Muro de Alcoy

The Town Hall of Muro is currently searching for financing for one of the most important sports facilities in the town. After many years the Town Hall has agreed to the construction of an indoor swimming pool so residents can swim all year round. However, they still need to raise additional financing for the 1.8 million euro project. 33% of the total cost of construction will be financed by the Town Hall and applications for grants have been made to the Valencian government and the Provincial Government of Alicante, although there has been a delay in a reply from both parties. The indoor swimming pool will be constructed next to the new municipal football ground and close to the existing outdoor pool. The main pool will be 25m by 12m with an additional smaller pool.

Muro de Alcoy

La Conselleria de Territorio y Vivienda has declared the historical centre of the town as a restoration zone. This announcement means that property owners in the area will be able to apply for grants for improvements to houses. The move means that in order to promote the rejuvenation of the area and prevent residents from moving to newer areas of the town, the Town Hall will apply a 90% discount on construction taxes. Around 2,000 families are currently eligible for grants, nearly 20% of the population.


A meeting is to be held at the Town Hall in Alcoy to gain the thoughts and opinions of locals on the pedestrianisation of the old part of town. The Town Hall is inviting all residents to participate in the debate entitled “To make the streets for Pedestrians only, yes or no?” Residents have already begun to express their thoughts about the project. Though many are in favour of being able to walk the streets without the worry of vehicles they are also concerned that it may encourage vandals to loiter in the area. Retailers in the area have highlighted to town hall officials  the importance  of  first  providing suitable alternative parking before eliminating parking in the proposed pedestrian zone. The meeting is to be held at the Planning Meeting in the Town Hall on September 20th.


Civil Guard officers carrying routine person and vehicle identity checks in Biar arrested two men in possession of cannabis. Officers intercepted a car as the men tried to evade questioning. During an inspection of the vehicle officers found 450 cannabis packages. Two Bulgarian men, 23 and 19 years old were arrested and later charged with possession and resisting arrest.



Alzira is to have a
Penitentiary Court
after 14 years of requests. Gandia is currently the only other city within the Comunidad Valenciana to have a Penitentiary Court. The creation of this court means that criminals will no longer have to travel to Valencia for sentencing, saving considerable time and money and making other courts available for more cases. At present the building used for the Alzira courts are not suitable for Penitentiary Courts. The new court project has been approved, but a site for the new construction needs to be agreed and staff yet to be found. Despite initial problems, construction of the new courts is to be started in 3 months. All cases with a maximum prison sentence of 3 years will be dealt with in Alzira, i.e. violence, alcoholism, burglaries and thefts, but more serious crimes will continue to be dealt with in Valencia. The courts will be constructed on a 2,300 square metre plot and include ten court rooms.


An Ecuadorian woman threw herself from a first floor window to avoid further beatings from her husband. Neighbours reported hearing an argument at 9am and shortly after the woman threw herself from the 2 metre high window. Neighbours initially thought that the woman had attempted suicide, but the Ecuadorian later confirmed that she had been trying to escape her husband of 15 years. The unnamed victim was treated in hospital for injuries to her legs and was later discharged. She said “It is the first time he has beaten me in 15 years of marriage”. “My husband was beating me, I tried to runaway from him and I threw myself out of the window”. On leaving hospital she continued “I have been discharged and now I am going to my brother-in-laws house, I just want to have a bath”. The woman confirmed that she would now leave her husband for her own their three children’s safety. A man was arrested by police and will appear in court.


Utiel and Muro de Alcoy were hit by a whirlwind which caused damage to buildings and roads. The storm lasted around two hours and rained 56 litres per square metre on the area. Tree branches were brought down and rubble blocked the N111 as the storm swept through the area. The rain in Utiel started just before the beginning of celebrations in the town. The 60 minutes rain storm almost interrupted the offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary. Streets were flooded and fire crews were required to pump the water away. Civil Guard were called to control traffic on the N111 after a tiled roof from a building close to the road was blown off.


A man was killed after two cars collided on the CV60 near Montaverner. A 54 year old man died following the accident, the occupants of the other vehicle escaped unharmed according to Traffic Management sources.


A woman who was found beaten to death had told relatives how her husband had subjected her to years of abuse. Rosa Catalan Martinez, who was found with fatal head injuries at her home in Ayora on July 11th, lived in fear of her jealous husband for eight years. She had reportedly told how he had threatened to kill himself if she left him, but had in turn subjected her to years of physical and mental abuse.  Rosa’s sister said “Rosary sometimes told me how her husband mistreated her, but I never suspected that he would go this far”. She continued that her brother in law, Francisco Garci'a Herrero, seemed to be a genuine person. “They argued, but who doesn’t argue? You never think that eight years of marriage could end like this”. “Days after the death of my sister I found out that she had told Francisco she was leaving and that he had told her he would kill himself if she did”. It is not clear how long before the discovery of Rosa’s body she had been killed. Officers are continuing investigations.


