A New Year plea...

This has got to be one of the saddest pleas I have made, it comes directly from Galgos Sin Fronteras in Madrid. 
Christmas week GALGOS SIN FRONTERAS took a phone call about a Gaglo  
found clinging to life, gasping for breath against the assassins cord wrapped round his throat ..Man's best friend, let down by man! Rescued he was taken to the shelter of GALGOS SIN FRONTERAS.  
Noel as he is now known has a chip!!!!!!! This means that the owner, once traced, will be denounced and he will be accountable for his cruel assassination attempt. However, the law is not strong enough nor is it hard enough, but when a national law comes in to protect these dogs we live in hope that one day these acts of barbarianisms will have a harsh punishment.
If you can offer Noel or a Galgo a home,  please either contact me or  Cristina at galgosinfronteras.org it will make her New year. Any help you can offer the assoc. is welcome they are desperate. There are many ways to help the Galgos of Spain.. please read 112carlotagalgos.blogspot.com where you will see some very special cases like Reina who I wrote about in the last publication.
For me, I have no fancy words to say "the Galgos need you all" "I need you all,  the  associations need help" the suffering is tremendous, and the numbers will be at breaking point from now on in - and I have no way of decorating these words other than to simply ask for public help. It always amazes me the will a Galgo has to carry on living through the worst of the worst. Their inner strength, and compassion for life. And to return to have faith in a human after what they have endured. It moves me beyond words, and fills my heart and soul and with this in mind, I will always endeavour to help them. I so hope you will join me.
For me, I always feel safe in the knowledge that I can turn to you all, that if nothing else I am passing the word on. I leave you with "my thanks" to you all, for all whom have sewed rugs, called, emailed me, offered help, and all those who talk about the Galgos. It is to you all who help the Galgos, Inland trader for playing a part in reaching out to you, the associations, and the Galgos themselves to whom I dedicate my letters.
 I leave you with the phrase on Galgo sin Fronteras web page, speaks volumes:
La vida de un animal vale mas que la del hombre que lo tortura (Ronny Lee activista ingles)
"THe life of an animal is worth more than the man who tortures him" (Ronny Lee English Activist)
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