Latest News 106 20-06-2008

People most affected by new measure are British Nationals who do not have access to the State Health System through an E121 or E106* or who do not pay Spanish Social Security contributions

The Valencia Government has announced the replacement of the Circular 1/2002 scheme with a new law called "Ley de Aseguramiento Sanitario" which takes effect from 5th June 2008.

The Circular 1/2002 scheme or "extensión a demanda" allowed people with no entitlement to healthcare to access the system free of charge. The new law aims to regulate and control free access to the Health System in the autonomous region of Valencia. The Valencia Government has confirmed that the new law does have the scope for new conditions to be introduced that are still to be specified.

The people that will be most affected by this measure are British Nationals who do not have access to the State Health System through an E121 or E106* or who do not pay Spanish Social Security contributions. These are mainly early retirees who do not work in Spain and who accessed the system through the "legislation letter" issued by Newcastle.

Those in possession of a valid card will not have their entitlement taken away from them. However, when the card runs out they will not be able to renew their cover. No new applicants will be accepted onto the scheme.

Those residents who find themselves in this situation and do not have entitlement to healthcare through the E121, E106 or Spanish National Insurance contributions, should consider taking out private health insurance.

The British Embassy is in close contact with the Valencia Government close and will publish more information, as it becomes available.

* For more information on entitlement to an E121 or E106, please contact the Department for Work and Pensions Medical Benefits unit on 0044 191 2181999 or


Due to the disruption caused by the transport strike in Spain and Portugal, the passport courier delivery service provided by Bpack for the British Consulate has been suspended. We are monitoring the situation and will reinstate the service as soon as possible.

In the meantime, customers who have submitted a passport application to us can call our hotline on 91 524 9761 (Spain) between 10am and 2pm or 213924104 (Portugal) between 9am and 1pm.

If customers need to travel soon and cannot collect their passports personally in Madrid or in Lisbon, they may request to have them delivered by registered post.  But this is at customers' own risk as the Spanish and Portuguese Postal Services are likely to be affected by the strike too.

The British Consulate is doing everything it can to ensure that customers' passports are safe; the suspension of the courier service at this time of uncertainty will help safeguard these important documents. As soon as the Bpack service is no longer affected by the strike, passports will be couriered to customers as quickly as possible.

Find out about new services at the British Consulate in Alicante
The British Consulate in Alicante and the UK Pension Service are holding an open event for British residents in the Denia area on 2nd July, presenting advice services on some of the issues that affect them most
The International Pension Service will provide essential information on UK pensions, benefits and healthcare entitlements in Spain and the services that their team in Alicante can offer.
The British Vice-Consul, Elizabeth Bell will open the session and explain the role of the Consulate, which has initiated the new services. Events details:
Casa Municipal de Cultura, Plaça Jaume I (Square), Denia
2nd July, 2008 - 11:00am - 12:30pm 
Limited seating - please arrive promptly
Further meetings will be held throughout the year at various venues in the Valencia region.


Telefonica Black touches down on to Spanish waters for the first time. With the mast and keel now fitted, the 2nd generation Volvo Open 70 was craned into the sea at Alicante Port, where she will spend the coming weeks being put through her paces. The 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race sets off from Alicante on October 4th and will for the first time take in Asia. Some 39,000 nautical miles will be covered over nine months during this world premier yacht race.

Russia’s challenger for the race was toasted in vodka and unveiled as Kosatka – Russian for Killer Whale, at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth last week.  The famous English south coast port played host to the climax of a weekend of celebrations with the christening of the new Volvo Open 70 built in nearby Lymington.

The boat’s godmother, Birgitta Westerberg,  co-founder of a St Petersburg charity for sick and underprivileged children broke slightly with tradition by spraying a bottle of champagne over the bow of the boat as the hundreds of guests, many of them Russian, raised a toast with shots of Nemiroff vodka. Team Russia will be moving down to Portland in Dorset over the next few weeks where it will set up its training camp during the build-up to the race start.

You can watch hours of race video at, the official Race TV channel for free!

