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A violence campaign detects cases of harassment scholastic in Gandia

Edila says that they are not serious but that the awareness must follow

Near 1,600 students of all the schools of Gandia the Equality programs of and Violence have participated in both last years in, promoted from the Department of Social Security. Through factories and video-forums, one is to concienciar to youngest, between which cases are detected harassment scholastic.

The person in charge of Social welfare of the City council of Gandia, Calderón Dove, made a balance of more than two years of work in the schools, within the Programs of Equality and Coresponsabilidad, as well as the one of Violence.

This campaign has been carried out in all the educative centers, public, arranged, deprived and even in center special Enric Value. Altogether, 1,600 of the Baccalaureate have participated about and students cycles of Primary, Secondary.

The first conclusions are very positive. The campaign, oriented to the awareness of youngest of the equality between sexes, has served to detect cases of scholastic domestic violence and bullying or harassment.

Mulán and the Cenicienta, sexistas
One of the parts of the program, is the accomplishment of factories and visionado of films and its later commentary. According to Calderón, some students, when the finishing the activity, have confessed to their professors “the harassment who are undergoing or other things that not at least dare to tell their parents”.

So far one is not too alarming situations, but they are there. In any case, it is an important advance and a good result. Now, the department works already in the next course. For it, surveys have been distributed to the students. The intention is to verify what really thinks of the violence and the equality. In addition, a newness is the elaboration of guides thought specially for smallest of Primary.

The factories were adapted to the ages of the participants. One of the most fruitful parts, according to emphasized edila, were the video-forums. The films Perfect Mulán, Snow White and Mujeres projected, classic of small and the not so small ones, with a noticeable sexista character, that soon was analyzed with detail.

For the development of the program it is had counted with the collaboration of the professors, with whom also one has worked through courses organized next to the Cefire. Also, in each center there was a collaborator, person in charge of the good operation and fulfillment of the activities.


The Valencian highways summon up the life of 12 people in only six days

The provincial female leader of Traffic of Valencia requests a reform of the Penal Code so that to lead ebrio a crime is considered and not a lack

Twelve people have died victims of traffic accidents in the highways of the Valencian Comunitat in the last six days, more than half of the deceaseds in all the month of June. The provincial female leader of Traffic, Maria Dolores Perez, requested yesterday a reform of the Penal Code so that to lead ebrio it is a crime and not a lack.

In less than one week, the Valencian highways have summoned up twelve lives. It is a very high number, if one considers that has been in the highways no a greater affluence of traffic. Neither bridges, nor operation exit of vacations. In only six days, there are lost the life more than half of the people who have passed away from the past 1 of June. Altogether, 21 victims.

This sinister number takes place to little ten days of the take effect of the membership card by points, one of the measures that the Government with the objective will apply to diminish the victims in the highways, and in that the presence of the alcohol in the conduction seriously will be sanctioned.

Indeed the conductor who caused the most serious accident of last the six days gave positive in the test of alcoholemia. According to he informed the PROVINCES yesterday, the wreck took place in the highway of the Saler, to the height of the Gullet of the Puchol, where a resident marriage in Xirivella passed away that traveled in a motorcycle after being coiled by a tourism when they went to spend the day to the beach. The conductor of the Peugeot 307 that lost the control of the car and coiled to the pair marked a rate of alcohol superior to the allowed one.

Hard hand
The provincial female leader of Traffic of Valencia, Maria Dolores Perez, vindicated yesterday that the reform of the Penal Code in transaction includes that the conduction under the effects of the alcohol is considered a crime and not a lack. With the present laws, the alcohol mixture and highway are “an administrative infraction”. Perez vindicated “a greater sensibilización of the society, that is very tolerant with the alcohol in spite of the lethal effects that can have when it is united to the conduction”.

“Dramatic” infractions
The Department of the Interior already requested to the Office of the public prosecutor “the more rigorous” interpretation and of “greater severity” on “the dramatic” infractions in the highway, mainly when it is united speed and alcohol. The introduction of the membership card by points anticipates to hard punish the conductors who commit infractions like the excess of speed or to skip the Highway Code.

