PUMA22 president Dr Roman Jimenez Gil

A campaign group fighting for the re-instatement of healthcare has laid out its plans for the next few weeks, including a television campaign and lobbying political parties, the Valencian health authority and the British Government.
The PUMA22 action group is in the process of registering as an official group to enable it to raise funds to battle the withdrawal of healthcare by the Valencian health authority. The group has elected a committee, with founder member Dr Roman Jimenez Gil as president, Norah Bond as secretary, Mr Bill Bridges as treasurer, according to the laws governing official bodies.
Mr Bridges has been interviewed by Sol TV outlining the group’s activities, with the programme to be aired in the near future. Meanwhile a meeting is planned with the British Consulate to discuss the implementation of a new private health scheme, which has left many people without basic medical care.
The new scheme costs 270 euros per person per quarter, with all family members expected to pay, well beyond the means of many ex-pats living in the region. Low-income families promised exemption under the ‘sin recursos’ scheme have been turned away from health centres and are living in fear of illness with no health cover whatsoever.
PUMA22 plans to lobby political parties including PSOE and the PP to gain support in the run-up to elections, writing personally to mayors outlining the group’s aims. Members also plan to target the Spanish media and British Press in the UK to highlight the cause.
The group will lobby Francisco Camps Ortiz, President of the Generalitat Valenciana, following up on a letter delivered to him in Alicante when hundreds of PUMA22 campaigners joined a protest march in the city.
There are also plans for ‘hunger protests’ at the British Consulate in Alicante and the parliament buildings in Valencia if the authorities fail to reinstate health cover.
The group will target businesses in the region, who will be ultimately affected with people unwilling to live in the region without health cover, returning to the UK thereby diminishing income for law firms, estate agencies, shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Campaign group AUN, an organisation against land-grab in the Valencia area, will be approached with a view to aligning the two causes.
Satellite groups are being set up in areas including San Miguel, Rojales, Castalla and Denia, with concerned citizens keen to start a group invited to make contact through the details below.
PUMA22 has set up a Facebook group, which has more than 460 members since it was initiated two weeks ago. The group is being used as a forum for people to highlight their own personal cases of hardship and stress caused by the new law.
For more information visit puma22.org and to join the Facebook group follow the link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&ref=search&gid=267166349103

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