Earth moves from Albaida to Algeria

AN earthquake shook the province of Valencia from Oliva to Xàtiva on Sunday night.
The quake, which started in Rafelguaraf and was felt across La Safor, the Vall d’Albaida and La Costera registered 3.4 on the Richter scale at 10.55pm.
Some residents thought a bomb had gone off whilst others believed it was a firework display. One driver reportedly ground to a halt because he felt the road moving.
“It felt as though they were letting off mascletaes,” reports the driver, likening the loud bangs heard to those of the gunpowder displays during the Fallas.
Residents in Carcaixent, Bellús and Canals said they felt the floor vibrating and saw their TV sets moved. This second movement, which took place at 9.17am, measured 2.5 on the Richter scale. Emergency services said they received three calls to 112 from worried householders. Numerous residents in Barxeta – between Simat and Xàtiva – rushed out onto the steet in terror when they heard loud rumbling and their entire houses shaking.
The first quake was even felt as far away as Algeria and was registered in the sea 24 kilometres east off the coast of Tenerife. In these two areas, the earthquake reached 3.8 and 3.4 degrees respectively, and went off four hours after the movement was felt in Valencia.


The new cleanup rules in Alicante prohibits the consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic) on the streets.  The new Legislation which has been approved, but not yet finalized includes all cans, bottles, or plastic drinks containers. A fine of up to 200 euros will be applied to anyone found littering as a result of drinking on public streets Shop owners will also be held responsible. Restaurants and traders are also obliged to keep the area outside their premises tidy or face losing their license to trade. According to councillor, Carmen Sanchez "if a vandal is spotted spraying graffiti on the façade of a premises it will be the responsibility of the proprietor to clean it off and not the council. This year alone the council has spent 40 million euros cleaning the city ".


The Valencia Transfusion Centre reported this week that the Comunitat requires around 1,000 blood donations a day to keep up with demand from hospitals in the area. The increased numbers of residents coupled with increased life expectancy will in the coming years increase the need for blood by “up to 10 to 12%.". The Blood service currently requires 800 donations a day to meet demand from the health service, but in few years will require 200 more each day according to Roberto Roig, director of Transfusion Centre de la Comunidad, "there are one million more residents than 10 years ago and the numbers of donors required keeps growing. Donors between January and May this year have fallen compared with the same period in 2007.

No beer for Grand Prix fans?

FORMULA One fans could go hungry and thirsty at Valencia’s first Grand Prix this summer as bar and hotel staff are threaten to down tools.

Strikes are planned during the city’s landmark event unless wages are increased. According to union leaders from the CCOO and UGT, barmaids and waiters earn just 875 euros a month in the province of Valencia, which is not enough to cover their bills and is significant less than staff earn in the province of Alicante.  Union representatives want a minimum net monthly salary of 1,000 euros a month for all staff in the hostelry industry throughout the Comunidad Valenciana.

A demonstration was held in front of the major hotels and restaurants in the city last week, and members have threatened to call a strike during Valencia’s first Formula One Grand Prix.


Millions of chickens died in just one day as hundreds of trucks blocked roads and prevented deliveries to farms. Newborn chicks, bred in specialized farms, are usually transferred immediately to farms where they are fed over 48 days to reach their commercial weight. Farmers warn that there will be a shortage of chicken at some point over the coming weeks. An average of 35,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables perished each day because of the strike.


A maintenance mechanic working on an aircraft at Tenerife airport has died after being sucked into the engine. The 24 year old was carrying out tests with two colleagues, on the plane before it left for a scheduled flight to Warsaw.  Emergency services were called to the airport at 10pm June 16th after Miguel Angle RF was sucked in to the engine of the A-320 airbus.


The Valencia Comunidad is likely to be "relatively cool and moist" this summer and unlikely to experience "extreme or persistent" heat for long periods of time. Head of Meteorology (CEAM), Jose Maria Estrela explained that the remainder of June will be dryer and warmer than the start of the month, but not excessively hot. July is expected to be "average" with high temperatures which will be "short term". The wetter weather is predicted to return for August, although it will remain warm. Inland areas are expected to be "stormy ".  September is forecast as warm and dry with temperature rises on the coast."


A national study has revealed that around 60,000 people over 64 suffer some kind of abuse within the family in Spain, most cases being committed by their partners or children. The report is the first national study based on more than 2,500 personal interviews conducted during 2005. Finding concluded that the percentage of elderly affected by abuse in Spain is 0,8%, significantly lower than Australia 4.6%, Canada 4%, USA 3.2% and the United Kingdom 2.6%. According to the study, which did not include information from elderly people living in residential care homes, 0.8% of people over 64 in Spain have been victims to some form of abuse, rising to 2,9% for elderly patients requiring a high level of care. Of the 700 caregivers interviewed, 4.6% admitted to a form of abuse against the person they have cared for. Many elderly do not recognize or report abused, because they are unaware of the aggression or because they fear the "social stigma" would affect their family, or aggravate the situation.

