A labourer working at local Ontinyent company, Estampados Sanchis was described as being “seriously ill” by the Conselleria de Sanidad after he was electrocuted.  The victim is believed to have been working on an electrical transformer which he thought was not functioning. He received a serious electrical shock from the equipment and was transferred by ambulance to the resuscitation unit at Hospital la Fe in Valencia. A spokesman for the workers health union, Comisiones Obreras, commented that the severity of the shock had caused serious injury and colleagues had been “afraid for his life”. Latest reports say, Mr Sanchis has made little improvement since the accident on Wednesday 20th and remains critical. 


A construction worker died following an accident at a house in Calle Sant Carles in Albaida. According to CC.OO Union the 50 year old man was operating a goods lift when one of the cables broke causing him to fall 6 metres.  The Conselleria de Sanidad stated that the man, who was employed by Construcciones Ferri was taken by ambulance to a local hospital but doctors were unable to save him. The deceased was the husband of the Mayoress of Bèlgida.


A man was injured in a traffic accident involving a van and a car on the Fontanars dels Alforins road close to Camí de la Costa. According to local police, two vehicles, a local construction company van and an English registered Volvo collided. The crash happened at 15.10 on September 20th and a 22 year old man, employed by Almespug S.L, who was travelling in the van, was taken to hospital with minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.


Xàtiva Town Hall will be holding the third Commercial-Oulet Fair on September 28th, 29th, 30th and October 1st in Alameda Jaume I. The Fair is a great occasion for the city as many local businesses and shops will be present. This year more than 50 establishments will be present compared with 29 in the first year. Visitors to the fair will be able to purchase good quality products at low prices as well as visit the cafeteria and fairground. The fair aims to promote local businesses and attract visitors from around the area into Xativa in the future.


From the end of September until 22nd October loads of activities have been programmed to celebrate the grape picking and harvest such as the 33rd Literary Contest of Cheste, the painting exhibitions, the Crafts Fair, the grape treading and wine offering to San Lucas on 8th October, the Transhumance Fair on the 9th, the San Lucas Evangelista festivities on 18th and all this right up to 22nd October, the day in which the events draw to a close with the Regional Band Contest, Valencian Pelota Duel and the 10th Non-Professional Theatre Display. See time table on page 26


From January 2007, the Cruz Roja Española association will be in charge of the collection of used clothes in the town. Ontinyent Town Hall will distribute one especially adapted container for every 2,000 residents around the town. Town hall  official stated ¨ it is important to collect second hand clothing as it can be separated and used as raw materials¨. The Humana Association currently control the collection of clothing in the town, but their contract is due to expire on December 31st.


Llíria Town Hall has created a new web page aimed at providing residents with more information. The pioneering web page has been designed to be easy to use to allow disabled and older members of the community to access information. Members of the site can sign up to receive information such as: employment agencies, plenary session, town hall information, daily events agendas and urgent news or town hall forms. It also includes a directory of businesses, associations and organization within the city. The webpage is currently only available in Spanish or Valenciano but there are plans to make it available in more languages. You can visit the Lliria Town Hall site at


A woman who threw her dog from an eighth floor apartment left the animal to die and went for a coffee. The 44 year old told police that the dog had “brushed along her legs” and “annoyed her”. A resident in an apartment saw the dog as it fell and at first thought it was a body. She shouted to work men who found the dead Beagle.  The accused then went out for coffee and then to the beach. Police were called to the scene and later arrested the women at the beach. Following reform of the Penal Code in October 2004 the woman can be sentenced to serve between 3 months and a year in prison.


The Sports Centre in Biar has carried out the opening ceremony of its new artificial grass football pitch. The laying of the pitch had fallen behind schedule but Biar Mayor, Cristóbal Roman attended the recent inauguration of the pitch. The pitch is large enough that it can be sectioned off to allow two teams to use it at the same time.


The CV-660 between Ontinyent and Fontanars dels Alforins has

been closed to traffic to allow improvement of the road surface to be carried out. The Conselleria de Infrastructuras y Transportes has sent notification to Ontinyent Town hall that the works will mean that anyone wishing to travel between these towns will have to use the CV-655 road, which is in the final stages of improvements. Residents living in areas around the CV-660 will not be affected.


The mother of a youngster who caused fire damage in Vilamarxant is facing a fine of 130,000 euros. On March 12th a fire was started in forests around Vilamarxent causing damage to 68 hectares of land considered to have important ecological value. The woman will have to pay the 130,000 fine and pay for the area to be restored to its original state. A recent report approved by the Counsell described the act as a “very serious offence”. The youngster had been playing with fireworks near the forest when a stray rocket caused the fire to start. A Valencian Comunitat source stated “These facts constitute a very serious offence according to the Forest law of the Valencian Comunitat, fines for this type of offence can range from 18,030 to 180,303 euros”. In addition to the fine, the law requires those responsible to present a project of environmental restoration for the affected area and to provide the required funds.


