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The consumer must pay for the contracted work, and the company must deliver the work according to the agreed conditions. Therefore, the consumer can refuse to make any payment if the company does not comply with its obligations or has carried out defective works.

In your particular case, you are entitled to refuse to pay for the renovation as the company has carried out defective renovation works. In the event that you are sued for default of payment, you should request the services of a solicitor, who will ask the company to comply with its obligation under the contract, that is, to complete the works adequately as per the agreed project. For this purpose, a report on the defective work condition and damages is to be made by an expert.  In principle, to be sued by the company does not exclusively have negative connotations, since you will then be able to defend your interests, by suing, in turn, the company.

But it could be more convenient to take the initiative and first go to courts. Previously, you must ask the renovation company to finish the contracted work via telegram and acknowledgement of receipt. Likewise, you must agree the new date for the start of works, taking into consideration the initially agreed price, and informing the company that if no agreement is reached – which has to be in writing and signed by both parties – you will go to courts.

Another option would be to accept the company’s offer to bear all the costs of repair.  In this case, you must request a written offer from the company, in accordance with the quotation of a second company. All economic and uneconomic aspects regarding the installation of the kitchen units and the need to remove and install them again must be clearly detailed in the offer. At this stage of the negotiations, it could be convenient to visit your local Consumer Office or seek advise from a solicitor. If you do not reach a satisfactory agreement, we suggest that you opt for a judicial solution.


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