Work to lengthen the tree lined Alameda Jaume I in Xàtiva will help alleviate traffic coming from Genovés and Bixquert into the city. Around 800 meters of road has, according the City Council sources, in the first month of construction “reduced traffic jams and the number of small accidents taking place in the entrance to the city”.  The road improvements are expected to be finished by March 2007.


Hundreds of people  attended the funeral of the worker who passed away whilst working at the castle in Xativa. Ildefonso Giménez fell 15 metres  whilst clearing grounds around the castle. The 30 year old was taken to hospital but later died of his injuries. Hundreds of people turned out to pay their last respects alongside Giménez’s wife, parents and sister. Xativa Mayor, Alfonso Rus and Castle Councillor, Marian Soro were also present at the service. Giménez was employed by the City Council and had been working on a project of improvements at the Castle. Marian Soro described her sadness of the death of Giménez who was from a well known family and a good employee known to those in the City Council.


EU spokesman Jose Manuel Penalva has described the Crevillent City Council’s lack of attention and care to the Boulevard Jose Manuel Penalva as “abandonment”. Penalva said “the municipal government has neglected work in the area”, after seeing the neglect in the new boulevard area. He continued “all gardening of this zone has been neglected by the council, which has resulted in the  death of all the plants”. Palm and pine trees in the area have died due to lack of care and watering during the summer months. Penalva is worried “that when the time comes for the inauguration of the Boulevard it will be necessary to replant the zone again meaning residents of Crevillent will have to pay gain”. The EU representative is demanding that the Mayor, Caesar Augusto Asencio finds out who is responsible for the “abandonment” of the area.


The Festa of Danses has brought together more than 1,000 dancers in Albaida.

Eighteen groups from various towns participated in the colourful traditional street dancing. The XXIX Festa of Danses of the Vall d' Albaida was celebrated over September 9th and 10th in Albaida and included dance groups invited from Colla of the Cultural Associació Cresol de Alicante. Performances were held in the Public Square with a dance group of neighbouring Ontinyent opening the celebrations. Dance groups from Fontanars dels Alforins, Agullent, Montaverner, Pobla del Duc, Quatretonda, Bellús, L' Olleria, Atzeneta d' Albaida, Bèlgida, Castelló de Rugat, Bocairent, Alfarrassí, Palomar, Aielo de Malferit, Benigànim and Albaida also performed in the traditional celebrations.


Muro Mayor will raise complaints regarding the lack of public transport services in the town at a meeting with the Conselleria de Transportes. Rafael Climent.  Mayor of Muro, explained that since the bus service in Muro had been integrated with that in Alcoy there had been a significant deterioration in service. The Council has received many complaints concerning poor time keeping, cancellation of services and the poor condition of buses on the ‘Subus’ services. Climent confirmed that “the reduction of the number of users of this public service is not good”.


Ontinyent Town Hall has requested that the Conselleria authorise improvements to the road around Pou Clar to prevent further accidents. The current road layout poses a threat to swimmers at the natural water pools below the road. The City Council have asked for the introduction of speed control and increased safety railings to prevent the repeat of numerous accidents in the area during the summer months.  Ontinyent Mayor, Manuel Reguart has asked the Conselleria de Infraestructura and Transporte to complete a study of improvements on the CV-81. Reguart feels that information from the study will enable both parties to plan for the increased safety of visitors and drivers in the area. According to Reguart, the section of the CV-81, between 6 and 7 k points, “has  seen several traffic accidents that, luckily, have not had serious consequences for the environment or visitors to Pou Clar”. He added that it is possible many accidents were caused by “excessive speed and unevenness in the road surface, especially when travelling from Bocairent to Ontinyent”.  Reguart also explained that visitors parking across the road from Pou Clar had to cross a very dangerous section of the road where visibility is poor and he would like to see an improvement in access at this point.


Hundreds of people were evacuated from the General Hospital of Elche following warnings that a bomb had been planted inside the building. An anonymous call at 9pm on September 6th, described how at 10pm a device which had been planted in an air conditioning duct would be activated. Hundreds patients, relatives and medical personnel were immediately evacuated from the building.  Official sources confirmed that the call was made to the Hospital of Alicante. Managing Director of the hospital, Juan Antonio Marquess said “minutes before 9pm the Hospital of Alicante received a warning of bomb, and passed the information to Local and National Police of Elche. The decision to evacuate was made in agreement with medical personnel. We evacuated accident and emergency, maternity and paediatric wards immediately.” Maintenance technicians and Police officers carried out extensive searches of the air conditioning plant and ducts but found no suspicious packages. Around 600 patients and staff were allowed to return to their wards at around 10.15pm.


A fire has devastated three units at an industrial estate in Onil. A further two factories were damaged by the fire and forced the evacuation of five other units in the area causing millions of euros of damage. The fire began in the Togoy warehouse, manufacturer of plastic items, where three employees managed to escape unharmed and raise the alarm. Neighbouring doll manufacturer, D’Azucar was also damaged in the fire and smoke was visible from as far away as Ibi. Fire crews took 4 hours to contain the fire and remained on site over night to contain possible flares. The damage caused is thought to run into millions of euros. D’Azucar is reported to have lost around 9,500 toys which were ready for Christmas.