Gozalbes Vera School in Xàtiva is to be demolished and a new building reconstructed on the site. The current building is old and in a poor state of repair. Plans have been made for demolition to begin in 2007. The project is expected to last around 18 months during which time around 265 students will be moved into prefabricated classrooms at the Teresa Coloma school in the town. The Town hall of Xàtiva has pushed plans for the reconstruction and expansion of the school through the necessary channels quicker than usual. The school is located within the centre of the town next to one of the main park areas. It is anticipated that the new school will only take entrants from primary age upwards and that Infantile classes will be absorbed by Teresa Coloma school. The two storey building in addition to increased classrooms will also have a computer and music room and gymnasium amongst other services.


Mayor, Manuel Reguart, has announced plans for new asphalte surface in the fairground area in Ontinyent.  The area will be asphalted in October and will be ready for the local fair in November. The town’s annual fair has always been located behind the health centre in Avenida Albaida, but the ground surface up until now has been rough and unsuitable, especially in wet weather. The area has been redesigned with four separate levels and an increase in size of more than 9,000 square metres. The improvements to the location will increase the enjoyment of all who visit the fair. In 2003 torrential rain caused the land to become waterlogged. The original budget for the improvements was 400,000, but the increase in size and the associated ancillary works such as lighting and water have increased the budget to around 775,300 euros. Mayor, Manuel Reguart said, “We have improved the area considerably and although the total investment has risen to 800,000 euros we should remember that this area is used all year round for various events and not just for the November Fair”. The whole area has been landscaped and will have adequate parking for around 500 vehicles.


The Sagrada Familia park is to have new seats installed as Alzira City council begin a renovation and improvement project in various public spaces in the town. The project details the improvement of pathways, landscaping and the installation of seating in the 410 square metre park costing around 38,000 euros.


After many months of problems Calle De Ferrán in Alzira has been reopened to traffic. The road has been closed for more than three months since after the road collapsed causing the destruction of three houses and less than a month later by another collapse. Residents took the opening ceremony as an opportunity to make their feelings regarding the dangerous situation of the construction known to representatives of the Consistorio. A resident said “the city council and the Consistorio paid no concern to the project until the second collapse occurred”. At the time more than a hundred residents were evacuated from the area and were unable to return to their homes for several days until the area had been made safe. At the opening ceremony, Alzira Mayoress Bastidas assured residents that the road had been completed in compliance with “all the safety measures”. She continued “thanks to all of you for your patience, the City council apologises for the events and has tried to fix the road in record time''.


New water technology in Ontinyent means that those responsible for water flow around the town are now able to utilise up to 80% of extracted water. A monitoring system, which relies on radio waves can detect leaks day or night and allow technicians from Egavasa to act quickly to stop the flow. Councillor, Jorge Rodriguez and local water company, Egevasa are making the most of the new system. Rodriguez said “We predict that within a year we will be utilising 80% of water from source and hope to improve this to at least 88%”. The town is now monitored by over 100 individually placed sensors which raise alarms should a situation arise, such as leaks. The sensors work in conjunction with satellite tracking systems which can pin point problems and send information to a central computer.

Forest Associations

The first General Assembly of the Association of Forest Municipalities of the Valencian Comunitat has taken place. A total of 14 city councils, including Enguera, Vallada and Moixent, have formed the association with the hope of giving local municipalities greater control over the administration and management of their forests. According Enguera Mayor, Santiago Arevalo, political differences between councils are to be set aside in the association; it tries to be “a place where the municipalities have a common goal as far as the management of their forests”.


A motorcyclist in Canals suffered minor injuries after colliding with a manhole cover which had not been replaced correctly. Telecommunications technicians had earlier removed the cover to access cables below but had failed to replace it properly. The 70 year old man was riding along Avinguda Generalitat d' Aiacor in Canals when the accident occurred. The victim was transferred to Lluís Alcanyís Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and later discharged. A City Council statement stated that the correct sign posting for the works had been displayed.

Benicolet and Quatretonda

The future construction of an industrial park in Llutxent will mean more jobs for residents in the nearby town of Benicolet, Quatretonda and  Pinet. Initially vacancies will be available for the construction of the park. Local business will also benefit from the construction as site workers will use facilities close to the area.


