Coastal News100 28-03-2008

British couple arrested
A British couple have been arrested in connection with the death of a young man in l'Alfàs del Pi. The 17 year old died on Good Friday after his scooter was hit by a car which pushed him into the path of a second car travelling towards La Nucia. The second vehicle, driven by a British couple, failed to stop and dragged the youngster 2 kilometres along the CV-763 between l'Alfàs del Pi and La Nucia. Police used the towns recently installed CCTV cameras to track the vehicle as it fled the scene. The couple were stopped in their Hyundai Matrix on Easter Monday. According to sources the couple had tried to clean the Hyundai, but forensic specialists found DNA from the victim on car. The married couples, believed to be in their 50’s, are being held at separate Guardia Civil stations for questioning. Witnesses said that the young boy was still alive prior to being hit by the second vehicle.

Estate agents set on fire

Police in Tavernes de Valldigna have arrested a man after he set fire to a local estate agents office in broad daylight. The man had apparently sold a plot of land through Bosch Inmobiliaria, but was unhappy after he discovered that the value of the land was a lot more than he had originally been told and had sold it for. He went to the offices on March 25 demanding he was given the difference and threatened to set the office on fire. When staff in the office refused he threw petrol over the outside of the building and set it on fire. Both occupants escaped unharmed and officers arrested the man at the scene.


British tourist dies after collapsing in the bath

An 84 year old man has died after falling into a scalding hot bath in a Benidorm hotel. The man, named as Donald W. by Spanish sources, was staying in Benidorm on holiday with his wife and had been in Spain for a month when the accident happened. He suffered serious burns after losing consciousness in the bathroom just as the bath was being filled. He was treated in hospital for two weeks, but died over the Easter weekend.

Schools should go green and sell electricity to Iberdrola, say environmentalists

SOLAR panels should be installed in all schools in Villajoyosa, says a local green group.

According to environmental association Xoriguer, a new school built in 2005 has a roof terrace measuring 6,500 square metres which would be ideal for setting up solar panels.

Any surplus energy produced could be sold to Iberdrola, says Xoriguer.

“The money generated could be ploughed back into the education system,” the association suggests. They also believe that a well on the premises, which collects rainwater, should be redeployed for supplying the building instead of relying on the mains water supply. All schools in Villajoyosa should follow suit, the group stated in an open letter to the council this week. Spain’s new environmental laws require 20 per cent of the energy generated by public buildings to be renewable by 2020 in an attempt to slow down global warming.

Jávea seeks help for flood repairs

SIX months after the mass floods that hit the region, numerous roads in Jávea remain in ruins. The council estimates that the cost of repairs on these will exceed 830,000 euros. Two bridges, the pump station on the way to Cabo de la Nao and the wall surrounding the river Gorgos are also in need of major renovations. Faced with the six-figure bill, local authorities have been forced to seek help from the provincial council and the MP for Alicante. An application for funding was sent off last week. Houses all along the coast which were flooded out during the torrential downpours of October 12 last year remain damaged pending government handouts to fix them.

Stolen goods on display following Oliva arrest

GUARDIA Civil officers have arrested three people on suspicion of a series of burglaries on villas and warehouses. Oliva police caught the men, all in their early thirties, after a raid on a warehouse on the town’s industrial estate. During the operation on Monday they seized numerous electrical appliances and tools. These items will be on display in the Guardia Civil station in Oliva until Friday, March 28 for their rightful owners to collect.

Anyone who has been burgled and believes they may find their property at the station should bring a copy of their denuncia, or police report, with them. At least five aggravated robberies in rural properties and industrial estates in the provinces of Valencia and Alicant are thought to have been the work of the men held in custody.

Chart-toppers to take to the stage at Gandia’s Fira i festes

TOP chart acts have confirmed their presence for this year’s massive fair and festival in Gandia. Veteran pop-rocker Miguel Bosè, who has been outselling other musicians in Spain since the 1980s, will take to the stage at the huge annual event in the town this September. He will perform tracks from his latest album, Papito, which was released to mark his 30-year career in the charts and features duets with huge artists such as Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Paulina Rubio and La Oreja de Van Gogh. Bosè is joined by popular chart-topper La Quinta Estación which swept the board last year with the release of its platinum award-winning single Me muero. Gandia’s annual Fira i festes attracts thousands of visitors of all nationalities from all over the area with its mediaeval market, fairground rides and open-air concerts featuring Spain’s most successful artists. It takes place at the end of September to mark the transition from summer to autumn.

