Free English channels on Arab Satellites

There are two Arab satellites, that have free English channels available to viewers in the Valencia province with a small dish (80 to 85 cms).
The Badr Satellite is located at 26º east and the Nilesat Satellite is located at 7º west. Both of these satellites transmit nearly the same English TV channels. Badr has four 24 hr movie channels whereas Nilesat has only three 24 hr movie channels. Due to Badr´s close proximity to the Astra satellite at 28 º (sky TV), you can also receive all the Astra free channels with one dish and two lnbs.  With the dish aimed at Nilesat you can also receive the French channels From the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite
If you have a big dish, and are not paying Sky for the film channels, it is worth considering adding another small dish and a digi box to receive the four 24 hr movie channels plus the other channels available from the Badr satellite.
Aside from the film channels, there are three general channels, that have a wide range of programmes starting with kids programmes in the morning ending with films in the evening.
The English channels available from these two satellites are

Channel          TYPE                       Satellite

MBC 2              24hhr Movie    Badr / Nilesat
MBC MAX         24 hr Movie     Badr / Nilesat
Fox Movies       24 hr Movie     Badr / Nilesat
MBC Persia       24 hr Movie    Badr
MBC Action      Action/ Films   Badr / Nilesat
Dubai One       General             Badr / Nilesat
MBC 3             Kids                   Badr / Nilesat
Kuwait Ch 2    General             Badr / Nilesat
City 7               General             Nilesat
Dubai Racing   Sport                Badr / Nilesat
BBC world        News                Badr / Nilesat
France 24         News               Badr / Nilesat
CNN                 News                 Badr / Nilesat
Euro news        News                Badr / Nilesat
Al Jazeera         News                Badr / Nilesat
Dubai Sports    Sport                Badr / Nilesat
MBC 4               General            Badr / Nilesat
MTV Arabia       Music               Badr / Nilesat
Fox series         Series               Badr / Nilesat
Infinity               General            Badr / Nilesat
Bloomberg        News                Nilesat
Airirang             General             Badr
To access these channels you will need an 85 cm dish and a generic Digital Satellite Receiver (digi box). There are many brands and models available. We recommend the Illusion Satellite receivers (also sold under the Cristor brand) as the have very good tuners and user-friendly software. If you are buying one of these boxes, make sure it has the illusion software and not the Kyng software.
There are program guides on the internet for all the MBC channels, Fox Movies and Fox series as follows
Fox Movies      MBC Channels
Dubai one        Fox Series  
Visit these sites, to see the movies available in the coming month. From the approximately  1200 movies shown per month there is a good choice. Please note all the 24 hr movie channels have Arab subscripts.
In this article, we have only mentioned the free English Channels. Next month we will look at the subscription channels available. The sports channels are worth considering for their price and value compared with Sky Sports and knowledge packages.
City 7 on Nilesat
For some viewers that have Nilesat, the City 7 channel has disappeared. This is because the frequency for City 7 has changed to 11977, symbol rate 27500, FEC 5/6.  If you have an illusion box call me for assistance to  add this frequency.
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