People in Ontinyent and Xativa left their cars at home and took to their bicycles in celebration of the European Day without Cars. Children and adults alike took part in the day aimed at promoting the use of ecologically friendly means of travel. Xativa Local Police in conjunction with the Infantile Education department held a road safety awareness event in the district of Carmen to teach young cyclists about road safety, signals and the basics of the Highway Code. In Ontinyent roads on the Pla industrial centre were closed to cars and police officers handed out promotional car stickers.


The Consistorio has invested 30,000 euros towards improvements of the municipal market in L’Olleria. The project will begin next month with the installation of hot and cold air conditioning. The project will include the installation of climate control curtains at all entrances to the market to allow the regulation of temperatures within the building. According councillor, Javier Such “we have set out to improve the facilities of the market of L' Olleria, this project is an important one for the town and will allow us to maintain an optimal climate in summer and winter months”.


Twenty five marine turtles eggs have hatched on the beach at Puçol following months of observations by Territory technicians at the University. An area on the beach had been sectioned off to allow the eggs the necessary time to hatch. It is the first time in 200 years that marine turtles have been born in the Community. A total of 70 eggs were discovered on the beach. Turtles require calm areas to mate and lay eggs and usually use North African locations are favoured for breeding.  During the recent summer months a team of 80 people have spent their days and nights guarding the site in the hope that the eggs would mature and hatch. All 25 turtles were released back into the sea.

Muro de Alcoy

The second Gastronòmica Fira is to be held over September 30th and 31st September in Muro de Alcoy. Exhibitors from 29 cities will attend the Fira displaying a wide range of food and drink from the region. Amongst the gastronomic delights on show will be wine, honey, mushrooms, and cheeses with several local restaurants offering typical specialties. Tickets costing 6 euros will offer the opportunities to try 10 different food and drink items.


The penitentiary centre located on the outskirts of Villena was opened four years ago with a total of  723 prisoners, but a recent study has shown that this figure is now at an all time high of 1,412. The Main Directorate of Penitentiary Institutions has increased its maximum capacity to 1,412 with the possibility of increasing this number further. Within the first year of opening the prison had already increased its maximum prisoner number to 1,050 and in 2003 the Government increased this number again to 1,164. The Main Directorate has justified the increases as in keeping with the increasing local population and that the prison is adequately equipped to continue operating without compromising the civil rights of either prisoners or employees. Current Government plans indicate that eleven new prisons will be constructed throughout the whole of Spain with plans for one in Valencia.


Residents of the marsh area of Torrent have denounced the abandonment of the area. The area requires pathways, resurfacing and gardens landscapes after nearly 30 years of neglect. They are also demanding that the City council improve security, water and sewage systems. Around a hundred residents live in the area and have complained that the streets have large holes in and in places footpaths are non existent. A resident commented “30 years ago residents asphalted the streets. Since then the City council has only on two occasions carried work in the area, once to fix the street and another to repair a hole”. The streets are flooded during the winter due to uneven surfaces and the area lacks adequate drinking water.


The Valencian Government has assured that the proposed Manises UN base will not prevent the extension of the airport. Government delegate, Antoni Bernabé, confirmed that the possible installation of a UN base at the Manises airport would not be an “obstacle” for future extensions of the airport, because “sufficient space exists”. Bernabé was responding to comments made by Valencia Mayoress, Rita Barberá, who expressed her concerns of the restriction of tourist growth at the airport. Bernabé was quick to clarify that the airport had sufficient space for both operations to co-exist and for plans for the extension of the airport to continue.


Squatters in empty houses in the Villa in Ontinyent are not a new problem but in recent months the problem has become worse forcing residents to complain to the authorities responsible. Loud music, drug and alcohol consumption are high on the list of complaints regarding the squatters. Residents have spent years complaining to Police and the Town Hall but they still experience problems with houses which have been left empty and many in poor state of repair. A Town Hall statement said “The problem is being dealt with by the relevant department within the Town Hall and complaints have resulted in round the clock Police presence in the area”. Political party opposition, Partido Popular has declared that: “The lack of urgency with which the municipal government has dealt with the situation has only contributed to the abandonment and degradation the Villa district”.

Ontinyent Town hall representatives travelled to Brussels on 28th and 29th of September to receive a European distinction for the twinning of the town with Mark, Sweden. Ontinyent has become the only town in the country to be awarded the distinction and only four other countries in the European Union have the same accolade, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and France. Valencia and Mark became twinned cities three years ago and a close relationship between residents in both cities has been well maintained. During the recent Moors and Christians celebration a group of visitors from Mark came to visit the city and enjoy the fiesta.

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