Inland News November 10th 2006

Conseller of Agriculture, Juan Cotino, and the president of the Irrigation Community of Llíria, Vicente Gil, have signed two agreements for the modernization of drains in the Camp de Túria. The Generalitat Valenciana has granted 19 million euros towards the project to control the use of water in Llíria. The work will install irrigation in six zones servicing 2,327 hectares and 1,270 farmers.
Members of the ‘Salvem el Tren’ association will be holding a festive day at Ontinyent train station on November 11th. The main objective of the day is to promote the need for improvements to the Xàtiva-Alcoy railway. Activities begin at 10am with the planting of an oak tree followed by a pétanque competition. At 12.30 paella will be cooked for everyone, at 4pm there will be a bell concert and ‘dansà’. Rock groups from the association ‘la Rocka’ will perform at 5pm. Throughout the afternoon the platform will display a banner calling for the improvement of this public transport service.
Archaeologists have discovered an Islamic cemetery containing eleven skeletons in Tavernes. The Necrópolis is thought to date from the 11th and 13th centuries and was discovered by chance during building works. Workmen called archaeologists to Calle Santissim Christ 23 when the bodies of eight adults and three children were unearthed.
According archaeologists, “all the internments have been enrolled within classic Islamic ritual”. Internments, according to the Corán, religious book of the Islam, are simple tombs containing a corpse, shrouded and washed and placed without a coffin. All corpses were lying “in a lateral position facing in a southwest-northeast direction, with faces turned towards the south-southeast. The grave was covered horizontally with roofing tiles”. Archaeological work has been carried out by Argevall, Arquelogia de Gestió of the Valldigna, under the direction of Jose Vicente Escrivà Miñana and Isabel Sifres Vercher. According to the law, all work in the old parts of town must be supervised by a team of archaeologists to date and analyze any discoveries.
Xativa City Council is to construct 45 apartments to be rented to young people, single parent families and old age pensioners. Council spokesman, Vicent Parra explained that the houses will be constructed next to the new medical centre. He continued that the properties will consist of 2 blocks of apartments; each apartment will be 70 m² and be rented for around 200 euros per month for under 35’s. Priority will be given to under 24’s, single parents, victims of domestic violence and old age pensioners. The building will have under ground parking for 55 cars and further parking to service the bullring.
During the month of October Ontinyent recorded an average temperature of 19.4 degrees the highest recorded in the city in 100 years. Rainfall for the month was also down to 5.7 litres per square metre compared with the usual 68.2 litres usually experienced at this time of the year. Weather station records show that October is traditionally the wettest month of the year in Ontinyent, records show that an average of 68.2 litres per square metres have fallen during October for the last 43 years. The average temperature for the Vall d’Albaida in October was 17.3 degrees, 2.1 degrees higher than usual.   In October 1946 Ontinyent weather stations recorded amazing temperatures of up to 35.5 degrees.
Two teachers at the Casablanca School in Elche have been signed off work for a month following a fight with a parent. The mother of 3 students had gone to the school following an incident to speak with teachers. The meeting ended with the mother attacking the  two teachers who have since been signed off work for 30 days by the Conselleria. Territorial Education Department for Alicante inspectors have launched an investigation into the incident. School Director, Juan Yáñez explained, “the Conselleria inspector has visited the school on a few occasions and has visited both teachers at home. The Territorial Department has shown a lot of interest in the case and has collected all relevant evidence to pass on the Conselleria lawyers in Valencia who will decide how the case will proceed.”.
Cocentaina’s weekend medieval market managed to make the best of the worst weather. The torrential rain meant that many of the programmed performances had to be cancelled. However, stall holders and exhibits were able to remain open for much of the weekend. Towards the end of the weekend the weather cleared allowing thousands of visitors to visit the town and the market. Fira coordinator, Jose Elíes Esteve, was disappointed that the weather had been so wet on a day when many coach parties were expected in the town.
The Consistorio of Ontinyent has approved new plans to make life easier for working parents. The new plans allow new mothers 16 weeks maternity leave and breastfeeding mothers of children under one hour a day extra leave. Greater flexibility will be given to parents with children under the age of 12 and people caring for sick family members. Employees with hospitalized family will be allowed extra daily leave to allow them to offer care. Domestic violence victims will also benefit from the new rules allowing many employees to take advantage of shorter working hours
Alcoy local police have been patrolling the city checking on students not at school. Seven students were found in Cantagallet park who had not gone to classes at the Institute. Students were required to provide identification and were taken back to the Institute. Officers contacted the parents of all the students informing them of the situation. On searching the students, two were found to possess cannabis and another had a knife. Officers surprised another group of 10 students drinking alcohol in Calle Isabel II.
The new Lliria – Valencia road has been opened to traffic. The road will cut journey times from Lliria to the capital. The final part of the works will be completed in two weeks following satisfactory load testing of the new bridge. Work on the northern road linking Benimàmet and Valencia is not expected to be completed before March 2007.
One thousand quad bikers will meet in Carlet in protest at the ban on riding quads in the mountains. Quad riders from around the Valencian Community will meet on November 12th in protest of a ban which prevents them from using forest tracks for their hobby. A decree passed on July 31st, prohibits the access of quad bikes to all forest tracks in the Comunitat.
Ontinyent Town hall is to hold current municipal taxes at the same level for the next 12 months with the only exceptions being rubbish collections and parking permits which will go up by 3%. Last year residents saw the cost of vehicle and property taxes soar following a City Council study which revealed services were costing more to operate than residents were contributing in taxes. This year the council have confirmed that a balance has been met and this year there is no need to increase all taxes
A 56 year old man died after being hit by a train on the Alcoy-Xàtiva line in Cocentaina.
Civil Guard sources state “initial indications suggest it was an accident” but further investigations will be carried out to clarify the facts. A study by the Main Directorate of Traffic reveals that most accidents on railway lines are caused by misjudgement or over confidence.
Local Police in Llíria have arrested a person attempting to steal a vehicle from a car park in the town. The man identified only as A.S.S. a resident of Llíria, has been arrested 35 times crimes in connection with crimes which include presenting forged documents and deception. Police arrested A.S.S at the scene, but another man escaped. 