Judge Baltasar Garzon has ordered the unconditional imprisonment of two sisters arrested for collaborating with ETA.  Maria Isabel and Blanca Rosa Bruño Azpiroz, both from Orio in Guipuzcoa, were considered, by the judge, to be very close to ETA and open to further collaboration with the terrorist group after a letter to the women entrepreneurs that was found in documents seized after the arrest one of the top leaders of ETA. In this letter the organization thanks them for a payment of 6,000 euros between 2003 and 2008.  

Crime Rates Fall In The Valencian Comunitat

Government delegate, Ricardo Peralta, announced after a meeting with principal Police commanders a decrease in reported crime during the first 5 months of 2008, a drop of 12.5% on 2007. It was his first meeting with the police chief, Carlos Rubio, since he replaced Antoni Bernabe. Peralta is extremely satisfied with results, which he described as "significant and positive".

National Police officers have arrested 51 people and raided 29 locutorios and flats in the Valencia region as part of a clamp down on the “Nigerian Letters” fraud. The fraudsters send notification via email to unsuspecting victims informing them of a lottery win, which doesn’t exist. So far 112 people have reported falling victim of this ruse - amounting to fraudulent gains of 2,100,000 euros.  Those arrested by the General Police and Judicial Police in Valencia, are to be charged with fraud, falsification of documents, conspiracy and illegal residence in Spain.


Four nurses who allegedly delayed the start of a caesarean section by six minutes at the Hospital Clinic in Valencia have been sentenced to two years imprisonment and have lost their licences to work as nurses. In November 1999 a woman was rushed to the operating theatre suffering from a prolapsed umbilical cord. The judge has stated that the nurses caused the delay of the operation and will be charged with being absent from duty, leaving without organising shifts or carrying a pager. As a result, the baby was born with cerebral palsy despite the mother having a healthy pregnancy without complications. The nurses have blamed the outcome on the gynaecologist as he was "just" a resident doctor "without ability to cope with the situation."


A man offering his services as a child minder and nanny is facing 39 years in prison after admitting that he exploited his position to abuse children in his care. Alvaro IG, better known as ‘Nanysex’, admitted abusing five toddlers, aged 1 and 2, between 2002 and 2004. The trial began in Madrid on June 16th at which Alvaro claimed he has been under psychiatric treatment in Herrera de la Mancha prison and had been offered chemical castration. "If necessary, I would accept," said the accused. According to prosecution lawyers Alvaro IG has admitted that the abuses were recorded on video for display via the Internet.


A 48-year-old man has suffered serious poisoning after transporting capsules of cocaine in his stomach. The “mail man” confessed his illegal activities when he was approached by two policemen as he was looking unwell. The Chilean man was arrested at dawn on June 14th in Valencia after confessing to police he was carrying 30 capsules of cocaine in his stomach. Local Police found the individual lying in the road.


Staff at the new Valencia zoo believe the recent death of an antelope may have been caused by a music festival in Mislata. The antelope, died at the Bioparc in Valencia on June 12th from a broken neck, keepers have recently put the two incidences together. Staff commented that although it is almost impossible to prove, they believe the naturally shy, timid animal may have become startled during sounds tests for the concert and broke its neck.


A programme aimed at helping immigrants return to their country of origin has only been taken up by 160 applicants during 2007 despite the Comunidad being home to around 732,000 foreigners. The Red Cross program which helps people who have not settled in Spain or cannot support themselves to return to their country of origin. The voluntary return program offers subsidized flight tickets and covers costs incurred during the trip (up to 50 euros per person) up to 1,600 euros per family. Despite the low figure it is an increase of 128% on the figures for 2006. The majority of people taking advantage of the program were women (89) with most returning of to Bolivia and Argentina. The Government are planning to extend the assistance to people who are also having trouble finding employment in Spain. A total of 1,184 foreigners in the whole of Spain have used Red Cross assistance to return home. 

A este dato se suma que la previsión de consumo "va en aumento, ya que durante los primeros meses de 2008 se ha experimentado un incremento de la actividad hospitalaria y de las necesidades sanguíneas en la Comunitat", apuntaron.

Coastal News

Full house for Jávea Players – despite the rain  

UNSEASONAL wind and rain could not stop the Jávea Players from delivering a star performance in its comedy double bill last week.

Although originally planned as an outdoor show on the terrace, the unfriendly climate meant the event moved indoors.

