Latest News Issue 103 09-05-2008

Burma's cyclone death toll soars
Burma’s military leaders are making the unprecedented move of requesting assistance from the international community after Cyclone Nargis caused untold devastation in the country. More than 22,000 people have been killed and a further 41,000 still missing after the cyclone ravaged the country’s coastline on May 3rd. According to the Minister for Relief and Resettlement, Maung Maung Swe more deaths were caused by a tidal wave than the cyclone itself. Around 95% of homes in Bogalay in the Irrawaddy river delta were destroyed. International aid agencies have begun to deliver food to over one million people left homeless.


A Myanmar man sits under a fallen tree following the weekend's devastating cyclone, Tuesday, May 6, 2008, in Yangon, Myanmar. International aid began trickling into military-ruled Myanmar, but much of the Irrawaddy delta, where most of the 22,464 reported victims perished, has remained cut off since Cyclone Nargis hit early Saturday.

Irish holidaymakers killed

A drunk driver has been arrested following the death of an Irish couple in Orihuela on May 6th. The 32 year old was arrested by officers and provided a positive breath test following the accident on the N332. It is believed that the Irish couple, in their mid 40’s, were on holiday in the Alicante town when they were run over and killed instantly. Bars and restaurants along either side of road are used by residents and holiday makers who walk along the road despite the known risks at this black spot. The driver appeared before the courts, bail was set at 6,000 euros.

Arrested at airport with 2 million in forged notes

Civil Guard officers have arrested 23 people in conjunction with the distribution of counterfeit Spanish notes. The group, mostly of Bulgarian nationality, was arrested as part of an on going investigation in Alicante, Barcelona, Balearic Islands, Valencia and Badajoz. Officers were able to track down the base of the operations to a house in San Vicente de Raspeig. The group were distributing 100 and 200 euro notes which were brought in from Bulgaria, for which they paid between 20 and 35% of the face value. Operation "Lamarina", started earlier this year following several complaints from small traders in different parts of the country after they had received forged notes. Two Romanians were the first to be arrested in possession of 10,000 counterfeit 200 euro notes at Valencia airport.  Properties in San Vicente de Raspeig, Orihuela and Guardamar de Segura were raided during the operation. During searches Civil Guard seized a large quantity of forged documents including passports, credit cards, etc. Electronic recording devices for installation in ATMs, picks, precision scales, small quantities of drugs and 27,550 euros in counterfeit notes were seized.

Volunteers for Volvo Ocean Race needed

YACHTING enthusiasts are being called upon by Alicante city council to lend a hand for this year’s Volvo Ocean Race. The massive event marks the start of the Vuelta al Mundo a Vela – Sailing World Tour – which leaves the port of Alicante on October 11.

All types of activities need to be carried out in preparation. This means around 300 people will be needed to help out from September 19 onwards.  The Volvo Ocean Race team says it will give preference to volunteers with a knowledge of one or more languages. This means native English-speakers who have a strong level of Spanish could find themselves near the top of the list.

A form can be downloaded from the event’s website,

Brits will not give up Costa holidays, says survey

HOLIDAYS come first for struggling Brits, a survey carried out by a Benidorm hotel association reveals.

A total of 66 per cent of UK nationals interviewed said the exchange rate crisis would not come between them and the sun-drenched beaches of the Costa Blanca this year.

In spite of rising mortgages, petrol and grocery expenses, and the poor return when changing sterling to euros, they say they would rather cut back on other luxuries than forgo their annual holidays. Seven per cent of those questioned said they had decided not to travel abroad this summer, but a further 73 per cent say they intend to go to European destinations, as they are nearer to home and provide a comfort zone for travelling Brits.

Hotel owners along the coast said they are pleased and surprised at these findings.

But with the exchange rate producing far fewer euros to the pound, people living in Spain off income from Britain are being forced to tighten their belts.

The average pensioner is finding his or her income reduced by up to 200 euros a month.

One holidaymaker who travelled to La Safor from the UK recently says £150 only bought him 180 euros – even without commission being charged – whereas last year this would have netted him over 220 euros.

Pioneering op saves cancer girls’ fertility
SURGERY to save the future fertility has been carried out for the first time on two children. The girls, aged 11, suffer from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, one of the most common strains of childhood cancer, and are receiving chemotherapy.

