Inland News97 15-02-2008

Montroy to host the largest music festival in Spain

The sleepy town of Montroy is set to become the next Glastonbury according to promoters at the official press launch at the SGAE in Valencia. Promoter Melic Lluna said Alcalans Festival is "Spain's most important." Just like Glasonbury there will be camping facilities, market stalls and several stages with what has been described as one of the most amazing lighting systems in the world. Promoters are expecting more than 30,000 spectators to attend this music extravaganza hosted by over 45 DJs including 15 international artists/ DJ's from all over the world.

Tickets are now on sale for the two-day Alcalans Music Festival in the town of Montroy on the 18th  and 19th July. Price 52 euros from Tick Tack Ticket, FNAC, El Corte Inglés and Bancaixa.

African Parrot stolen

Keith and Gary, aka Zodiac duo, were devastated last week when they returned to their home in Caudete to discover they had been burgled. Keith and Gary had only been gone just over an hour last Wednesday morning, when they came home to find many of their possessions missing, but worst of all, Roxy their African grey parrot was missing too.

Gary said, ¨I urge Inland Trader readers to contact us if they are offered an African grey parrot or hear of one for sale. Roxy is quite a character, she speaks and blasphemes in English and loves to sing New York, New York. She is irreplaceable¨

If you have any information please call Gary on 661176131

The band THE CURE  lead by Robert Smith will be opening the MTV Winter Open Air Festival 2008 in the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Valencia on the  March 5th

Entrance is completely free, The Cure will be singing all their greatest hits along side HIM and From First to Last. The event will be broadcasted live on MTV music channel.

Opel is set to launch a low-cost car that competes with Tata

Car manufacturer Opel, a subsidiary of American General Motors is considering launching a low-cost vehicle, which will compete directly with the world's cheapest car, the Nano, manufactured by Indian firm Tata, according to an article published in the journal German Auto Motor and Sport, the car could be sold for around 8,000 euros. Opel are currently looking for investors, the final decision will be announced next year.


Driver charged for drugs

A truck driver caught smoking a joint whilst driving has been fined 600 euros and may receive a 6 month driving ban. The truck driver, from Valencia, was pulled over during a routine police check on the N-240 in Mossos d'Esquadra. The driver was arrested and charged with driving whilst under the influence of drugs.


Paraguayan extradited

A 32 year old woman has been extradited after abandoning her new born baby.

The accused admitted to abandoning the baby in Valencia just days after giving birth, in the maternity unit at Elche Hospital. The baby was discovered by two bar owners who heard the baby crying and called the emergency services. The prosecutor initially ordered a four year jail sentence, but on learning that has she is living in Spain illegally has now ordered that the Paraguayan women is extradited. The baby is being cared for by foster parents following a short stay in hospital.

Moors & Christians attendance down
Tickets sales for Alcoy Moors and Christian this year are expected to be down on last year. Sales of seats are usually brisk, but this year the association predict that as many as 2,000 may remain unsold as many people will be unable to attend the main ‘entrances’ because of work.  In 2007 the association made a profit of 109,000 euros on seat sales.

Tickets are available to the general public from the Alcoy Tourist information office from March onwards.

Happy Slapping in Tavernes

“Happy slapping” is quite common in the UK, but now cases appear to be on the increase in Spain. An investigation is underway at a school in Tavernes after reports of a slapping  attack on a 13 year old girl. According to reports, on lookers encouraged her attackers and recorded the incident on their mobile phones. Those involved in the attack have been ordered to visit the young girl and apologise and will be receiving individual punishment from the school. Mayor, Manolo Vidal, said we intend to launch "a commission to monitor bullying".

 Rajoy to lower age of criminal responsibility

President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has criticized the shortcomings of the Juvenile Act and has proposed a reform to lower the age of criminal responsibility in cases of serious crime or recurrent offending. The campaign lead by the parents of Sandra Palo who was tortured, raped and killed in 2003, by several minors, one of whom has already been released. The leader of the PP described Spain as "a great country" and has assured that "things can be infinitely better than they are".