But the two performances, Darlings, you were wonderful and What’s for pudding? were a sell-out with the auditorium packed with eager spectators.

Darlings, you were wonderful featured a great performance by Lynne Martin as ageing ex-actress Irene, who hopes her troop at the Amazon Theatre Group will win the drama festival. But her fellow thespians are far from West End material.

Further laughs were had in What’s for pudding? in which boring accountant Jack, played by Rob Lee, and his wife Mary, fleshed out by Carole Saunders, find their humdrum existence turned upside down by a raucous late-night drinks party when their friends Ted and Maureen turn up unexpectedly.

Before the plays, visitors enjoyed a hearty meal cooked on the outdoor barbecue with drinks and a raffle.

Future Jávea Players’ shows will be advertised in The Coastal Trader nearer the time – watch this space for more details.

Massive international mafia members caught

HOUSE-RAIDS in Jávea and El Campello this week led to two men being arrested in connection with belonging to one of the largest mafia operations in the world.

The suspects, who were taken into custody along with two others from Valencia and Alicante and 16 more from other parts of Spain, are believed to be part of a massive Russian mafia. They are said to have obtained luxury yachts, more than 23 valuable vehicles, genuine paintings and sculptures and millions of euros via money-laundering and other illicit activities. Among the high-class goods seized was a Salvador Dalí painting, reported the Guardia Civil this week. The arrests were made on Friday and in addition to the Russian suspects, several Spanish lawyers who had been assisting behind the scenes were detained. Officers say this international operation is one of the four biggest mafia in the world. They have not ruled out further arrests.

Port blockaded and supermarkets run dry due to fuel strike

SUPERMARKETS are rapidly running out of supplies and Dénia port has been blockaded by pickets as a result of protests over soaring fuel prices.

Whilst petrol has shot up to nearly 1.30 euros a litre, motorists are panic-buying fuel amid fears of being left stranded should service stations run out of juice.

Works in the old town and the Ronda Nord area of Jávea, and on Levante and Poniente beaches in Benidorm have ground to a halt as workmen have run out of materials and their machinery is short of fuel. Elsewhere, supermarkets are running dry with meat and fish deliveries being impeded by the transport strike.

Taxi-drivers in Alicante went on strike on Friday, and many others in Dénia, Jávea, Calpe and Moraira had planned to join in but finally decided against it.

Lorries held protests in Oliva on the N-332 and on the AP-7 at the Valencia exits last week, moving slowly and blasting their horns, causing huge tailbacks.

Lorry-driver injured in arson attack

A DRIVER has been seriously injured after his lorry was set alight whilst he was asleep inside it. It was one of four vehicles to have been deliberately set fire to on an industrial estate in San Isidro (Orihuela) last week.

The fire was started by an unknown arsonist in one lorry, and quickly spread to another three. In one of these, a man who was asleep in the cabin managed to escape and was taken to hospital with second-degree burns covering 25 per cent of his body.

Officers believe the fire was started by picketers during a protest over fuel prices which became out of hand.

Marital scrap uncovers illegal archaeological sales racket
NATIONAL Police have arrested a man for illegally selling artefacts stolen from archaeological sites after he was reported by his wife following a fight.

Officers say the couple had a fist-fight in the family home in Elche last week .

They received a call from the wife and arrested both parties for domestic violence.

Both parties had suffered minor injuries.

During questioning, the woman revealed that her husband, 35, had a web-based business selling archaeological findings illegally.

They later recovered numerous items of historical value, including Roman keys and two amphorae, an Iberian bull, various ceramics and coins from different periods in history.

The accused is said to have taken them without permission from the Puntal del Búho and La Moleta archaeological digs near Elche.

Jávea jellyfish are back…already
JELLYFISH have been found off the shores of a beach in Jávea – three months earlier than usual.

These marine pests are normally present during August due to the warm temperatures of the sea, and last year swarms of jellyfish caused considerable headaches for bathers in the Jávea area.

But after a spring of heavy rain, they can appear as early as April, experts say.

This week, a number of the creatures have been discovered off the Benissero beach in Jávea, just as the first bathers of the year were entering the water.

Fortunately, however, nobody reported having been stung, and most of the jellyfish have since been caught by local authorities.

Two Brits arrested for dangerous driving

TWO British youngsters have been arrested for dangerous driving on the same night, say Local Police. A 22-year-old Orihuela Costa resident was said to be zig-zagging all over the road in his Mini in the early hours of last Thursday morning, according to police reports released this week. He was found to be considerably over the drink-driving limit.

