More rain in one week than in the last five months

During the last week in the Valencia region it has rained more than in the previous five months,  Since February 28th 127.7 liters per square metre has been recorded, which is  higher than the entire period from September 30 last year and 27 February (150 days) during which time 113.9 liters per square metre was recorded, according to data provided by the Valencian delegation yesterday the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

The weather has also severely punished the province of Castellón, In places like Castellfort Vistabella the Snow  reached 80 centimeters thick, while in Vilafranca, Fredes, Barracks and Morella it was about 60cm. "The snowfall in Castellón is the worst recorded since 1991 ',


Temperature rise

However, as of March 1 there was a sharp rise in temperatures of about 10 degrees on average in the Region, This temperature increase caused the heavy snow that covered the province of Castellón to melt rapidly, resulting in major flooding of rivers.

These floods forced the Confederation Júcar (CHJ)  to open the floodgates of the dam Regajo

On Tuesday, the cold returns

During this weekend, according to information provided by Aemet,  the temperature will drop again early  Sunday." and on Tuesday or Wednesday winter temperatures will return, but will remain dry.

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