pedigree German Shepherds. Now that Sue has tragically passed away, and because of the imminent departure of Graham and the boys, P.E.P.A. desperately need to re-home their four pedigree dogs and five cats.
The chocolate Labradors, Suki and Seta, are one year old bitches.  They are sunny natured dogs who would suit a family environment. The German Shepherds, Rocky, aged 3 and Saica, aged four, also need a family environment as Graham Cleft has specifically requested that they are not chained up all day and used as guard dogs.
Naturally all dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped and their blood-line papers are available. This would be a fantastic opportunity for someone who would like to offer these pure bred dogs a good home. The family also kept five cats who now need new homes.  They had rescued them all as kittens. Each one is about a year old and have been vaccinated and either castrated or neutered. There are two beautiful, black short-haired males called Cooler and Zorro, and three adorable Siamese cats, Ming, Garfield and Gremlin, with coffee and cream coats and distinctive blue eyes.

This is a family tragedy and if there is any way to make their loss a little easier it might be to know that their animals have found good homes. If you can help please telephone either 962835245 or 660133710   (P.E.P.A. The Helping Hands Charity) or browse our website: where you will find details of all our available cats and dogs.

Preparations for the Lliria Fira I Festes de Sant Miquel celebrations have begun in the town. The Fira will be held from September 20th to 30th and residents can submit applications to enter into 'la Casa de la Juventud', the street decorating competition, up until the 13th of September. A panel of judges will tour the streets judging them for effort, originalilty, creativity and the chosen subject. Lliria Town Hall has donated prize money of 1,000 euros for first place, 450 euros for second and 300 for third. Streets participating will receive a grant of 150 euros towards the expense of decorations.

The Comunidad Valenciana has been the only community within Spain to experience a fall in the number of British tourists during the first five months of the year. A report by the Ministry of Industry has revealed that Andalucía, the Canary Islands and Cataluña have recorded an increase in the number of visitors. During 2005 Spain welcomed a total of 20 million foreign tourists between January and May, a 6.1% increase on the same period in 2004. A further survey by Tourist Movements in Borders (FRONTUR) reveals that in May this year Spain received 5.5 million international tourists, 6.9% more than in May 2005. The number of British visitors to the Canary Islands increased by 0.4% and was the main holiday destination for the British. In the Comunidad Valenciana the significant reduction of 5.5% suggest that British visitors are possibly searching for new areas which are thought to be in Murcia and Almería. British investors buying property and homes in Spain are looking for new areas as high prices in the Costa del Sol and over crowding on the Costa Blanca make these historically desirable areas less favourable.

In July a new commercial door to door cardboard collection service is to commence in Lliria. The campaign is initially directed at commercial premises in the Historical Commercial Centre and the surrounding areas. Retailers can apply to be involved in the service at no extra charge, which hopes to reduce the amount of cardboard boxes left around the residential blue cardboard recycling bins. At present, commercial premises deposit a high volume of cardboard at the bins leaving little or no room for local residents.
 Llíria town also sees the start of a new campaign entitled, “In summer, Llíria gives you more”, an initiative supported by the Town hall. More than 35,000 gifts will be handed out to clients and customers at stores around the town, consisting of promotional material, cinema tickets and entrance to see local basketball team play, and entrance for CEB Lliria matches. There will also be a draw with four top prizes of 500 euros which must be spent at the shopping centre within 2 hours.

Local Police in Ontinyent have begun a campaign to crack down on the use of mopeds within the city. Officers will check that all mopeds comply with paperwork carried by the rider in a push to prevent the increase of noise pollution. Residents in the town experience increased noise during the summer months as windows and doors are left open. According to a Town Hall source, Police officers will check that mopeds do not exceed legal noise levels and request that all riders respect the rights and feelings of residents.

