Consulate seeks closer collaboration with Red Cross to help vulnerable Brits

CONSULATEThe British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, has met with the Provincial president of the Spanish Red Cross, Emilio Bascuñana Galiano, to discuss how to work together to support vulnerable Brits.The Red Cross, or Cruz Roja, is very active in the province of Alicante and throughout Spain supporting people of all nationalities who find themselves in situations of need, working closely with local social services departments to provide basic services.


The Red Cross representatives were very interested in hearing about the different English speaking associations in the area and how to work more closely with them in areas with a high percentage of British nationals on the padrón. They agreed that by working together with these charities, they would be able to offer better support to English speakers.

Following the meeting, the Consul said: "In these difficult times, the British Consulate in Alicante is focusing on helping British nationals who are vulnerable and are suffering. Closer collaboration with the English speaking charities is essential and the Spanish charities also have a key role to play. Today´s meeting with the president of Cruz Roja is part of ongoing initiatives to ensure that British nationals who are in distress receive the best possible support."

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