SPAMA’s Gandia Kennels   along with the majority  of the  animal charities in Spain are  overcrowded, under funded and  shortstaffed. Nothing new here you might say, but apparently recent reports from the UK bemoan a similar story which gives little hope for change over here.



Unfortunately, unlike other animal charities in Spain our contractual obligations mean that SPAMA have to go out and collect the rescue animals designated to our care.  Regrettably, these same contractual obligations with the towns of Gandia, Simat, Tavernes and Oliva and the   22 villages of the Safor region do not ensure that the ayuntamientos  pay us monies owed for our services on time and several towns and villages are 2-3 months  behind on their payments to us. 



We however still have to pay out for our fixed costs, our dogs and cats still require feeding ( our food bill is 3000 euros per month), our oil to service our generator for our electricity 1500 euros per month and our staff still like to see cash in their weekly pay packets which currently means payouts of around 6000 euros monthly. This does not take account of our very significant Veterinary Bills  which although heavily subsidised by our 2 Director Vets is still with over 550  animals in our care quite frightening. If things do not improve soon a cash flow crisis is imminent.








We have 450 dogs and 100 cats in our care, our choice is unbelievable all breeds, all sizes, something to suit everyone. If you are elderly we have older animals already housetrained awaiting a new home, if you have a young family again we have younger dogs and cats all wanting the chance to prove just how faithful a friend they can be.



Adopt a SPAMA pet


and help us to make room for more abandoned cats & dogs. visit our website or phone Cris 962807042 / Gail  962896118 for appts.


2.Opportunities with us




 We rely very heavily  on Spanish and English volunteers to help with exercising and grooming. At the moment we are searching for the following volunteers to help in our quest to rehome more animals.




1.Photographer - to go to our kennels  once weekly to take photos of our animals for our website and media advertising.




Must have internet connection and lots of patience to photograph our kennels full of aspiring film stars




2. English  Adoption advisors  to take telephone calls, and make appointments for viewing our dogs and cats. Meet prospective adopters at our kennels in Gandia and carry out adoption procedures.






3. Part Time Handyman  to come in a few hours weekly and carry out general repairs




All of the above positions are on a voluntary basis only. The remuneration being in the knowledge of having helped unwanted and abandoned animals. Knowledge of spanish not essential but would be beneficial.




For more information phone Cris 962807042



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