DEPOSIT DISPUTE - Ian Wylie Update

Terry and Sylvia Aldcroft from North Wales are currently waiting for the return of a 5000€ deposit paid to estate agent Mr Wylie in April of this year. Having viewed a property in Casinos they were so bowled over with the 99,000€ property they agreed to put down the deposit even though they had not intended to buy on this visit, as they needed to sell their home in Wales. Sylvia said, “We didn’t bring any money with us, but Mr Wylie said it was no problem to put in on our credit card, he assured us that if there were any legal issues with the property our deposit would be returned, I trusted him, he was very helpful and kind and I had no concerns”.

Terry and Sylvia Aldcroft

Sylvia and her husband returned to Torrevieja, where they were staying, and instructed a lawyer to begin checks on the property. Much to their dismay an inspection report by the local town hall, requested by their lawyer, revealed the property was an illegal build. Terry said “We contacted Ian and explained the position and he assured us he would return our deposit, this was in July. Since then he has confirmed with our lawyer on several occasions that the deposit will be returned, but it is now September and we are still waiting.”

Thier dream property.

Inland Trader contacted Mr Wylie on behalf of Mr and Mrs Taylor and asked why the deposit had not been returned on Friday September 5th as he had promised. He said that he had returned the money to their credit card on the 5th as opposed to the bank account as Mr and Mrs Taylor had requested. However, the money is still not showing on the Taylors credit card balance. Mr and Mrs Taylor have continued to call Mr Wylie and request proof of payment, but he has failed to answer or respond to any emails or text messages since Monday 8th.  

Inland Trader continued to try and contact Mr Wylie up until the time of going to press, we finally managed to speak to his office secretary after calling continuously for 2 days and asked that he contact us, he was expected in the office at 12.00 so we called at 12.30, again he was not there, his secretary confirmed he would like to speak to us and would call immediately, but did he did not.

“5000 euros would take us about 10 years to save, we are both pensioners, I just pray that the money appears in our account this week as Mr Wylie promised, but even then it is terrible that we been put through the stress of constantly being promised our deposit back and having to wait so long” said Sylvia. “What I can’t believe is that the last time I looked the property was still on the website, I would hate anyone else to go through all this” said Terry.

Estate Agent Ian Wylie.
Photographer Geoff Pugh, Telegraph.

At the time of going to press on 10/09/2008 the monies allegedly were not showing on the credit card account of Mr & Mrs Aldcroft. Also Mr Wylie had failed to respond to any form of correspondence or provide proof of payment despite being aware of the importance of doing so.

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