Buying a property with Lower Wall Cladding

Lower wall cladding

Most Spanish houses are painted externally and more recently, some are finished in ‘monocap’ coloured renders. Both will suffer staining, algae growth and loss of key at lower levels due to rain related splash back and rising damp (damp proof courses are not the norm in Spain).
A breathable cladding (natural stone being one of the best materials) can be added to most properties that don’t have it, but when choosing a house, it’s a plus if this feature already exists.
Buyer’s should be aware that a lack of breathable cladding to lower walls will:-

  • Increase the requirement for re-decoration of lower wall areas.


  • Potentially trap rising damp in the wall (rather than letting the wall breath from the outer surface).

It’s important that the cladding is applied properly (with an angled cement finish at the top, over which the surface finish (e.g. paint) should run, such that it carries water to the outer face of the stone.
In addition to breathable natural stone, man-made products such as ‘Verni-Prens Salamanca’ can also be used. marbles and ceramic tiles will normally trap rising damp in the walls and hence can result in more of an internal damp issue. Stone claddings are best treated with a breathable (invisible) application of ‘Sika Gard 703W’ in zones that don’t suffer heavy frost.

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