Guide for travellers of Spanair

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has posted on its website recommendations for travelers concerned and advise you keep all documentation, including ticket, boarding pass, emails and all other supporting documents. They report that the passengers with cancelled flight have automatic right to compensation of between 250 and 600 euros depending on the flight. For its part Aena recommends that passengers who have tickets for the next few days to contact with Spanair, via telephone customer of the company: 902 13 14 15, and website: The company has also provided a toll-free: 900 13 14 15.
Cancelling the flight:
The first thing to do if you have been affected by the cancellations of Spanair, is to contact the company itself, if no response Go to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). From the consumer organizations recommend keeping the ticket , boarding pass, emails and any other proof as it will be necessary for the claim. Also, remember that those affected have at their disposal the use of bodies in the Autonomous Communities and the Municipal Offices Consumer Information (OMIC).
Passenger rights:
Facua recalls through its website that passengers have the right to relocate the company to them on other flights or provide alternative means of transport unless they choose to return the full amount of their tickets. Spanair is also required to provide them with assistance with food, drink and accommodation during the wait. He added that if passengers are carried to their destination or alternative transport arrives with a delay of more than three hours from the time specified in the bill of Spanair, the airline must pay compensation of between 125 and 600 euros in Depending on the type of flight canceled or established in the European regulation governing the sector.
Other companies:
In some counters Spanair passengers can get information leaflets on the possibilities to have canceled flights scheduled last night. Passengers who want to relocate again have to pay the ticket price, but have reduced rates. The ticket price for users who obtain these tickets is 60 euros for domestic flights and the Balearic Islands, 90 euros for flights to the Canary Islands and 100 euros for international flights.
Spanair has reached an agreement with Vueling, Iberia and Air Europa for the next three days customers flying with this special rate or "rate of rescue." Spanair will later return the money to those affected.

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