Thefts from cars at Alicante Airport

Date and time: 2 p.m. on 19.1.13 Place:- Car rental area, Alicante Airport.

Incident:- A couple on arriving by air at the airport after completing all the paperwork went to collect their vehicle. After loading their luggage into the car they noticed a number of scratches on the side of the car. These were not mentioned as damage on the papers for the vehicle. They left their luggage with personal documents in the locked car. On returning with car hire staff. they discovered that the car had been entered and all that they had left in the car including passports and Driving Licences had been stolen. Whilst they were there it was discovered that another traveller had just suffered the same fate.

Advice:- Never leave valuables or documents in a car even if it is locked at Alicante Airport.

Please warn all people using the airport about this.

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