Doctors say 75 per cent of cancers in children under 14 are cured, but they are often left infertile as a result. The operation involved removing tissue from the girls’ ovaries.

It was later frozen and can be implanted again later in their lives when they wish to become pregnant. The Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia, the only one in Spain that performs this operation, has so far successfully treated 200 women in this way.

But this is the first time the surgery has been carried out on girls under 18, they reveal.

Already, five women, all of them from other parts of Spain, have been through the ‘reverse’ operation to allow them to have children.

Ferry passenger hid drugs in his genitals
A PASSENGER on the Dénia-Ibiza ferry was caught last week hiding drugs in his genitals.

Guardia Civil officers say the arrested man was acting suspiciously as he boarded the ship at around 7.30pm on Monday. This led them to carry out further investigations and ask him various questions.

A strip-search revealed he was carrying a bag of white powder measuring 34 grams in his underpants.

Tests later revealed the substance was speed. The suspect, a Spanish national aged 20, was taken into police custody.

Headaches and laryngitis caused by prefab schools
CHILDREN could suffer from headaches and appetite loss if they are taught in prefabricated classrooms, parents claim. The PTA of an Alicante primary school has called in the inspectors to study the link between spending hours in temporary classrooms and persistent headaches. Teachers have also complained of sore throats and laryngitis because of having to yell constantly due to the echo. Overcrowding in schools in the province has led to the number of prefab classrooms being increased from 229 to 303.

A total of 20,500 pupils in the region – more than half of all school-age children – have to take lessons in prefabricated buildings.

Former president gives up politics to work for Telefónica
A LEADING politician has ditched parliament for a job with Telefónica.

Eduardo Zaplana (PP), former president of the Valencian regional government, left colleagues stunned last week when he announced his change of career. But after 18 years in politics, he says he has not shut the door completely. “Who knows what could happen in four year’s time or so?”  Zaplana commented.

He joins Spain’s leading telecommunications company as its European delegate.

However, Zaplana’s career move does not mean he will be earning call-centre wages.

Reports revealed this week that his gross annual salary will be in region of two million euros.

Doctor removes 15-kilo tumor
A Valencian man has under gone a life saving operation to remove a 15 kilo tumor. Francisco Javier Alcala said "I have been reborn, without the operation I would be dead." The giant desmoid tumor was removed by Dr. Pedro Cavadas and his team in El Consuelo Clinic in Valencia. The 29 year old from Paterna had to leave his job at a furniture warehouse a year ago because of the tumor. Without the operation Francisco "would certainly have been in a lot of pain and eventually died," said Dr Cavadas. The tumor, which weighed between 15 and 16 kilos “was close to the heart and would have eventually crushed it”. Dr. Cavadas has put Valencia at the forefront of global reconstructive surgery by removing the tumor from Francisco’s chest wall and abdominal region. The operation, which took place on April 15 and lasted 12 hours, is the first of its kind in Spain and one of the few recorded surgeries of its kind in the world.  Now Francisco is looking to the future.

Free School Books
The Education Ministry has confirmed that students in the third and fourth primary will be entitled to free school books for the 2008-2009 academic year. The extended free books grant will affect more than 60,000 families according to, Alejandro Font de Mora from the Education department. In 2007-2008 approximately 100,000 students in first and second primary received free books and the Government promised to extend the program to more students. Around 15.3 million euros will be allocated to the purchase of school books in September. La orden de ayudas recién publicada por la Conselleria de Educación señala que se destinará un importe global de 15,3 millones de euros a las ayudas para la adquisición de libros de texto destinadas al alumnado que cursa quinto y sexto de Primaria y Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (ESO) en centros financiados con fondos públicos para el curso 2008-2009.

Killed by his own lorry.
A 34 year old truck driver was killed at Valencia Port after being crushed by his own vehicle. Two trucks crashed head on at the container docks on May 2nd. Joaquin Ignacio P. T was thrown through the windscreen and landed in front of his vehicle which ran over him, killing him instantly. Police officers are continuing with their investigation.

Squatter killed in house fire
A squatter was killed and three were injured after an empty property in Garbinet in Alicante caught fire. Several squatters were living in the property which had a demolition order. Two of the injured were transferred to the burns unit of La Fe Hospital in  Valencia. They are reported to be suffering second-degree burns on up to 40 per cent of their bodies.

