Teach Yourself Spanish

Teach yourself Spanish in just 10 minutes a day

10 easy Interactive lessons on an electronic book format

Each lesson is just 10 minutes long, you just go at your own pace.  Sit at your pc and learn away.

Learn with your little uns, it’s great for children and adults alike.

Grammar - what grammar, well of course you need grammar to learn a language, but this is so easy that you won't even realize your learning the grammar.

Pronunciation ah so easy, not only are the words spelt phonetically, but you can also click the speaker link on every new word and hear the pronunciation as well.

So you want to now string the words you know into useable sentences.  You will, every lesson comes with sentences that you can use every day using the new words you have learnt.

Who is this Ebook good for? Anyone who wants to begin learning Spanish, or even someone who knows a bit of Spanish already.  Its fun, its easy but most of all you will be learning Spanish.

So in less than 2 hours you could be conversing in Spanish.

On top of all this if you live in the Alicante / Valencia Region we have also included business directory of local business and services throughout the region.

Are you thinking of buying a property in Spain, well don’t budge until you have looked at our FREE guide.

Do you want to know how to change your telefonica answer machine to English, full instructions are given here too.

You can get all this totally for free in an Ebook format - just go to www.top-bannana.com click on download ebook and its all there for you.  Any problems contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 600 339 187




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