Appeal to save the lives of do 150 dogs

A Friend in Need!


Since the time P.E.P.A. began operations in October, 2005, a very special friend of ours has been ready to help us whenever we have had an overload of abandoned animals.  This friend, Annelise Jacobs, of the Animal Aid Foundation now requires our help!  


For about fifteen years Annelise Jacobs, has been running the registered animal refuge, Animal Aid Foundation here in Spain.  Initially, near Teulada, in the Alicante province, but for the past three years she has been in Benifaio, in the Valencia province, south of the city of Valencia and north of the city of Alzira.  She has some 150 dogs at her registered sanctuary in Benifaio and from there finds homes for them in Germany.   Apparently homing dogs in Germany is relatively easy because of their very strict laws regarding sterilisation and castration.   (All dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and issued with passports before being transported by road to Germany.   Photographs, plus details of all registrations and adoptions are kept on file and are available for viewing.) 


Over the years, Annelise has managed to raise enough money for her sanctuary, but, like us all, has found rising costs taking over leading to the impossible situation of running out of money with barely enough food for a further week!  


Because P.E.P.A. is a very small charity and we have our commitments towards our sterilization programme and the fostering of dogs, we have no spare funds, so when we first heard of her plight we immediately notified all our members and supporters.  The response was wonderful and within four days we collected 1767€, enough to feed the dogs for a further three weeks.    But we need more, which is why we are appealing to you.   


PLEASE HELP TO SAVE ALL THOSE DOGS IN THE CARE OF THE ANIMAL AID FOUNDATION and send a donation!  Either by a cheque made payable to Animal Aid Foundation and posted to Apartado 298, 46700 Gandia (Valencia), or pay directly to the bank, reference: CCC 0182 7316 7102 0153 7663.  




Anneliese is one of these wonderful people who is dedicating her life to saving animals and continually fighting against their maltreatment.  She deserves all the help we can give her so that she can carry on with her work.




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