Scam Apartment Rentals

Valencia Association of Consumers and Users warn consumers that very cheap apartment rentals could be a hoax or scam.
Specifically, there are ads that appear on some web portals on the internet, which offered to rent a flat or apartment to rent, with very cheap prices but do not display the owners contact details. You are provided on an internal email option to contact and request more information.

The consumer, upon request for more information, receives an email from the alleged owner of the house, with spelling and grammar that may already be an indication of the falsity of the offer. In the email it explains that the owner lives outside of Spain and it is impossible to visit the house , but, if you are interested in renting, you can make a deposit of 50% of the total and the remainder upon delivery of the keys, and an offer to send the contract via courier company.
It also gives the option of a discount on the final price if you pay everything in advance . In some cases, also requests an amount in respect of bail or courier charges for sending the keys and the contract.
Therefore, it is important that, when renting an apartment or home via the Internet, keep in mind the following:
A. - Visit websites that convey and provide high levels of reliability and a minimum guarantee of security (physical address, customer service, etc..) and make sure the ad offers reliable information (name, contact phone Nationally, etc..).
2. - Be extremely careful when you come across what looks like a really good deal. 
IF the landlord is resident abroad, and offers only email contact, or if ads are in another languages, etc. ., as it could be a case of online fraud.

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