Valencia the “green” region
One third of energy produced in the Valencia region is 'green' and within in two years 42% of energy produced will be from renewable sources according to the Valencian Energy Agency (Aven). The solar energy boom in the area has had an affect on the environment and electricity companies are obliged to buy all energy produced by renewable sources. The Government plan to create 67 wind farms in the Province which will provide 80% of the energy currently consumed by homes in the Comunidad. The farms will reduce the consumption oil every year by at least 20 million barrels.

May Day accidents
Thirty-nine people died in 32 traffic accidents on Spanish roads over the long May Day holiday. According to the sources thirty nine died, (3 less than in 2007), 18 were seriously injured and 11 required hospital treatment for minor injuries. Of the 32 accidents, 8 involved motorbikes in which 8 people were killed. A driver and three passengers, all aged between 18 and 21, were killed on May 2nd when their car crashed head on with a truck in Seville. In Cordoba two adults and a 12 year old child were killed after a head on collision between two cars.

State Honours
The funeral of the first president of the Democratic Government of Spain, Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo took place on May 5th with full state honours. The family of the former Prime Minister, followed his coffin as it left the Congress of Deputies. His widow, Pilar Ibanez Martin, his eight children and their grandchildren were accompanied by the chairman of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, along with the presidents of Congress, Jose Bono, and the Senate, Javier Rojo. Following the cremation the remains were taken to Ribadeo, Lugo, Northern Spain for burial. Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo was President of the Spanish government during Spain's period of transition after the end of Francisco Franco's regime.

Human Trafficking
Guardia Civil officers have arrested members of a group involved in human trafficking and exploitation. Officers working in conjunction with Portuguese Police have arrested 25 members of an organization known as Operation Libertad. The investigation began in Portugal in 2005 and spread to La Rioja, Navarra, Alava and Aragon where is was found that illegal immigrates were being shipped in and heldon the outskirts of Portugal before being farmed out across Spain to work as grape pickers. A Guardia Civil source reported that they hope to make more arrests in the coming months.

ETA May Day bombs
ETA marred the May Day holiday with the planting of three bombs: one at the Ministry of Labour Headquarters in Biscay and two in San Sebastian at the headquarters of the Basque Institute of work, health and safety (NPOs). The bombs follow the imprisonment of the mayor of Mondragon for collaborating with ETA in what the judge described as "clearly” violating "repeated" calls for the suspension of ETA activities issued on February 8th. The first explosion, in Biscay, caused major damage to the building and vehicles. At the same time, two devices exploded in the vicinity of the Basque NPO headquarters following an anonymous call on behalf of ETA. No injuries were reported at either location. The Mayor of Mondragon (Guipuzcoa) and leader of the Basque Nationalist Action (ANV) was imprisoned after a judge found him guilty of collaborating with ETA terrorists.

Warm April
April 2008 was the second warmest since 1971 in the Valencia region. Meteorology agency (Aemet) figures reveal that rainfall during April 2008 was down 55% and temperatures exceeded the average by 2°C. The report goes on to explain that in 88% of the Comunidad rainfall during April was “down” whereas in Ademuz, Plana Utiel-Requena and Las Serranos rainfall was above  average. The warmest day of the month was April 6th when temperatures reached 30 degrees. The coldest night was recorded on the 15th, in Villafranca del Cid, in Castellon, where temperatures dropped to -1°C.  

School children evacuated from forest fire
More than 150 school children were evacuated from a woodland shelter after smoke from a forest fire put them in danger. Fire fighters from four towns were called to the fire in Alborache on May 4th. Fire fighters were able to control the fire with the help of two helicopters, 2 airplanes and 2 air tractors. No injuries were reported, but around 11.4 hectares of scrubland was destroyed.

 ‘Playa de Bakio’ crew freed
The crew of the fishing boat “Playa de Bakio” captured by pirates while fishing in international waters in Somalia have returned to Spain. The 13 Spanish and 13 African crew members, kidnapped on April 20th, were finally set free on May 3rd following a long negotiation process. Their captors abandoned the ship once they received around 766,000 euros in ransom money. After being rescued the crew were flown to Peinador airport in Vigo, all exhausted and happy to be reunited with their families, “we thought we would never see land again” said Candimil, 52, “there was some very tough times, they weren’t like the pirates you see on TV, they didn’t wear patches on their eyes or have wooden legs, the only thing they did have were weapons”. The pirates stipped the crew of their  possessions and although the pirates were not violent, but they did scare the crew. We were locked in the cabins “it was hell, I was never sure if they were talking, arguing or coming down to get us” said Candimil. He continued that he would spend the next two months at home with his young children before returning to fish on the 'Playa de Bakio'.