On the same evening a 19-year-old man veered off the road and crashed into a property on the Urbanización Lomas in Cabo Roig, also in the Orihuela Costa area.

When police caught up with him, they found he had never had a driving license.

This follows recent reports of an Elche man arrested for using his wife’s car without a license last week. Police say the man had been driving for 30 years, but had never passed a test. Driving without a license is now classed as a criminal offence in Spain and carries a prison sentence.


Youth ‘invented burglary to claim on home insurance’, say police
A YOUNG man who is said to have faked a burglary on his home to claim on his household insurance has been arrested. The 21-year-old Spanish national reported having caught a masked individual red-handed making off with his television set.

He said the intruder dropped the set, damaging it, and fled when he saw he had been caught. In the meantime, however, the accused said the burglar took three gold rings and 900 euros in cash. But the youth began to trip himself up when questioned, say officers.

Finally he confessed that he was in financial difficulties and had invented the incident to claim on his home insurance. Officers also say a man fitting his description has been detained on five previous occasions, the last of which was for aggravated robbery.

Police warn that making false reports is a criminal offence and action will be taken against those who attempt to do so.

Tanker crash causes gas leak as driver gets lost
A LORRY-DRIVER who became lost following his sat-nav and crashed into a bridge caused a spillage of nine tonnes of gas.

The Repsol vehicle’s driver attempted to go through a bridge with a height-limit of 3.25 metres in Benidorm, where he was supplying gas to hotels.

As he collided with the lower part of the bridge, the tank split releasing dangerous quantities of toxic fuel into the air.

Police and fire-fighters cordoned off the affected area after the driver called them out.

He was breathalysed, but police found he had not drunk any alcohol at all.

When questioned, the driver explained that he did not know the area as he had driven from the depot in Cartagena and was following his GPS system at the time.

The sat-nav led him under the bridge, he said.

Despite the fact the driver co-operated entirely with proceedings, he could be charged with negligence, police reveal.

They say no injuries or property damage occurred, since emergency services’ round-the-clock efforts over two days succeeded in preventing any explosions.

Hairdresser’s killer walks free as judge files case

THE case of a murdered hairdresser has finally been filed after three years of investigations produced no suspects. Pilar Ramírez, 32, from Tavernes de la Valldigna, was found unconscious in the orange groves near the town in February 2005, showing clear signs of violence.  She was discovered by a group of youths and taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The only suspect in the case was Cristóbal Sánchez, who was arrested seven months later. He and his wife were friends of the young couple, and his DNA was said to match that found on the victim’s clothes.

But Sánchez continually protested his innocence and neither Ramírez’s husband, Enrique Alberola, nor other friends of the two couples believed him guilty.

With the people of Tavernes behind him and campaigning for his release, Sánchez was eventually set free when no further evidence was found to justify his being held in custody. This week, a judge from the court of Sueca announced that the case had now been archived as no further suspects had been found. Until further proof appears, the case will not be reopened, he says. Yet Alberola says he will ‘do everything possible to make them take up the investigations again’.

He says he will not rest until he gets to the bottom of the crime.

Friends of the victim are said to be ‘indignant’ about the decision.

“How can a woman be murdered in broad daylight, in a fairly well-frequented area, and the killer not be found?” one woman demanded.

Those close to the victim believe there are enormous loopholes in the investigation.

They say witnesses have not been questioned and certain suspects have not been investigated.


Inalnd News


The Infrastructure and Transport Consul, Mario Flores, officially opened the new CV-35 from Llíria to Casinos last week. The new 36 million euros dual carriageway has six new junctions at Domeño, Carrases, the Hospital, East Llíria, Alcublas and North Llíria and includes a three metre wide cycle lane. Mayor Manuel Izquierdo said "it is now easy access to two important areas in Llíria, the new district hospital and the Carrases industrial area".


Sax Castle is hosting a Night of terror on June 21st which will include for the first time a session for children under the age of 14. Activities include story telling and activities based around a night of terror. The child session is from 6pm to 7.30pm. (children must be accompanied by an adult). The over 14’s and adult session will begin at 10pm and end at 2am. Admission is one euro and bookings can be made at the Youth information centre in Sax, 11am to 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 6pm to 8pm Tuesday and Thursday.
Gran Vía Street
, nº48, 1º. Telephone 966967217.

