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QUE SERÁ SERÁ                 
Everybody has a learning `style`, a way in which they find learning easier for themselves, this is a very personal thing and can be totally different from student to student. It depends on many factors, personality, interests, educational background, environment even lifestyle can influence the way you learn.
Everybody learns effectively in different ways due to our own genetic make up, some people can be visual learners, meaning they learn easier though pictures and images, you may learn easier through sounds, people who have musical skills learn exceptionally well from listening and repeating and normally have very good pronunciation. Some people learn through seeing the written word and can find translation easier than speaking.
Recognising the way you learn will help you study in a more effective way.
A fun way to memorise sentences and vocabulary and also practise tenses and sentence structures and analyse the type of learner you are is through songs.
Songs that have a catchy chorus can stay on your mind forever. I normally introduce the future tense to students with a Doris Day “Que Será Será, what ever will be .......” song so eloquently updated by Manchester United!
So how do you say  “will be” in Spanish? Será infinitive plus futuro imperfecto endings if you really want to get technical, but your more likely to remember the song.
I’ve chosen an old classic for you to practise with, which has recently had a disco beat added, so you choose which version you want to listen to.
Here’s how to use songs to your advantage.
Step 1 - Listening
First listen to the song a couple of times to familiarise yourself with the sounds and rhythms of the song.
Step 2 - Vocabulary
Before you look up the words you don’t know in the dictionary, try and guess their meaning through the context of the verse. Then listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the missing words.
Step 3 - Grammar
This song has a lot of verbs in the future tense i.e. ‘will’ in English.
Tendrán (they will have),
vivirán (they will live),
hablarán (they will speak),
creerás (you will believe).
Look up the future tense in a grammar book and work out the rules.
Step 4 - Pronunciation
Sing the song out loud, play it in the car, sing it in the shower.
Analyse which part of the activity you did best or enjoyed the most
Dos Gardenias para ti. ( Antonio Machín)
Dos gardenias para ti
Con ellas ________ decir
Te quiero, te adoro
________ vida
Ponle toda tu atención
________ son tu corazón
Y el mío
Dos gardenias para ti
Que________ todo el calor
De un ________
De esos besos que te di
Y que jamás encontrarás en el calor de otro querer.
A tu lado__________ y te _________
Como cuando estás conmigo
Y hasta_________ que te dirán
Te quiero
Pero si un atardecer
Las gardenias de mi amor
Se mueren
Es porque________ adivinado
Que tu amor se ha _________
Porque existe otro querer
A tu _______ , vivirán
Y te hablarán
Como cuando estás _________
Y hasta creerás que te dirán
Te quiero
________ si un atardecer
Las gardenias de mi amor
Se mueren
Es porque han adivinado
Que tu amor se ha terminado
Porque existe _________ querer....
Missing Words
Terminado, beso, tendrán, conmigo, vivirán, porque, mi, hablarán, han, quiero, creerás, otro, pero, lado..
By Connie

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