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Super Grans Half Century of Racing
From Motorcycle Monthly
Sheelagh Neal rode in her first race in October 1957. It was a sprint at Witchford in Cambridgeshire and she was the passenger in a Scott Flyer sidecar piloted by her father Ossie.
She was 14 years old. Sheelagh celebrated her 64th birthday in June ’07 and she is still racing. In fact she has not missed a single season since that debut. She and husband David White between them they own a stable of road race, hill climb and sprint machines, some of which were raced by Sheelagh’s father before her.  Pride of the collection is a works Scott outfit campaigned in the very first sidecar TT in 1923. Sheelagh’s father bought it from the factory the following year and used it in his job as a plumber. How much is it worth now? Don’t ask. The picture shows Sheelagh with husband and the outfit in the garden of her Cambridgeshire home.
100 Photos for David
From Lucha Motera
David is 22 years old and is a motorcyclist from Madrid who last year was enjoying of the Spanish GP in Jerez with his friends. This year he won't be able to travel to Jerez because last October 6th he suffered a serious accident his body colliding against an unprotected crash barrier.
David has had to change his residence and leave his home in Madrid to live in the Paraplegic Hospital in Toledo. A group of his friends have prepared a banner that will be exhibited on March 30 in Jerez on the W3 stand with the message: "KILLER CRASH BARRIERS, WE ARE NOT THE CAUSE, WE ARE THE VICTIMS."
His friends have requested the help of 'Lucha Motoera' to make sure that pictures of the banner receive the widest possible media coverage and David can see the support. 'Lucha Motoera' is also planning to hold up a banner with the message "We are with you David". 
With this article we want to request your collaboration and to ask all those of you who go to the Spanish GP in Jerez to take a picture of the banners and you send it to the following e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Include your name and where you live in the e-mail.  Using all the received pictures a digital album will be mounted on the web so that David can see that the collective motorcyclists are with him and with all the victims of these unjust and cruel traffic accidents that only happen for the lack of will of those who have the power to put an end to this situation but are unwilling.
The campaign calls itself "100 photos for David", although we hope to get not just a hundred but 200, 1,000 or more pictures... Thank you for your help.
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