Coastal News 95 01/18/2008

Property developers arrested

A property developer and his wife have been questioned by police for 3 days about the sale of illegal villas in L'Atzúvia. Klaus DM, and his wife Erna S.A.M were arrested on January 8th after an official complaint made by the Gelibre ecology group, Agró and the local Bloc political party. According to claims, the married couple are linked to a business known as Fincastyle, which acquired land classified as rustic and then built luxury villas, some with pools and tennis courts, despite knowing that they would never be legal. Around 21 luxury villas, priced between 1 and 2 million euros each, were constructed in the mountains above L'Atzúvia and do not conform to local planning. The couple sold the properties to foreigners, who when later questioned, revealed they had no idea that their homes were illegal. According to reports the couple have been released on bail pending a court date.  

Rubbish on town hall steps.

Traders in Javea’s old town dumped rubbish outside the town hall in the first of many planned protests. Traders in Javea are disgusted at the treatment they have received by the town hall during the reform work taking place in  the historic area of the town.

Javea Mayor, Eduardo Monfort signed an agreement in May 2007 which excluded businesses in the old town from paying municipal taxes in compensation for possible loss of business, but following the recent election, this has not been honoured. Shop owners in the historic area and in the Municipal market plan to leave rubbish outside the town hall and in streets still under construction.

Stabbing outside nightclub

Two men were seriously injured in a stabbing outside a nightclub in Elche. Police officers and ambulances were called to La Bamba in the city centre after a brawl involving three men. A 36 year old Spanish man and a 34 year old Ecuadorian were seriously injured in the attack. Witnesses told officers that a Colombian man fled the scene. Officers remained in the area fearing reprisal attacks. 

Parrots in Denia

A colony of Argentinean parrots which have settled in Denia are possing a threat to local birds. The parrots, known as the Quaker parrot or Monk Parakeet, are creating a deafening noise in the city and residents have been warned that they can be aggressive. The Ministry of the Environment have explained that these birds may have escaped from their cages. They will continue to be monitorerd as they could displace native birds. 

Romanians arrested

Police officers in Denia have arrested 15 Romanians in connection with local burglaries. Investigations began late last year when officers discovered a link between a spate of burglaries on the road from Denia to Les Marines. Officers arrested 15 members of an organised group who broke into properties whilst the owners were out, forcing windows and doors to gain entry.

Man dies in police custody

A 39 year old man died in the cells at the Guardamar Civil guard station on January 12th. The deceased crashed his moped on a roundabout in Guardamar, but refused to be taken to hospital for further treatment. Officers at the scene discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant for domestic violence, issued by a court in Madrid. The man, only identified as JAQ, is reported to have been suffering from blackouts in the days leading up to the accident. His family are awaiting autopsy results..

Sand for the beaches

More than 50,000 metres of sand will be taken from Gandia beach to Piles in an attempt to restore the coast line. In December 2003 the coastline was destroyed by storms which also damaged many properties along the shore. Repairs were made at the time, but a kilometre of the beach has not been repaired. Piles Mayor Vincent Ciscar has recently met with government representatives who confirmed that work will begin this month.

Claims still unsettled

Insurers have revealed that the total cost of claims for damages during the October rain storms is almost 170 million euros. The towns of Beniarberg, Ondara, El Verger and Calpe were hit the hardest. Local insurers say, they have been inundated with residents wanting to know when they will receive payouts, but the delay has been with the Consortium Compensation Insurance for the Ministry of Economy. According to an insurance company assessment around 4,000 claims are still waiting to be settled by the Consortium of Insurance, no-one is able to return to a property or retrieve personal affects until all claims are settled. Claims range from 200 euros for a ruined washing machine upto  2 million for a property which was totally gutted. Insurers state that "the average claim is around 12,000 euros." "Every day we have queues of people who want to return home or retrieve their belongings, we do not know what to say because until these claims are completed we cannot tell our clients anything. We have had people crying, because they just want to return home as soon as possible, " explained one insurance broker.

Plumber finds Bomb

A plumber in Torrevieja has discovered an unexploded bomb in a hotel believed to have been planted by ETA 17 years ago. Whilst carrying out renovation work at the Hotel Cano, the plumber discovered the explosive device hidden in a wall cavity. Police experts believe it could be one of the bombs planted by ETA in various hotels in the province on May 24, 1991. An anonymous telephone call on behalf of ETA warned of three explosive devices, one at a restaurant in Santa Pola and two in hotels in Torrevieja, one of which was the Hotel Cano. State Security Forces were called to the hotel to remove the device which they later reported as containing “very little explosives” and in a “state of decay”.

Homeowner fire shots

Residents in Las Palmas urbanisation in Benicassim have been warned of a group of men who recently tried to storm a villa in the area. Benicàssim Civil Guard officers have revealed how three men attempted to storm a house in Benicàssim, but were stopped when the owner fired shots. They used a car jack to break through gates at the front of the villa, which was occupied by the owner and his family at the time. The men fled to a black BMW as the owner fired several shots into the air. Police set up a cordon in the area, but were unable to locate the vehicle. Police believe the group, consisting of 3 men and a woman, are responsible for around 300 burglaries around Spain.

Sixty families affected by demarcation

More than 60 families have been affected by a recent demolition order following the destruction of legendary restaurant La Pepita in the heart of Sagunto. ¨Afectados por la Ley de Costas¨ (Affected by the Law of the Costas) are hoping they can prevent the demolition of many more properties along the coast. Those affected have received notification from the court "requesting documentation for the land and proof of ownership. According to lawyer, Jose Ortega, who is acting on behalf of more than 2,000 cases has called for a freeze on all cases until the situation is clarified.  Both Ortega and his clients hope that "by making these cases public we can increase pressure on those responsible." Property owners affected by the Coastal Act Demarcation must prove that they have a legal right to occupy the land. Failure to do so will result in the demolition of property and payment of costs within 8 days.


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