Suspected rapist, 14, held

TWO teenage boys have been arrested in connection with the rape of a 28-year-old woman in Oliva on the last night of the Fallas. One of the youths, however, is now walking the streets. The victim, who had only lived in the town for two months, ran to the Guardia Civil station, visibly affected by the incident. She said two youths, aged 14, one carrying a kitchen knife in his rucksack, had sprung on her in a dark street corner. The girl had been walking along the Calle Sant Isidre when the boys took advantage of a momentary loss of attention to pursue her.

They caught up with her on the remote Calle La Hoz, Oliva’s oldest street, in the old town and out of sight of the main drag. According to the victim, the youths pulled the knife on her, pressing it against her ribs and her neck and threatened to stab her.

Next, one of the boys raped her while the other kept watch. Guardia Civil officers managed to locate two boys fitting their description almost immediately and took them into custody. According to police, the boy who is thought to have kept watch was released by the youth prosecution service. His companion, who is believed to have raped the girl is being held in a young offenders’ centre pending trial. The girl was sent to the local health centre for forensic examination.

4,000 tonnes of smelly rubbish on the doorstep

RESIDENTS in Dénia have complained that some 4,000 tonnes of rubbish has been dumped outside their houses. Seaweed, rushes and other residue from the Almadrava beach and the nearby river washed up by the October floods have finally been cleared – and deposited in front of a number of houses. For two weeks, four lorries have been dumping 12 tonnes at a time on an orange grove near the beach. Homeowners who live just 50 metres from the 10-metre-high mountain of rotting refuse say they are infested with rats, mice and ‘all types of creatures’. They also say the smell is intolerable and if the rubbish remains there in summer, the nuisance will be exacerbated by the heat.

It is also detrimental to the orange groves as the salt will filter into the subsoil, one resident, Paco, complains. He says he has written to the head of town planning in the past following illegal dumping in the area, but his letters received no response.

“And yet they send us all standard letters telling us to keep our plots clean!” Storms Paco.

“I’m going to find a lawyer and even if it costs me 20,000 euros, I’ll pay it happily, but I’m going to take this matter to court.”

Easter beach-bars and massage services a wash-out

MASSAGE services and chiringuitos were set up on Oliva beach at the weekend to take advantage of the six-day holiday. But with the wind and rain over Easter, there were few sunseekers in sight. Lifeguards, beach-bars, masseurs and beach-cleaners – which are not usually set up in Oliva until mid-June – were ready and waiting for the influx of visitors hoping to top up their tans. Yet Thursday’s and Saturday’s persistent rain put a damper on the plans. These services will be up and running again from June 15, together with greater police reinforcements for bathers’ safety and a new tourist office on the beach.

Brit accused of drug-smuggling

A BRITISH expat has been arrested after being caught red handed with half a ton of cocaine in a Villajoyosa warehouse. The accused, 50, was waiting for the illicit delivery which was en route from Lisbon. Officers say the drugs were hidden in a lorry full of nappies that was coming from Gambia via Portugal. The Interior Ministry revealed this week that the suspect was taken into custody and the cocaine seized, but the lorry was allowed to continue on its travels. Investigations continue.


 Charity Shop Forced Out.

The continuing chaos and exorbitant parking charges in Javea’s Old Town have claimed another victim. With access to the shop by car virtually cut-off and the once free car park of the Plaza de la Constitucion now supplanted by an expensive commercial underground car park, the Roundabout Charity Shop has found it barely possible to attract enough custom to cover its overheads. In addition voluntary staff have found it prohibitively expensive to park their cars whilst manning the shop to raise money for local charities. Along with all the other establishments in the building it occupied just off the Plaza, the Roundabout Charity Shop has been forced to close.
Thirty-two Years Service.

The Roundabout Charity Shop opened in 1976 and over the last thirty-two years has raised considerable sums for local charities including the Ambulance and Sea Rescue services of the Red Cross, Denia Hospital and Womens’Refuge. They even helped the nearby Centro de Salud with the cost of installing its first computer system. One of their current projects is raising money to help the funding of the new Alzheimer’s Centre now under construction in the Old Town’s Plaza del Convent.

Saved by Former Mayor.

Senor Juan Moragues Pons, the former Mayor of Javea, has come to the rescue by providing a new site for the shop in the brand new Edificio La Noria on Avda Los Fueros, close to the Sports Centre in the Port, at a privileged rent.

Bargain hunters and well-wishers are warmly invited to join the Roundabout team in the house warming of their new home on Tuesday April 1 at 11 am when the new shop will be formally opened by Senor and Senora Moragues Pons.

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