Man caught disposing of body

A 46 year old man has been arrested for the murder of a woman in Cheste near Valencia. According to reports the accused was arrested as he attempted to bury the body of the 44 year old victim. The man is alleged to have beaten the woman round the head with a blunt object while she was watching TV on Sunday 10th February.

Pollon problems

Tough time ahead for hay fever sufferers. The recent dry chilly weather has provided ideal conditions for pollen growth, which according to Luis Angel Navarro, President of the Valencian Association of Allergies means it could be a tough year for allergy sufferers unless rain falls very soon. Pollen accounts for 50% of allergies sufferers in the Comunitat particularly in the south where problems are worse because of a particular weed. Dr. Navarro explained that a spell of rain would help “but only if it falls soon”.

91% of tourists would return to Valencia

In a recent study carried out by the valencia Commerce and Tourism board “91% of tourists were satisfied with their stay, 82% would return to the city and 97% said they would recommend the city to relatives and friends." The weather, beaches, hospitality and restaurants ranked highly with visitors who described the city as "beautiful". Despite the good reviews from the majority of tourists, Alfonso Grau acknowledged that there are a couple of issues which need addressing, primarily: quality of service and the lack of  English spoken. 

Immigration Portal in English

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration have launched an information website for foreigners living in the Comunitat. The website offers information on employment, health, education and housing. It is currently available in Spanish and Valenciano, but will be available in English, Romanian and Arabic in the near future. The website aims to assist anyone living in the Comunitat with everyday issues, from how to enrol your child at school to finding a home. Immigration Minister, Rafael Blasco, said the new Portal is "the gateway to the Comunitat".

Campo security

Antoni Bernabe, has promised to increase the number of active officers in Ontinyent after a spat of robberies in the campo. Over recent months over 60 burglaries have been reported, residents told how they had been affected by the recent crime wave at a recent meeting attended by ex P.P Councillor Esteban Gonzalez. On his visit to the town he met with locals and heard their experiences, one lady told how here young daughter “is too scared to sleep alone and is terrified at night”.  The Guardia Civil has arrested a group of Albanians in connection with 28 burglaries which took place across the Comunitat including Ador, Lliria, Ontinyent and Campello.


Tom and Tina Book Club

The first book club was held in November 2006, since then it has continued to build in popularity.

Pop along to one of the venues listed below you cannot miss the group of ex pats busily looking though the latest titles or hunting for an old favourite to while the hours away with over the next few weeks.

Shirley told us ¨we now have over 750 books to choose from, which are constantly changing.

We receive donations from our regular customers and my friends & family from the UK are not allowed to visit unless they bring a case full of up to date books.¨  

¨We have a great bunch of regular customers who pop along and swap their books every two weeks and at the same time swap their news and information, it really has turned into a helpful and sociable network.¨

Tom and Tina Book Club can be found at the following location every two weeks

Hiper Riego Turis between 10 and 12, Intermarche Chiva 10 -12 and their new venue at  Dia in Monserrat  between 1 -  2.30.

See main advert on page 22 for dates and times.

If you need to read to get to sleep, a book is important to your wellbeing, so come along and have a chat and rent a book ….It costs just a euro to hire a book for up to a month.

Mig Any celebration

Mig Any Celebrations start in Ontinyent on February 17th at the Echegaray Theatre, where there will be a festive music concert by Agrupacio Musical d’Ontinyent. On February 23rd football semi finals and finals of the Mig Any 7 will be held at El Clariano football ground. At 7.00pm there will be a parade from the Plaza de Concepcion along to Plaza Mayor. On Sunday the 24th a concert by band Unio Artistica will be held at the Echegaray Theatre followed by the presentation of 2008 festivals by artistic association ‘Font d’art’.

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