From the Department of the Interior one has urged to the Office of the public prosecutor to that she is very hard with the people in charge of the accidents, while finalizes the parliamentary transaction of the reform. This modification anticipates that to their take effect, at the end of year or principles of the next one, pains of jail for the more serious infractions of circulation are introduced.

Upsetting in Alicante
And yesterday, the dramatic numbers in the highways returned to ascend. The last one of the accidents took place when a woman of 76 years passed away after being run over by a concrete mixer in the Seat of Spain de Alicante. A man of 77 years who accompanied to him underwent gravity wounds.

The wreck happened in the morning on the ten in the crossing of the streets Murillo Painter with Spain Seat around where a concrete mixer in descendent sense and that circulated, when turning towards the left, it ran over to the pair that at those moments crossed the street. As a result of the accident, the woman passed away in the act whereas the man was wounded with very serious injuries in the legs. In the place of the upsetting agents of the Local Police of Alicante were at those moments.

In spite of the fast performance of the medical services, they could not make nothing save the life of the woman. The Unit of Investigation of Accidents is analyzing the place and the circumstances of the event.

The distractions, the collisions and the exits of highway were the main reasons for the happened accidents last the six days.

Saturday in the morning, the driver of a moped passed away when hitting against a tourism in Pedreguer. The victim was 74 years old.

In Port of Sagunto, a Colombian woman of 34 years died of almost instantaneous form when leaving the highway Ford Celebration that lead and hitting against a tree in highway CV-309.

Wednesday was an ill-fated day in the Valencian highways, since three people died in three traffic accidents in little more than two hours. First of the accidents one took place in the A-7 to his passage by Massamagrell, where a young person of 27 years passed away in a shock in which they were implied his vehicle, a van and two trucks. In San Miguel de Salinas, a conductor of 43 years perished to the one and average of the dawn when leaving his car. To the same hour, a man of 41 years was killed when crashing his car against another one in the N-340, in Castellón. The highway received other three victims in Elche, the Font of the Figuera and the Vila Joiosa, caused by frontal collisions between vehicles. A young person of 22 years, a 27 woman of and a man of 55 at night lost the life Thursday in the Valencian highways.

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The School of Summer for children will begin the 4 of July

The children of Benissa have the assured diversion east summer. From the Council of Youth he has organized himself, a year more, the School of Summer, that will begin next the 4 of July and it will extend until day 11 of August.

Between the different activities that will be developed emphasize the factories of manualidades, interactive games, infantile theaters or dances.

The scene chosen by the organization to develop this project has been school Stops Melchor, located in center historical of the municipality. In this way one will facilitate to the parents and students the access to the facilities. The School of Summer 2006 of Benissa is directed to young children and of between 3 and 12 years of age.

The turns that have been supplied vary based on the necessities of each family. If they decide to register to the children 15 days, the rate is of 48 euros during July, and 50 euros for the first fortnight of August.

If July interests the school of summer for the whole, the price is of 95 euros. The inscription in the complete program has a total cost of 140 euros.


A heifer dies in Xàbia after attacking against a theater box

Edila of Celebrations says that the head of cattle left to ``all haste'' and ``disoriented''

The javienses were present at stupefied the death of one of the heifers that Mediterranean Art of Sunday participated in the spectacle. And it is that the head of cattle fell thundered against after hitting violently against one of the theater boxes of the rotation. In 2004, already it died heifers during in the bullfighting festejos of Fogueres.

The awaited bullfighting spectacle that was celebrated Sunday in the evening, in the placeta of the Convent de Xàbia, was settled with the death of one of the heifers. The second head of cattle that passes away in the same conditions in two years.

Nothing could make by the animal the veterinarian who was there of guard because the heifer fell thundered against and as little it served the resuscitation that practiced to him immediately.

The yearling calves entered the rotation that settles every year in the seat on the 14 hours, before the surprise of the javienses that were present at pasmados the death of one of them.

And it is that the bad luck settled on this astado that were entered in the enclosure to “all haste” and “disorienting” due to the people tumult who went to the event to enjoy the spectacle offered by the recortadores, according to commented yesterday the councilwoman of Celebrations, Kika Mata.

According to some testimonies, the animal did not see, at least, the cadafal that caused the death to him.

Although the councilwoman responsible for Celebrations of Xàbia pointed that the possible cause could be, “the clear color of the cadafal”.