More than 150,000 students in the province returned to school on September 11th with more than 6,000 having to attend classes in temporary classrooms. Insufficient budgets and delays in construction have meant that schools have not been able to grow in line with the increase in the number of students. More  than 100 of the 470 schools in the Province are part of a Generalitat project to improve school facilities which has now delayed completion from 2008 to 2010.

Monserrat  Turis 

The South section of the third Valencia ring road is to be finished  by 2009 and will absorb around 30,000 cars a day. The route will connect the A-3 and the A-7 motorways and will mean motorists will save an average of nine euros of fuel per hour. Spokesman for the Monserrat Neighbours Association Juan Jose Rodreguez explained, “We have been hoping for many years that improvement to the road infrastructure would relieve rush hour and weekend traffic.” Residents in the area have described how pleased they are that finally they have confirmation that the construction of the road will take place. According to Juan Jose Rodriguez, the future CV-50 “will improve the quality of life and offer improved safety for drivers in the area”, but is disappointed that the works “have taken so long”. Drivers in the area can look forward to increased safety, better fuel consumption and shorter journey times on the new CV50. Work will begin in May 2007 and initially will link the A3 and A7 between Turís and Llombai. The construction of the road will affect around 25 towns and villages and will mean travel into the city will become almost 77% faster. The project, as presented by the Conselleria, will have an overall length of 46 k and a budget of 336 million euros. According to research information the new road will save drivers in the area a staggering 1,700 million euros in the first 30 years and will be profitable “from the first day”. This section of the CV-50 between the A-3 and the A-7 is the first of four phases, which are to be completed by 2011.   


A new bridge between Xirivella and Mislata will reduce traffic on Avenida Del Cid by 35%. Works to alleviate traffic congestion into Valencia will begin next year. Thousands of drivers who currently use the A3 into the city to work can spend hours on the traffic jammed road. The project presented by the Generalitat, according to Counseller, Garci'a Antón, details the construction of a new bridge to connect Xirivella and Mislata. According to Public Works Manager, Victor Sanchez, the construction will reduce traffic on Avenida Del Cid by 30 to 35%. Sanchez continued that the project will shortly be presented to the public and work will begin next year with an estimated running time of between 18 months and two years.


Plans for the installation of a UN base at Valencia airport could threaten the arrival of new airlines to the airport. Zapatero’s decision to allow the UN to be based at the Manises Airport will restrain the growth of the airport. Plans for the extension of airport facilities have been restricted and may reduce the number of airlines operating from the airport. Mayor of Manises, Enrique Crespo, explained that whenever a base of these characteristics is present at an airport “during crises the UN will have priority over the airport facilities. This would be enough to prompt airlines to look to other airports. This will directly harm tourism in the Valencian Comunitat. During the past few years European and worldwide destinations had been on the doorstep of Valencians.” Crespo explained that in the world “no airport located in a tourist zone, similar to the Valencian Comunitat, has an operational UN or NATO base next to it”. Consellor of Infrastructures and Transport, Jose Ramon Garci'a Antón, joined the Mayor in his criticism of central Government “they have offered Manises as operational UN base without consulting current extension plans for the airport, and without informing Generalitat”. Zapatero’s proposal will yield 40,000 square metres of an old military base to the UN, from where its logistic centre and military units would be based on standby for call out to peace keeping missions. Public company, Aena who manage Spanish airports have plans for the continued growth of Manises airport including the possibility of another runway and extended terminal space. The airport this year has processed over 4 million passengers.


Banyeres has recently been awarded a tourism qualification by the Conselleria de Turismo. The town’s Festero Museum situated in the Castle offers visitors the opportunity to view costumes of the 10 resident filas. Banyeres Town Hall offers free tours from the Museo Valenciano de Papel at 11 am on Sundays. Tours cover many beautiful parts of Banyeres ending at Plaça Major at 2pm.

Vall D’Albaida

The Diputación de Valencia is to invest 487,571 euros in 17 municipalities of the Vall d' Albaida in a new project to encourage tourism in the area. The project has awarded 30,000 euros towards the renovation of the Town Hall in Plaça Major d' Albaida and 5,000 euros for the improvement of signposting in Bélgida and additonal signposting of ‘Camino del Cid’ in Beniatjar and Otos. The Delegation is also to subsidize the construction of the retaining wall and the redesign of the recreational area in Benicolet with a budget of 20,000 euros; and the renovation and preparation of the Covetes dels Moors of Bocairent with 90,000 euros. Fontanars dels Alforins will receive 20,000 euros for the conversion of the old Civil Guard headquarters into a hotel and restaurant. The total list of investments includes 17 projects in the Vall D’Albaida.

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