Residents of the area between Salesianos School and the district of Morenica in Villena have presented to the registry of the Town hall, a petition containing 2,166 signatures requesting the rectification of the alteration made to the Moors and Christians parades route. The alteration moved the exit of the parades from the Calle San Isidro to Plaza Maria Auxiliadora and "has not benefited the parades but has badly affected residents located within the area". The petition, containing 2,166 signatures on 140 pages was collected in less than 30 days from residents and locals who oppose the changes and was presented to the Town Hall, who will reply to the requests put forward.

Officers of the Dirección General de Policía in collaboration with Romanian and Italian police have arrested 83 Romanians involved in the falsification of currency and credit cards and the robberies of houses and industrial estates. There have been 66 arrests in Spain and 17 in Romania following the investigation efforts of the three Police forces. In September 2005 a Romanian ringleader was tracked down in Marbella who specialised in the fraudalent use of credit cards in Andalusia, Valencia, Catalonia and Madrid. Members of the group provided the individual with card stolen from Italy and the UK. In the last fifteen days more than 100,000 euros was withdrawn from cash machines using PIN numbers and purchases made using the cards with false ID.

This summer sees the cultural events calendar of many towns and villages packed with activities.
In Cullera you can find the swap-meet on Thursday morning and another swap-meet of the 7th of July to the 29th of August habitual, of 18,30 to the 21 hours in the Virgen square.
From July 14th Llíria welcomes the third edition of 'Nocturnal stories'. This programme of guided tours around the city on Friday nights covers various aspects of the town. Tours depart from Partidors Square at 11pm and are highly recommended. To register, call 962791522 or 615506931.
Friday 14th July
‘The Origins’
Friday 21st July
‘The Magic’
Friday 28th July
‘The Splendour’
Friday 4th August
‘The art of water divination”.

Elche has a feast of cultural activities this summer for residents and visitors alike. On the 8th of July, in the Patio de Armas in the Altamira Palace, Graham Foster and his rock band will be performing live. Singer, Javier Alvarez will be performing on July 15th  , on the 22nd 'Ensemble Impromptu' will be playing a concert of quartet music and jazz music will arrive in the city on July 29th from 'Jordi Vilà Quintet'.
All performances will take place in the Patio de Armas of the Altamira Palace in Elche, at 10.30pm and entrance will cost 3 euros.
Elche is also staging concerts by ‘Marlango’, on July 14th at 11pm in the municipal park. Tickets cost 21 euros and are availalable from Servicam (902444300).
‘La Oreja de Van Gogh’ will be at the Cuidad Deportiva in Elche on July 20th   at 10pm with tickets available from Servicam.  
The arrival of summer brings with it the increased risk of forest fires. City councils around the community have implemented various plans to reduce risks to the environment and residents. Ontinyent ecological group, ADEA is in charge of a voluntary service which takes charge of monitoring the mountain areas of Ontinyent and Fontanars dels Alforins, a surface area of more than 5,000 hectares.
In Alcoi, the Environment Management have implemented a voluntary fire watch campaign. 80% of the terrain is observed from fixed points such as 'la Font Roja' and 'la Serra de Mariola' with the remaining 20% covered by vehicle patrols. Volunteers will distribute pamphlets containing information on preventing fires for visitors to natural areas.
In addition, the regions of l' Alcoià and el Comtat have more than 40 volunteers watching the forests and around 200 police officers and rural guards on call to extinguish detected fires immediately.

The first association of Gays and Lesbians in the Vall d' Albaida (COLEGVA) has been formed with the objective of increasing awareness of homosexuality. Members of the group meet on Saturday evenings at 6pm in the Casal Jaume I (park Mestre Ferrero) Coordinator of the association, David Navarro has revealed how in their first month COLEGVA have 48 members and have received numerous enquiries from 14 to 18 year olds for information. JOVE, has been created with the help of Diputación de Valencia money to hold sexual conferences in institutes in the Vall d' Albaida. The group have recently awarded Councillor, Teresa Mollà,  the “Natural Flower” for her continued defence of homosexuality. COLEGVA will be holding a presentation during a dinner at Clareta-Font Jordana restaurant in Agullent on July 22nd. Anyone interested in contacting the association can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call
615 972 622.

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