Calls for better immigration rules
The Minister of Labour and Immigration, Celestino Corbacho, has stated that the Immigrant Integration Act proposed by the Generalitat Valenciana "lacks rigor," and suggest whats needed is an immigration policy which is in line with other EU countries. In a statement to Punto Radio, Corbacho said that the autonomous communities should create "laws" to strengthen the ability and authority of its Mayors "to enforce municipal rules in their cities." The minister pointed out that acceptable social behaviour can vary even within the same region and he wondered what would happen if someone failed to comply with any provision of "civil integration contract" proposed by the Generalitat. "Do you expel them to Murcia or Andalusia?". For Corbacho, immigration policy in Spain should match that of the European Union with the establishment of border controls. He reiterated his "readiness for talks" to reach an agreement with other political parties on this matter and affirmed that "Spain with all its immigrants needs this policy." Corbacho announced that he was not in favor of "repatriation" of those immigrants who are unemployed, but said that the Government should give them an opportunity to "capitalize their rights" so they are able to return to their countries voluntarily. In response Immigration Minister, Rafael Blasco stressed that the future law will promote integration to "provide immigrants with the opportunity to learn the language and about  our institutions, such as the education and health system to facilitate their integration into our society." He added that he does not understand "why the government of Rodriguez Zapatero does not want to confront the phenomenon of immigration seriously, and when it does, it takes a different position from most other European partners, notably Sweden, Denmark or Britain¨.  

144 illegal immigrants dock at Canary Islands
Two ships carrying 144 immigrants have been stopped in the Canary Islands. The first ship carrying 67 immigrants docked at Los Cristianos port in southern Tenerife after being located a few miles off the coast. The second ship docked at the La Estaca port on El Hierro island after being caught with 77 people with no documentation, including a pregnant lady. Just after disembarking the pregnant lady was rushed to hospital with contractions. The Guardia Civil and Red Cross have reported that the remainder of the immigrants, which included 10 children, are in good health.

La respuesta del conseller de Inmigración, Rafael Blasco, no se hizo esperar.

Electriciy Giants bid for British Energy
Electric companies in France, Germany and Spain are all expected to be among bidders for British Energy. Germany’s RWE, the third largest European electricity company which owns British energy supplier, nPower, made a significant proposal last month of about 14,100 million euros. According to sources Centrica, who own British Gas, is trying to join the race. Iberdrola, which owns Scottish Power said "we are studying the situation, but we have not yet made a decision. We will decide in the coming week." Power companies across Europe are bidding for the British company, which is the only private nuclear power producer in the UK.  The British Government owns a 35% share of the company.

Sales drop by 40%
A drop in sales of clothes across the Comunidad has prompted stores to offer up to 50% discounts ahead of the summer season. Many traders claim that sales have fallen between 30% and 40% in recent months and point to the economic crisis as the main cause. Even the large retail companies, accustomed to endless queues in their stores, have experienced a drop in sales. "We already have special promotions on jackets, shirts and dresses for spring," explained a saleswoman from a well known Spanish brand. In recent weeks, however, the number of discounted sales has increased as stores begin to promote gifts in the lead up to the first communions.

Credits roll for Dénia’s only cinema

THE closure of the only cinema in Dénia spells the end of an era for a town that once had a rich film culture.
When the doors were closed on the Cine Condado, on C/ Marqués de Campo, for the last time this week, authorities said they felt ‘very sad’.
The Condado was forced to admit defeat amid stiff competition from larger, more modern cinemas in the area.
Dénia once had six cinemas showing around 20 films weekly. Now there are none left.
Film fanatics are being drawn to large, multi-screen cinemas such as those in El Portal de la Marina shopping centre in Ondara or in Gandia’s Centro La Vital.