A Spanish man was arrested in Onil after he beat his grandfather. Police were called after the man apparently beat the elderly man and threatened to kill him. The grandfather and grandmother have suffered five years of abuse and have put locks on their bedroom door to prevent their grandson from entering.

Hospital LLuís Alcanyís of Xàtiva has been recognized as one of the best local hospitals by sanitary management company, IASIST. The prize was awarded for quality, operation and economic effectiveness of the hospital. The award also relates to the low mortality index, a high numbers of day patient surgery and low level of admitted patients. The surgery department at the hospital received recognition in 2004 from IASIST.
Landscaping around the hermitage of Santa Barbara is to be improved with a grant, of 153,000 euros, from the City Council. Paving and lighting at the site will be improved, along with cleaning and reforestation of the area. Works will include the adaptation of a terrace at the front of the hermitage which offers fantastic views of the city.
Ontinyent has received a European grant of 100,000 euros for the restoration of several areas of historical significance within the city. Two industrial chimneys, mural paintings of the Palau of La Vila and several other areas in the town will benefit from the grant. The most prestigious of the projects is the rehabilitation of two industrial chimneys in Plaza Pere IV and Avenida Tirador. The budget of 118,892 euros will also be used for the creation of a tourist route in the town to incorporate the chimneys. Information plaques and pamphlets will be produced detailing the history of the chimneys.

A woman was attacked whilst walking along a street in Xativa on last Saturday. A 34 year old man was arrested after passers by called police to the scene. According to police sources the attack took place in Calle Poet Setabense de Xàtiva on Saturday afternoon. The 34 four year old man was arrested and will appear in court. Police say the woman did not know her attacker, but have not released the identities of either.

Ontinyent Town hall is to install the recently rediscovered `Font dels Violins' in Calle Major. The font dates from 1867 and was dedicated to composer, Jose Melchor Gomis by his brother. In 1981 Roberto Sais, an Ontinyent resident, found it in amongst some rubbish and kept it in his house until the Town Hall decided to restore it. The Polytechnical University of Valencia will undertake the restoration.


Only one in five Valencian parents know that their children consume alcohol. 95% of young people in the Comunitat admit to drinking alcohol but only one in five said that their parents knew. The average age at which they try their first alcoholic drink is 14. According to a resent Conselleria survey the average age children first try smoking is 13.5 and 85.7% of youngsters have tried drugs. The Conselleria of Health study looked into drug consumption in 12,000 children of school age. It revealed that 94.4% had tried alcohol, 57.3% smoked, 42.8% had tried cannabis and 8.65% cocaine. There did not appear to be a difference between girls and boys although the study did reveal that more girls than boys smoked and more boys had tried LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms and heroin. Commenting on the results of the survey, Counseller of Health, Rafael Blasco, insisted “that prevention was an important and most effective weapon against drug consumption in the youngest section of the population”, and added that “it is not sufficient to rely solely on the work carried out in classrooms, is essential that families and increased social awareness tackle the problem”.
Alzira Mayoress, Elena Bastida, has met with local students in an effort to improve services within the city and to find out, first hand, what it is that students require from their city council. Children and young people requested that there be an improvement in the cleaning of the city and more pubs and discos. Fifty two student representatives attended the meeting and will meet a further three times during the school year.
The new hospital in Llíria will have facilities to care for over 72,000 residents in Lliria and neighbouring Camp del Túria, Los Serranos and el Rincón de Ademuz. Consellor of Health, Rafael Blasco, accompanied by Mayor, Manuel Izquierdo, has unveiled plans for the new 27 million euro hospital which will be built next to the Lliria-Casinos road. It is hoped construction will take no longer than 24 months. The hospital will have 120 single rooms, 110 doctors, 230 nurses and 110 non medical personnel. There will be 3 operating rooms, obstetrics ward with delivery room, laboratories, 26 consultation rooms and an accident and emergency department.
Aielo de Malferit
Aielo de Malferit has opened the doors of the new Nino Bravo Museum. Bravo, a singer born in the town in 1944, died suddenly in 1973 in a car accident. Nino Bravo, real name Luis Manuel Ferri, was well known in Spain and across the world. The museum is in the ‘Escoles Velles’ building and is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, Entrance costs 3 euros per person or 2 euros per person for groups visits.

The Conselleria de Infraestructuras and Transporte has asked Iberdrola, the main electrical supplier within the Comunitat, to explain power cuts experienced by residents across the region on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Iberdrola must report on the cause of the power cuts, if failure to comply to regulations is found to be the cause the Conselleria could fine the electricity supplier. Over the same weekend power cuts were experienced across Europe. An overload on Germany’s power network triggered cuts leaving millions of people without electricity on Saturday night. Power was lost first in Cologne, Germany before shutting down in parts of France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium the Netherlands and Croatia. Firefighters in Paris received 40 calls from people stuck in lifts and trains in Germany were delayed for 2 hours. France was worst effected with nearly 5 million people losing power in the east of the country.

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