If you prefer some thing a little less terrifying then you may prefer the guided tours of the castle and the historic centre of the town on June 28 and 29. A guided tour will be held in English, although no date has been confirmed. To take part in any tours you must register at the Centro de Estudios y Archivo Histórico Municipal ‘Alberto Sols', Calle Mayor, nº30, open Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm.


Pou Clar natural beauty spot in Ontinyent is currently undergoing improvements in preparation for visitors during the summer months. Two new bridges will be installed to provide better access from l'Alba path which will lead down to the river. 


Enguera City Council has detailed a list of new fines including 100€ fine for mocking the elderly or disabled, shaking rugs or mats, or hanging clothes and other personal effects from balconies or windows. All animal lovers beware it will cost you 60 euros if you are caught feeding a stray animal in public.  Good news disturbing the peace, fights, brawls or arguments will incur a 150€ fine and the use of a radios, televisions or musical instrument above 30 decibels between 11pm and 7am will result in the offender receiving a 150€ to 800€ fine.  A Council spokesman said that the new fines have been brought in because ¨of the changing times and changes in society."

Other fines listed include:  150 euro fine for the misuse of firearms, air horns; pets kept in improper conditions, damage to public gardens and furniture.

800 euros for deliberately trying to prevent festivities, parades or processions from taking place.  


Two earthquakes registering up to 3.4 on the Richter scale were felt in Rafelguaraf, Xàtiva and Barxeta on Sunday, June 15th.  According to the National Geographic Institute the first seismic movement happened at 9.17am. The tremor was felt in nearby towns including Xàtiva and Barxeta. At 10.55pm another quake was felt in Xàtiva, Canals, Alcudia de Crespins and Ontinyent, according to witnesses it was strong enough to shake furniture and bookshelves. Sue from Xativa told IT “At first I thought there had been an explosion. The glasses on the garden table fell off and smashed as the furniture shook.” Residents in Alcudia de Crespins came out into the streets frightened by earthquake. According to the Geographic Institute, the second earthquake registered 3.4 on the Richter scale. There were no reports of damage or injuries.


Three people lost their lives during the 12 days of festivities in Bétera and Vall d'Uixó. The traditional celebrations of “bous al carrer” – “Bulls in the street” have brought tragedy to the small towns. Over the weekend of June 14th and 15th two people were died after being attacked by bulls in two separate incidents in Bétera and Vall d'Uixó. According to Bétera police, 23 year old, VJC, died after he slipped and was gored by the bull after enticing it to chase him. The injured man was taken to a nearby first aid station and was able to walk. He protested that he did not need hospital treatment, but died later from a suspected heart attack whilst being transferred to hospital in Valencia.  Mayor, Jose Manuel Aloy said ´the town adheres to strict safety regulations during the festival and that the young man had been warned on a couple of occasions about his dangerous behaviour. ´ Two other festival goers were injured during the celebrations. A 76 year old died after being attacked by a bull as he tried to cross from one barrier to another. The third victim, a 43 year old man, was injured during celebrations in Camp de Túria on May 25th but died in La Fe on June 3.


Live music and dancing will be held at the social centre as part of an extended festival in Aielo de Malferit. On June 22nd a `Bailongo´ concert will be held including live music and dancing. On the 25th the adult education centre will be holding a karaoke night. On Saturday, June 28 there will be a musical performance by `NExeduet´ in the courtyard of the Palau de Malferit at 11pm. Entrance to all events are free.


Police have arrested a student from Alcoy as part of a national operation against child pornography and harassment of minors over the internet. The operation has resulted in the arrest of 55 people, 23 have been charged and millions of photographs and videos containing indecent images of children have ben seized. According to the Interior Ministry all images seized were from individuals cameras or video cameras. The operation, code named ‘Wolf’, was carried out after allegations made by individuals and associations about the existence of images on the net.


Summer camp in the Educacion Vial park and Environmental FIEVI for children aged between 9 and 14. Kids can enjoy a week full of activities including hiking, games, workshops and try new adventurous sports with specialist supervisors, as well as making bird boxes, go-karting and bike riding. There will be a bouncy castle, swimming pool, small farm and nursery for the children to enjoy. For more information or to register please call 962912119 or 647644871. Organised by the Mancomunitat de Municipis de la Vall d'Albaida


A man has died after being hit by a car as he walked along the CV-31 in the early hours of June 16th. According to Traffic Department the unidentified man was struck by a vehicle and died instantly at 3.45am on Monday morning.

Additional information