Man sets fire to home with housemate inside

A MAN who attempted to burn his housemate alive has been arrested, Guardia Civil officers reveal. They say the suspect, in his late thirties, lives in a remote house on the outskirts of Callosa de Segura (Orihuela area) with another man of the same age.
Police believe the two men, both Spanish nationals, had a heated discussion prior to the incident whilst under the influence of alcohol.
The arrested man is said to have refused to let his friend enter and threatened to set the house on fire if he did so.
Next, flames broke out but the suspect’s housemate succeeded in escaping with a blanket over his head, say officers.
He was treated at a nearby health centre, but was not said to be injured.
The flames razed the majority of the property and also numerous palm trees nearby.
Firefighters say the mains water supply and some overhead cables were caught up in the flames, meaning repairs had to be carried out before residents in the area had electricity and running water.
The suspect is being held in Almoradí police station and was due to appear in Orihuela court this week.

Burglar mows down policemen
FOUR police officers suffered injuries after a youth reportedly attempted to run them over. He was caught red-handed on Tuesday burgling a property on a Torrevieja urbanisation, say the Guardia Civil. They were alerted by neighbours whose suspicion was raised in the early hours of the morning.
When police arrived at the scene, the accused and his companion fled in a stolen car.
Officers gave chase and closed off the road, preventing the Russian driver and his Spanish passenger, a Torrevieja resident, from escaping.
Despite this, the driver hit the throttle, heading directly for four officers.
They all suffered minor injuries in the incident.
One of their colleagues opened fire at the Russian, who suffered a shot wound to his arm and had to be treated at the Vega Baja hospital before being taken to the police station.
Guardia Civil sources say the men had ‘dozens of arrests’ between them, mostly for burglaries, and are said to be ‘very violent’.

Parents and teachers demonstrate against school overcrowding

PARENTS and teachers will take to the streets this Friday to protest about lack of facilities in an Els Poblets school. Members of the PTA want to see the premises expanded, saying the existing Ausiàs March centre does not have the capacity for their kids. They say they are ‘fed up’ with seeing their children packed into a wooden cabin 200 metres from the building, which serves as a dining hall, every day.
On Friday, May 9 they will stage a protest to push for a new dining hall to be built.
Mayor Jaime Ivars has issued a statement saying he supports the PTA’s demonstration, but calls for “a bit of understanding on all sides.”
He said the town council decided not to spend money on a canteen given that it would not fit on the premises. Ivars also reminded staff and parents of the effort the local authority are going to in order to install a second primary school and a high school in the village.
An application was made in 2003, but the land was not set aside until three years later and the schools have yet to be constructed.

Mediaeval city discovered on Calpe’s Peñón

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered the remains of a walled Mediaeval city in Calpe.
A team from the archaeological museum in Alicante – the MARQ – say the discovery, on the Peñón de Ifach, rivals that of the famed Valldigna monastery in its significance for local history. They say the villa could have been around 3.5 hectares in size in its day, in the early 14th century. Their efforts have uncovered ceramics and numerous personal items together with bullets fired from Castilian ships under orders of King Pedro I.
The city was said to have had a surrounding wall of around 300 metres in length.

British driver killed on Torrevieja road

A BRITISH pensioner has lost his life in a traffic accident in Torrevieja.
The victim, aged 70, was driving along the N-332 near the cemetery at around 6pm on Wednesday evening. Police say two cars collided when one unwisely overtook a third, but have not clarified which driver was at fault.
Another four women suffered minor injuries and were treated at the Vega Baja district hospital. The British driver was killed instantly and had to be cut free from the remains of his car.

New Mas y Mas stores for Dénia, La Nucía and Benidorm

FIVE new Mas y Mas stores are set to open shortly in the province of Alicante.
Its distribution company, Juan Fornés Fornés, S.A., which is based in Pedreguer, reveals that the supermarkets will set up in Dénia, La Nucia and Benidorm.
They will take over five old Día Día stores, but have pledged to take on all 72 existing employees.
This will bring the total number of Mas y Mas supermarkets to 52 in the province of Alicante, with a further 25 in Valencia and 16 in Castellón.
The company wants to acquire a further seven before the end of 2008, bringing the total in the region to 100.
They expect the year’s total sales to reach 200 million euros and hope to increase its number of supermarket employees to 1,900.
Already this year Mas y Mas has acquired stores in Els Poblets, Alcoi, Algemesí and Xàtiva.

