It is lovely to report that our two teams won the Linslade Cup, played at Javea Green. Our picture shows the winning teams. Congratulations to all and well done!
In the Winter League we beat BBC, 8-2 with Derek Eldon putting in a perfect bowl to draw shot on the last end. Brilliant, well done Derek! It was reported back to us that BBC were very impressed with their meal after the match.
Scimitars also did well to take 2 points off BBC Lions as the Lions team has a lot of experienced ex-El Cid players. Our team only lost by 7 shots overall, well done, it’s getting closer. Unfortunately the Swords lost 10 points at BBC although we won both friendlies. Sabres had a good win against Finca Guila 8-2, well done our team.
Congratulations go to David Bluff, Clive Scott, Ian Brown and Ron Walker on passing their Markers course.
Last weekend saw 30+ club members attending the Careline Production Bazaar & Rummage, arranged by our social secretary, Brenda Smethurst. A good laugh was had by all.
Pat Johnson and Mavis Dugdale held another 2nd hand clothes sale over the weekend and raised over €100 for club funds.
With sadness I report that one of the clubs early members Joan Simmonds died on the 2nd October. Joan had won 4 gold medals in the Spanish Nationals.
It was nice to see a group of Javea bowlers at El Cid last week enjoying Fish and Chips and watching the DeVinci code at our cinema night. The next film is “Mission Impossible 3” showing at 8:30pm on Friday 10th November, please book if you require food.
Bowling beginners and those in need of a little help please phone Stan Stansmore on 96 558 3777 for details on coaching sessions. El Cid Bowls Club is located next to the famous caves in Benidoleig, memberships are available, all welcome.
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WIBC Fundraiser Auction

The Fundraiser Auction got off to a slow start with the contributions of items for the auction itself, however, when the day finally came El Cid Leisure Oasis in Benidoleig was packed with treasures of all sorts. The place was also overflowing with regular auction goers - as these auctions are a hot spot every Friday.

Of course we had our reserved WIBC table and it was wonderful to get to rub elbows and network with some of the WIBC members and put names and faces together.

Thanks to all WIBC members, family and friends who donated items for this auction. Warm Thanks to Sara Hamer who let us have our WIBC fundraiser auction at her fun establishment (El Cid) - and her super Auction Team (photo above)

Grand Total - after a weeks delay as more items needed to be auctioned off on the follow week - due to over stock.... 2,500.00 Euros

The family of a man who has been missing from Benissa for seven days are now extremely concerned for his well being.  Vincente Ausina was last seen in a local bar after finishing work and Police have reported seeing his car in Xeraco near Gandia. Vincente’s brother, Pedro said “my family are desperate to find him”, “I am convinced something has happened to him, it is not normal for us to not know where he is.” It was originally  thought that Vincente had disappeared by choice, but Pedro has confirmed that his passport is at home and none of his clothes have been taken. Benissa City council and Mayor Juan Roselló Baptist explained that ‘police officers were distributing photos of Vincente through out the Province in the hope that someone can provide information as to his whereabouts. Anyone with information should call Benissa Local Police on 965 730 733.
The Ministry of Public Works and the Economy have awarded at total 1.17 million euros to projects in the Valencian Community. The castle in Denia has received 300,000 of this grant towards restoration. This is the first grant received for work at the castle in over 20 years.
Proposals by the Provincial Coastal Headquarters to use quarry gravel to restore beaches in Denia has been met with outrage. Local group, Deveses-Bassot in Denia are angered at plans to restore beaches with gravel saying ‘it will ruin the beaches’. Coastline from the  North peak down to Racons river will be restored using gravel from local quarries in a project similar to one undertaken recently in L´Almadrava, which has is reported as ‘making the water cloudy’. During recent meetings residents stated that it was hoped sand would be used. Nevertheless, project technicians and city council representatives announced that the Ministry plan to use gravel.
Police have closed an illegal rubbish dump after months of complaints from locals. The land, next to the Gorgos river has been sealed off, but waste still remains at the site. After months of protests residents of Catarroges, Ribes and Fontanelles have finally got Javea City Council to agree to the closure of the illegal tip. Mayor, Eduardo Monfort, ordered that all dumping in the area should stop, but residents were not convinced this would solve the problem and requested that access to the area was sealed. On October 18th the Mayor signed papers agreeing to the closure of the site and police were present as fences and chains were installed. The Company responsible for the tip have been ordered to clear the area and return it to its former condition.
Since 2002 residents in Calle La Paz have been complaining about a plague of rats and bad smells from a local property. Residents state that the garden of the property is full of rubbish which has attracted rats, fleas and the smell of rotting rubbish is unbearable. Local police and the City Council recognise there is a problem in the area but as the property is privately owned, are restricted in their course of action. The case is now being dealt with by the Department of Social Security. Residents have stated that they hope they do not have to wait another four months before this problem can be solved.  

An Alicante Fire rescue team were called to the Ifach rock in Calpe after two hikers became stranded. The victims, believed to be tourists, called emergency services at around 6pm after it became too dark for them to safely descend the rock. They had managed to climb to a safe ledge about 40 m up the rock and fire crews were able to help them to safety.

From December 1st cyclists in Gandia will be able to enjoy a 25 kilometre cycle path around the city avoiding busy roads. Work by the Department of Mobility has already begun and will be completed by December 1st. The circular route will run from the beach areas to the RENFE station in the  town. Mobility Councillor, Vicent Mascarell commented that there are around 12 kilometres of extra route allowing the department to link new areas of the city. The Consistorio has invested 300,000 euros in the project which aims to improve the ‘non motorized’ routes around the city. Mascarell explained “The objective of the campaign is to double the length of the current cycle route and encourage people to use it as an alternative form of travel around the city” he continued “Gandia is an ideal city for cyclists”.

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