New radio campaign to help British expatriates avoid trouble

A new campaign aimed at helping British residents to avoid common pitfalls whilst living in Spain will be aired on English language radio stations across the country from today (3 December). Roadside robberies, out-of-date passports, and benefits and health concerns all feature in the new radio 'fillers' covering some of the most frequent issues that Consular staff have to tackle.


The issues are very different but the impact is the same: huge stress for British expats who suddenly find themselves facing frustration, inconvenience and large costs because they failed to take the right steps to avoid problems.

Hundreds of British registered and hire cars are targeted every year by gangs who prey on foreigners by distracting them on the road or at rest stops, and then rob of them of luggage and possessions. In a 30-second filler Keith, an expat in Spain, warns his mate Roy to take care on the drive down: "Lots of crooks on the roads out here".

It's all too easy to forget when your passport expires. But if it has and you need to travel urgently, an emergency travel document for one return journey currently costs around 125 Euros - an expensive mistake. In a second filler, Sheila's renewing her passport to make sure she is able to travel to a ruby wedding party back in Britain.

And there's a reminder to visit the UKinSpain website for a wealth of information about living in Spain – the facts, not rumours and gossip. Find out why you should register on the Padrón at the local town hall – and how you could miss out on welfare-related benefits and social services help in the future if you don't. The UKinSpain website can be found at

The voices behind the fillers include Sheila Reid who plays Madge in the hit UK television series Benidorm, Keith Barron who played Benidorm's deputy mayor in 2009, and Huggy Leaver who has appeared in EastEnders and the film 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'.

The three 'fillers', or public service commercials, have today been distributed to radio stations across Spain for use when they have space in programming and advertising schedules.

To obtain the fillers, radio stations can also register on the Fillers Information Service at:

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