In spite of the tragic event, the last bullfighting exhibition continued without no other mishap took place.

In fact, today to the 10 hours it will be come to disassemble the cadafales to leave it everything to point and tomorrow to be able to begin to plant the monument of the foguera, that will burn in only four days


Simat will again delay to the high tension when denying the land cession to Iberdrola

The company anticipates to sign the acts of occupation the 17 of July but the City council will decide not to attend the meeting arranged by Conselleria

Simat will return to be united against the high tension the 17 of July. The proprietors already are receiving letters of the Conselleria that they locate to them to the company/signature of acts for the land cession. The Consistorio announced yesterday that it will not be personará and the ocal representatives assure that the affected ones by the line will not sign.

The neighbors of Simat of the Valldigna whose properties are affected by the layout of the high tension cable have been summoned to a new meeting with representatives of the Conselleria and the Iberdrola company, that will be celebrated days 17, 18 and 19 of July.

According to they confirmed municipal sources, the proprietors already are receiving letters of the Conselleria de Infraestructuras, in which one lets now to them that in those dates he will come himself to the company/signature of the acts that allows the occupying of terrain through which it will pass the laying.

From the City council of Simat already they have announced that no municipal representative will go to this company/signature, according to confirmed the councilman of the Pad in the Consistorio, Aureli Mansanet.

The Municipal Corporation thus tries to delay a little plus the execution of works, as month of May already happened the past. Then they were not present members of the City council either, reason why the heading was posponed until the month of July.

On the other hand, the president of the Associació de Veïns of the Valldigna, Maria Luisa Grau, anticipated that only a minimum percentage of proprietors of Simat will sign the cession of its lands next the 17 of July. “If they want to obtain something, that they do it by the judicial route”, indicated Grau, that assured that that is majority to feel of the neighbors.

The ocal representative indicated to the autonomic Administration like person in charge of the irregularities that are taking place in the process of execution of the electrical layout. According to Grau, “the Generalitat and also some mayors are watching solely after the good of the private company and they are not being dedicated to guard by the neighbors and the municipality, as he corresponds to them”.

For that reason, Grau returned to protest to the Conselleria de Infraestructuras that facilitated the presence of a technician who, of neutral way, guards by the legality of the performances of the company and advises to the proprietors. “The neighbors do not have so that to spend money in procuring a good advising when it is the Conselleria that is authorizing the entrance in its properties”, he indicated.

In addition, Maria Luisa Grau demanded the reelaboration of the study of environmental impact since, in opinion of the ocal representative, the existing report omits several data of importance to guarantee the security of the high tension cable in the Valldigna.

Grau explained that the study only considers the new layout but “forgets” the two high tension cables that already there is raised, the impact of the railcar that crosses the region and the high risk of fires in the zone due to the dense forest mass.

Environmental study
In this same sense the edile of the independent formation Arc pronounced itself Iris, Joan Serra, who also demanded a study of environmental impact “that includes all the line to see its global impact and it does not divide it by sections”.

Indeed it was the lack of a global environmental study what took to the representatives of the platforms against the high tension to the past carry out a confinement in the City council of Simat as a protest 19 of May.

Today same it is predicted that an informative commission is celebrated to make specific the actions of the City council facing next the 17 of July. Serra only yesterday made the position of its formation in the conflict clear: “we want to know if the quantity of the unavoidable expropriations has been valued correctly and, at the same time, to try by all the posbiles routes that Iberdrola does not act with the habitual great power, without consensus and dialogue”.

Maria Luisa Grau remembered that the neighbors insist on waiting for the resolution of this conflict of interests by the judicial route. At the moment, as much the Associació de Veïns of the Valldigna as the Kontra Platform the High Tension already has sent their complaints to the autonomic Consell and to the central Administration of Madrid, without answer at the moment.

For Grau, the citizens affected by the layout encuetran defenseless before the Conselleria de Infraestructuras and the electrical company, but the ocal spokeswoman clarifies this affirmation: “they are thought that they can deceive to us but we know that the things are not becoming of legal way”.

Judicially, the open fronts are several. The Consistorio de Simat, that counts on the support of all the municipal groups maintains, since the approval of the project announced, a litigation to stop works.

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