Scotsmen arrested over punch-up
GUARDIA Civil officers have arrested three British holidaymakers over a punch-up in an El Campello villa. They heard that two of the men, both from Scotland, were walking along the street in an inebriated state and topless, shouting and swearing, last Sunday.
The villa-owner stepped outside and reprimanded their behaviour, saying it was disturbing his wife and elderly mother-in-law and upsetting his dog.
After a heated altercation, the men, father and son, walked off, but returned a few moments later with a friend of the son’s. They kicked down the door of the villa and, once inside, began to beat up the man with whom they had recently argued.
He was later found barely conscious and bleeding from the mouth.
Police reveal he later underwent surgery on his jaw.
His wife received cuts and bruises and her mother suffered a minor heart attack.
Guardia Civil officers say they arrived at the house to find a number of men and women yelling and swearing at each other in English, and four of those involved with injuries.
The three Scottish holidaymakers, who were due to return home the next day, were immediately arrested.
They claimed the victim started the incident and they acted in self-defence.
Despite this, a judge decreed this week that all three should be held in prison pending trial.

Eurobikers complete Ontinyent to Benidorm walk

Fourteen bikers have walked from Ontinyent to Benidorm, covering more than 112 kilometres in just 21 hours and 10 minutes. The Eurobikers set off from Ontinyent at 11pm on April 25th passing through Agres, Muro, Cocentaina and Benassau on their jourey to Benidorm. The initial itinerary calculated a distance of 91 kilometres but GPS showed the bikers had walked an incredible 112 kilometres in just over 21 hours. Eurobikers Coordinator, Toni Gandia, congratulated the 14 walkers and confirmed that they will aim to beat this distance next year.

Jávea teacher abused pupil, 9, court hears
A JÁVEA teacher accused of molesting a nine-year-old pupil in 2002 faces trial this week. If found guilty, he could be imprisoned for two-and-a-half years and be fined 3,000 euros. The prosecution service heard that the teacher, 37, took the boy under his wing and began to give him a lift to football practice. He also made friends with the child’s mother and visited their house regularly. Such was the mother’s trust in the teacher that she gave her permission for him to take her son to Logroño, the teacher’s home town, for a fortnight in the summer of that year. But the following year the boy declined an invitation from the teacher to go to Port Aventura. When his mother quizzed him, he confessed that the teacher had climbed into bed with him in Logroño the year before, pulled down his pants and groped him. If the accused is sentenced he will also be granted a restraining order preventing him from contacting or approaching the child, now 15, for five years.

Last 1,000 metres to be completed

The second phase of the asphalting of the road to the mountain top chapel in Ontinyent has been approved. The Ontinyent Local council has approved the project that will complete the access to the Sant Esteve chapel which over looks the town of Ontinyent and surrounding area. The final 1000 metres of Cami Sant Esteve will be completed with a budget of 30,000 euros.

Nitrate risk for La Safor’s water
TAP water in La Safor could contain excessive levels of nitrate, warns the ministry for the environment. They say the 31 towns and villages in the district are ‘highly susceptible’ and believe fertiliser used in agriculture could be to blame.
In fact, a total of 202 municipalities could be at risk. The World Health Organisation’s safe limit is 50mg per litre of water. This said, the regional government says it does not wish to alarm the general public and is taking ‘urgent measures’ to control nitrate levels in the water. This includes a nitrate filter to be installed in the water treatment plant in Oliva in 2009.

Lions Convention Success

The Leos of the Lady Elizabeth school in Lliber last week attended the Lions International Spanish convention in Benidorm, over 60 lions clubs from all over Spain and the Leos enjoyed 3 days of fellowship.
To join contact George.

E.Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy9500 + '\'>'+addy_text9500+'<\/a>'; //-->



The Leos at the Benidorm palace with their club banner.
Left to right Danielle Laura and Adam

Mayor found guilty
A judge has ruled that the previous Mayor of Aielo de Malferit illegally passed a plot of council land to a company owned by her husband and daughters. In 2004 Mayor Cristina Mira gave a plot of land owned by the council to her husband’s company before any official auction could take place. The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la Comunidad Valenciana (TSJCV) has backed up the decision taken by the Administrative Litigation which ruled the ownership of the land was void. The Judge explained that "the action violated an explicit Prohibition and rules of fair competition, equality, the defense of public interest, without prejudice to other moral considerations ".
Apartments have since been built on the plot of land and current PP Mayor, Juan Jose Luis pointed out that the council will require "the execution of the judgement and that the former socialist Mayor must return any benefits resulting from the construction and subsequent sale of flats on the plot of land."

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